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* Week 8 Games
1st Game Deadline
5:50 PM

Miami @
Virginia Tech
(Virginia Tech -4.5)

NC State @
( Louisville -20.0)

Colorado @
(Stanford -2.5)

West Virginia
(West Virginia -5.0)

Memphis @
(Memphis -3.0)

Arkansas @
(Auburn -9.5)

Mississippi State @
(Mississippi State -3.0)

Oklahoma @
Texas Tech
(Oklahoma -14.0)

Ohio State @
Penn State
(Ohio State -19.0)

Ole Miss @
( LSU -6.0)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Texas A&M?

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Bama Wins Yet Another National Championship, #16
Written by Jamos
Comments: 9
Posted under: The Quad
What an amazing feat for the Crimson Tide and they did the hard way, they earned it. It's so sad that all of the Bama haters in football, analysts and fans, didn't grow up learning to like Alabama football because instead of being so mad or very disappointed in the Bama win, they could all be happy and celebrating like we are doing now.

What an amazing comeback for an Alabama team this year in that many folks gave up on them after the Ole Miss loss. I for one, looked at their schedule after that loss and pretty much said it would be impossible for Bama to make it back to the championship game. I mean you don't lose a game at home and then expect to go all the way considering the tough schedule that Alabama had left and then having to make it through the playoffs. The biggest problem that Bama had to face now was they still had no starting quarterback and already had a loss. Thank goodness Coker accepted the challenge and developed himself to lead the Tide to another chance for yet another championship.

There were a lot of things that had to happen for Bama to make it to the playoffs and the first thing was they had to win the SEC Championship. In most cases Bama would not have won the SEC but some things had to happen over the course of the season, some teams had to lose some key games. We must remember that Auburn was predicted to run away with the SEC and win the National Championship as well there is LSU, Tennesse, Arkansas, Georgia and others that Bama still had to beat. Well, I must say that the "Football Gods" were good to Alabama this year because I didn't see Alabama ever winning the SEC West, Ole Miss and LSU had to lose some games and I didn't think it would ever happen.

Well, it did happen and Bama beat Florida for the SEC Championship. By now, I am feeling pretty cocky about Bama's chances to win it all and I'm ready for them to bring on the best. Thanks to Bama's #2 ranking, I felt we were set up to play Clemson in that championship game IF we could beat Michigan State and Clemson beat Oklahoma. I felt all along that the committee really wanted Clemson and Bama in the final game because that's where all the money was.

Bama did beat the Spartans and it was very easy as most folks thought it would be and Clemson did the same to Oklahoma and the two best teams in the country were set up to play the big game. Bama came out a 7 point favorite which I thought was about right because I didn't think Clemson could dominate the Tide. I had watched them play some games but still wasn't sold on them being that good but I was about to find out how wrong I really was.

The game was being billed as a battle between the Clemson offense and the Bama defense. Clemson's quarterback Watson was being hailed as the best thing since sliced bread and Bama's defense was being labeled as the "The Rock of Gibraltar" so we have ourselves a football game.

In most cases a big game such as this one usually doesn't pan out the way it was predicted in that so many times one team will totally dominate the other as Alabama did Michigan State in the playoff game. Well the committee got this one right, what a perfect game for a National Championship. It reminded me of some of the past games of the Iron Bowl and the LSU rivalry, two evenly matched teams that didn't know what fear was. They played at a level that represented their standings in the polls, they were the two best teams in the country. After the game  I felt that there wasn't but one team that could have beat Alabama that night and it was Clemson. I felt the same way about Clemson, there was only one team that could have beaten them and that was Alabama.

I think it will be a long time before a National Championship game of this caliber will ever be duplicated. Clemson was a much better team that I thought and Watson, their QB, is as good or better as labeled. He was their football team. Bama on the other hand had many heros of the game, Henry, Drake, Howard, Griffith, Coker on the offense and the whole defense plus some others. Watson pretty much extended Bama's defense to their limits and I'm just glad the game didn't last five minutes longer than it did.

Call it luck or whatever but I'm calling it NUMBER 16 and as Jackie Gleason would say, "How Sweet It Is."  ROLL TIDE!!!!!

National Championship game notes: Bama vs Clemson
Written by hscoach
Comments: 34
Posted under: The Quad
First: Congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory and bringing home Bamaís 16th National Championship.  I must also say Clemson is a hell of a team and pushed it to the very end.  Too be quite honest I was not sure it was over until the onside kick was recovered.               
Offense:  The offense had their problem and still put 473 yards of total offense on the board.  I do think they went fast at times and had too much confusion.  Bama had 335 passing and 138 rushing.  As far as negative plays Bama had 5 sacks and 5 tackles for losses.   They only had 2 three and outs the whole night.  For plays for over 10 yards they had 8 passes and 3 rushes.  Bama got into the red zone 3 times and scored 2 touchdowns and 1 field goal.  They were aided by 4 touchdowns from outside the red zone.  One of the biggest stats was there were no offensive turnovers.
QB:  Coker had a decent game.  He complete 64 per cent of his passes.  I do think he started looking at the pass rush a couple of times.  I also think the routes could have been a little better to help him.  He made probably his best throws off his back foot on the 38 yard completion to Stewart. 
RB:  Henry had a good game.  He was hit hard and a lot by many people.  He did a pretty good job pass blocking
REC:  They had a hard time getting open and the Clemson defenders closed quickly after their catch.  I guess Clemson forgot Howard could catch and run or maybe Lane was holding out until this game.  Howard took advantage of his opportunities.  Now one thing I noticed was the receivers got hit in the mouth when they went to block therefore causing missed or poor blocks by them. 
OL:  At one point I thought the right side of the OL may cost Bama the game.  There was either miscommunication or poor technique that led to poor offensive plays for Bama.  Not only did they miss blocks they were blown up by the D lineman from Clemson. The OL had trouble getting a big push most of the night.  The good thing is that they got enough push so Henry could get 3 to 4 yards most of the time. 
Defense:  The D had a tough night.  They gave up 550 yards of total offense.  This was 405 passing and 145 rushing.  I will say I was surprised how strong Watsonís arm was.  Bama only had 2 tree and outs for the night.  As far as negative plays I have Bama for 5 sacks, 4 tackles for losses, 1 interception, and 1 block field goal.  Now here come the eye opener.  As far as plays for over 10 yards, Clemson had 19 passes and 5 runs that covered that distance.  I didnít count the missed tackles but there were a few especially late in the game.  This is just my opinion but I think Bama was a little too cautious with their pass rush early and didnít get to the QB because of being afraid of losing contain or the scrambling ability of Watson.  The D did lose contain a couple of times and rushed too far up the field and opened a running lane for Watson.  It seem to be the game plan early to attack wide and quick throws.  Clemson looked to be satisfied taking what we considered an uncovered rec and take that 5+ yards.
DL:  I really thought they played well.  Again I thought their pass rush was a little too cautious early and they picked it up later in the game.  If I remember correctly Bamaís first negative play didnít come until late in the 2nd quarter, about the last 3+ minutes left to go in the half. One of the best efforts of the night was when Reed stopped the 2 point conversion.
LB:  They played pretty well in a tough situation.  These guys had to contend with a very mobile QB that could also throw the ball.  They had to play coverage and the run.
DB:  They played better than the stats show in my opinion.  The way Watson could extend plays it is very difficult to cover for that long.  Harrison had a huge play when the broke up the throw in the end zone which forced Clemson to take the field goal.  His techniques was great he watched the man and then went to the arms of the rec to break up the ball.  He never looked back.  If you noticed on the first TD by Clemson Fitzpatrick took a peek back for a quick second and that is when he lost his cushion that allowed the throw to get in. 
Penalties: Bama is only credited for 2 penalties both of those were pass interference calls.  The one on Foster kept the drive alive that led to points.  The one on Fitzpatrick looked to me like it could have been called offensive, but that is just my opinion.  Two holding calls were refused because Clemson took the plays. 
Special Teams:  This is where the game was won.  They got an onside kick which led to a touchdown.  They blocked a field goal which, if made, would have allowed Clemson not to have to go for two after the touchdown.  Finally, the kickoff return was a huge answer after Clemson had scored.  They did miss a couple of tackles on kickoff returns and Bama missed a field goal themselves.  The punting game for Clemson was pretty good and the punts took funny bounces which didnít really allow Jones to stop them or return many.  When he was able to field them he did a good job.
Finally:  What a year.  Many people counted them out after the Ole Miss game.  This was a very good team that, if not for their own mistakes, would have been undefeated.  Again congrats to all the players and coaches.  Kirby Smart and players will be missed.  The leadership on this team is what allowed them to make the push and win this National Championship.
Please feel free to comment.
Good Luck and Roll Tide Roll
16 and counting

Game notes: Bama vs MSU
Written by hscoach
Comments: 8
Posted under: The Quad
First: Congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory. This was outstanding game plans by both the offensive and defensive staffs.  Theses game plans were well executed by the players.  This shows the focus they had in preparing for the game.                   
Offense:  The offense rolled up 440 yards of total offense.  They had 286 yards passing and 154 rushing.  For plays covering 10+ yards there were 9 pass plays and 4 run plays.  The offense had what I consider 11 negative plays.  I have 1 sack, 9 tackles for losses and 1 fumble which wasnít lost.  I only have Bama for 1 three and out, but they may count 1 near the end of the game.  This is great news here.  Bama got into the red zone 3 times and scored 3 touchdowns.  They had one touchdown from outside the red zone as well as a field goal from outside the red zone.  The other points came from the punt return by Jones. 
QB:  Coker had an outstanding game.  He was 25 for 30 which is 83 percent.  However after the half he was 6 for 7 which is 86 percent.  He did make a couple of bad decisions, but they didnít hurt Bama.  One deep ball was not well throw early and he dumped the ball to Drake when he should have just throw the ball away.  Coker also stood in the pocket and threw the ball well when under pressure.
RB:  Henry had a better game than people realize.  He ran hard against a tough front from MSU.  What he did so well was blocked all night.  He was the lead on the pop pass a few times and did a great job.  He also had to pass protect which was also done well.
REC:  Even though Ridley and Stewart were the main targets, Mullaney and Howard had big catches.
OL:  Against a stout D, I thought they played pretty well.  There were some negative plays, but I think half of them were on pass plays.  They only gave up one sack.  The most impressive thing about the offensive line was when you had Robinson and Kelly both getting well downfield on blocks.
Defense:  They played a very good game. MSU ended the game with 239 total yards which is about 146 yards below their average.  MSU had 124 yards at the half and managed only 115 the second half.  The defense is credited with12 negative plays which include 4 sacks, 4 tackles for losses, 2 interceptions, and 2 fumbles which MSU retained.  I have MSU for 5 three and outs and 2 four and outs.  They did give up 2 runs of 10+ yards and 10 pass plays of 10+ yards.  Overall a masterful job by this unit.  They did get caught once when MSU went hurry up on them, but the next time they tried it there was a sack.
DL:  This is the best unit I have ever seen at Bama.  They all played well and can now play the running game as well as the passing game.  I really thought Anderson had a very good game.
LB:  They played a solid game.  They were in coverage and playing the run.  They also played more than a couple of players.
DB:  Most of the day they were in positon to make the plays and just didnít get their head around a couple of times which caused a couple of PI penalties.  I didnít count the tipped passes, but there were a few.  Only a few times were there many yards after the catch.  They were aided by the DL being able to put pressure on the QB with only 3 and 4 rushers.
Penalties:  There some penalties but most of the time they overcame them.  There was one drive that was stalled because of penalties which included the chop block.  I really questioned the call because it looked like the tackle was just trying to avoid the DL who was being blocked by Taylor. Too me there was no intention to help with the block.  Bama was aided on one drive by the penalties committed by MSU.
Special Teams:  The only mistake here was the kickoff out of bounds.  Coverage and execution on special teams was good.  Again, Jones takes one to the house, which had some good blocks on what looked like a low returnable punt.
Finally:  I really like the chemistry of this team.  They seem to be focused on winning.  Clemson will be a great test.
Please feel free to comment.
Good Luck and Roll Tide Roll
15 and counting

CRS Coach's Corner: The Playoffs
Written by Jamos
Comments: 18
Posted under: The Quad
After the humiliating loss to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl last year, it was a long year to wait for this season to get here. For one solid year the Bama team and fans had to wait for their team to get a chance for some kind of redemption for the egg that Bama laid against the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl last year. The sports analysts pounded the fact, on a daily basis, that the SEC was way over rated, Bama most of all, and the BIG 10 is truly the power conference of college football.

Hello world, did you watch the Cotton Bowl last night? Redemption is a wonderful thing, especially when most of the country is watching it on national television and no sports analyst has to say anything about Bama and the SEC, everyone could see for themselves. Maybe last year's loss to Ohio State was a fluke afterall as most knowledgeable football fans thought. Coach Saban never flinched with the loss as he stated that he and his staff didn't have the team prepared mentally as they should have. How many times has he stated that the mental aspect of the game is the most important part of the recipe for winning? CNS is a master in mind games and now he has a chance to prove it once more.

Now it's Clemson.

Clemson was very impressive in their win against Oklahoma. I, for one, have felt throughout the season that Clemson might have been a little overrated but after the way they trounced the Sooners yesterday afternoon, they are the real deal for sure. Dabo has finally reached the peak of success in the college coaching world in getting his first chance to play for the National Championship. To complete his task of reaching the very top of his goal though he has the unfortunate task of having to beat the coach that every college team in the country wants to beat, Coach Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama is beatable though as Ole Miss proved that earlier in the season with the huge upset at Bryant Denny. Clemson, on the other hand, is undefeated and hasn't had to wake up the next morning asking themselves what the heck happened the day/night before. This could be, if there is one, the one advantage that Bama might have in the game against Clemson. I mentioned before about the player's mental aspect of the game and I think Bama should have an advantage there. The big advantage I think is Bama has been in these big games, playoffs, before and has some valuable game experience . After the loss to Ole Miss earlier this season, the rest of the season was played under the pretense of having to win every game left on their schedule and to have a lot of luck in hoping the teams ahead of them would lose some games. Bama's good fortune of having some luck did happen for them but I think the most important thing that happened was the team's leadership grew in big proportions and the team got better and better with each game. Jake Coker grew up in the Ole Miss loss with a super effort on his part and the Bama players realized that they did have a quarterback after all and the rest is history up this point in time.

Per the broadcast in last night's game, Bama has opened as the favorite, -7, to win it all again and this will start the mental strategies of both coaches. Dabo was quick to toss his first "hand grenade" of his mental strategy after their game last night as he stated in a very loud voice that his team gets no recognition at all and is always the underdog in their games. This is his calling card for his team and his players will hear this everyday at practice. CNS on the other hand must now find his "hand grenade" to downplay the talk of his team being the favorite. If there has ever been a coach to use the mental side of the game to gain an advantage there is none better than Nick Saban. It hasn't always worked for him, such as the Ohio State game last year, but he has something this year that makes a big difference in his strategy, visible team leadership. That alone makes his and the staffs job much easier as they prepare for yet another"crystal bowl".

It will be very interesting to watch the sports media this next week. Will they wrap their arms around Bama and start declaring them to be the next national champion or will they jump on the Clemson bandwagon? Personally I hope they fall in love with Clemson, that makes it much easier for the Bama coaches. It's also good to see that Alabama football is being represented by both teams. Coach Swinney played on the 1992 National Championship team coached by Gene Stallings and what a team they had, just ask Miami. Is Alabama football overrated, I don't think so, just check the school's record it speaks for itself. RTR!!!

Catch Prothro
Written by Catch Prothro
Comments: 35554
Morning everyone.  Thought you might like to wake up in the Omni Dallas Hotel today.

Auburn arrives safely for Birmingham Bowl
Written by pmull
Comments: 52
Posted under: Paul W. Bryant Museum
A crowd of approximately 53 Auburn fans got a big scare at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport. They were there to meet the team as they arrived for their marque Birmingham Bowl match up with Memphis. It turned out to be a misunderstanding as the team safely arrived at the 3rd Avenue South Greyhound Bus Station several hours earlier. Bowl officials arranged discounted fares for Birmingham Transit Authority bus rides to the Econo Lodge in Ensley where the team would be staying.

Auburn will be practicing this week at the Parker High School Athletic Complex. Due to the rain they had to move inside to Parker's indoor practice facility basketball gym. The Auburn equipment still has not arrived because the trailer used to haul the football equipment was delayed by a cattle auction in Montgomery and was late returning to campus to be loaded.

Bowl festivities are scheduled all week and the players are in for a treat. On Sunday afternoon both teams will meet at East Lake Park for a picnic. The highlight of the week will be the trip to Vulcan. Extra security has been arranged to guard the valuables at the gift shop. The Auburn players were disappointed to find out the trip to the Birmingham Zoo will not take place this year. The trip was canceled once they learned Auburn would be one of the teams due to concern for the safety of the animals.

Bowl week in the Football Capital of the South is one the Auburn players will never forget. Add your ideas for things the team can do while in Birmingham.

Merry Christmas!
Written by Merk
Comments: 32
Posted under: The Quad
From our family to yours, we wish all of our CRS friends a Very Merry Christmas!

You guys and gals are the best.

Bama Basketball: Attendance
Written by Jamos
Comments: 19
Posted under: The Quad
It was a big win for the team last night but it wasn't as big as it could have been. It's hard to believe the team is playing at the level they are now, this is the best basketball that I have seen since Gottfried had a couple of good years. Actually, I think this team is playing a brand of basketball this school has never seen. Fundamentally they are playing at a level that a new coach and team shouldn't even be near. It's wonderful to sit in the stands and actually see the team run designed plays and not look like it's a pick up game and everybody wants the ball. CAJ has done a masterful job to this point in the season with his players and their record points to that 7-2. There have been wins against ranked teams and believe it or not there have been some games won on the road. Road wins are something that has been unheard of at Bama in quite sometime.

The most disappointing thing about the game last night though was where were the fans? There might have been 5,000 there last night and how disappointing is that. There were actually free tickets offered if you brought a couple od cans of food for the needy. All that I have heard about in the last six years is why doesn't Bama hire them a good coach and people will come to the games. Well, Bill Battle has hired a good coach and that coach has gotten the team  to a level of winning against ranked teams and winning road games which has been unheard of. They have only played 10  games but in those 10 games the team has gained more respect from the sports media than any of us have witnessed in 10 years or better. This is what everyone complained about, Bama gets no respect from the media folks and weren't being treated fairly. It's a crying shame that when the team plays on tv the first thing the commentators notice is the size of the crowd at Coleman. I'm not complaining about the fans that live long distances from the campus for not coming as often and it was an 8 o'clock game as well. I'm complaining about the folks that live less than a hour away from the campus. The problem isn't the selling of the tickets, the majority of them are sold as season tickets, the problem is the season ticket holders don't come. The real reason that these tickets are bought in the first place by the "noshows" is it helps their status in TIDE PRIDE, their point total.

I know it's very early in the season but attendance shouldn't be where it is considering how the team has performed. Actually they've had very few games at home this season and you would think the fans would be very anxious to come see them considering how they have performed so far. I also understand they haven't played the likes of Kentucky or Florida but that is like all sports, every game isn't a premium game and true fans want to see their team play regardless of who it is. Personally I think AD Bill Battle needs to address this with those ticket holders and try to find some kind of a reasonable resolution with them to help use their unused tickets to help fill the seats. It's their money and they have every right to do as they like but I wish they would look at the big picture of the future of the basketball program and find a way to help with the attendance problem. CAJ has lived up to his side of the bargain in putting a very respectable team on the court which I think has surprised the college basketball world. Bama has an excellent chance now to return to the respected and feared side of the sport as they once were but the team is going to need some help from us fans to reach that level.

Bama plays Oregon in Birmingham Monday night in another late game and it will be interesting to see if the crowd will be there. I hope some of you that live so far from Tuscaloosa can find a way to make it to Birmingham. It will be like another road game for the team and they will need all the support that we can give them. Beating a Pac 12 team could be another big plus for the team and who knows, it might just help them come post season tournament time. RTR!!!!

Alabama Football: The Derrick Henry Saga
Written by Jamos
Comments: 14
Posted under: The Quad
When Alabama football is mentioned, excellence is the first word that comes to mind. Bear Bryant was hired in the mid 50's to restore a football program that merely had hit rock bottom. It didn't take Bear long to turn the program around as he installed a tough, no nonsense program that revitalized the Bama faithful and except for a bump in the road after his death, the football program has returned back to the tough no nonsense program it once had, thanks to Nick Saban. Life is wonderful again in T-town as the team battles for yet another national Championship.

The difference in the Bryant years and the now Saban years is that something that all fans wanted back in the Bryant era is now happening, to win a Heisman Trophy. Under the guidance of Nick Saban, Alabama seems to have found the formula for recruiting and signing athletes that have managed to excel on and off the field and have a chance at winning the highly touted trophy with Mark Ingram finally winning the first for the Bama program. Others have been close, namely Trent Richardson, McCarron, and Amari Cooper that followed Ingram but neither could muster enough votes to win the coveted trophy.

Four years ago I happened to be surfing the television channels on a Friday night, trying to find something entertaining to watch and just happened to see a high school football game listed. I thought what the heck so let's see what the game had to offer. As the game started, it was Yulee High School (Yulee,Fla) versus another Florida high school and I think it was for the State Championship and I had no idea as to who was supposed to win. Well it didn't take long to recognize who had the better team because of a running back named Derrick Henry. This young man was a beast running the football and the other team had no answer in stopping him. When the game ended I immediately started researching this phenom of a running back because I had never seen a high school player with so much talent and I wasn't surprised when I looked at his stats. This young man was very special and I only dreamed that maybe Alabama could recruit and get get him to play for the Crimson Tide.

Alabama did recruit and get Henry to join the Crimson Tide and like most fans we expected instant success as a player. As his first season began he wasn't very noticeable as a player to my surprise because I, like many, thought that this beast of a player would come in and make an immediate impact and earn lots of playing time, wrong. Nick Saban has said many times that the young players, especially running backs and receivers, come in and they can all run and catch the ball but how many of them can really play the whole game which includes blocking, tackling, and being in their right place by the play's design? He explained that is why most newcomers are assigned to the special teams because it teaches them so much about the expectations of being a good player and helps the coaches grade them as they progress with their careers.

Derrick Henry's first chance to play was with the special teams which he still plays on today. Bama already had a stable of good running backs with Richardson, Yeldon, and Drake being the core of the team but yet I thought Henry would get some chances of showing his highly touted skills and beat out one of the two and play early in his career as a running back. There were also rumors that he might be moved to the defense because of his size, speed, and aggressiveness. This was not what I had dreamed of when I watched him play in high school and disappointed me very much.

As time went by and Richardson graduated, I then thought this would be the magic moment and Derrick Henry would soon become the big star that I thought he would become, wrong again. He still was behind in the pecking order of the running backs playing behind Kenyon Drake, a truly great running back for the Crimson Tide. Fate has a way of playing it's role in sports and Alabama football is no exception to that rule. Coaches always tell the players on the sidelines that they are only one play away from being needed so always be ready. This was the case with Derrick Henry and his big chance to showcase his abilities that everyone had been waiting on. Kenyon Drake suffered a serious injury in the Ole Miss game and Henry was about to be introduced as the next Alabama phenom at running back.

Henry's chance to play regularly didn't get off to a blazing start as those things that Coach Saban had said earlier in his career about blocking and being in the right place where the play is designed exposed itself. Henry did struggle with his responsibilities but seemed to improve as the season progressed but still he wasn't the player that I thought he would be coming out of high school. His running skills seemed to improve as he got more carries against the tough SEC defenses and the hope of seeing a breakout year this year was imminent as Bama lost in the first round of the playoffs to Ohio State. Drake was still the expected player for Henry to follow this year as he had made an astounding recovery from his devastating injury.

During Spring practice of this year, I attended a practice and the first thing I noticed was the leadership on the field that Henry was showing. He was second in line during the warm up drills behind Drake but he looked every bit as quick as Drake and was showing a leadership about him that hadn't been seen in the years before. Could this be the breakout year for Derrick that everyone had been waiting on? On the first play from scrimmage, the offense was playing against the #1 defense, Derrick ran over the first three tacklers and was finally gang tackled to the ground. I was sitting with a group of friends and we all looked at each other and said yes, this is his year. Derrick had many critics that complained he was slow to the line of scrimmage, easy to tackle if you hit him around his feet, not running to the assigned hole of the play, etc.. I also heard that he wasn't that fast on the Finebaum show and someone was quick to point out how many folks had caught him from behind and the answer was zero. Derrick Henry, the Yulee High School phenom had finally arrived.

Henry has shown he is more than a highly rated football player on and off the field. When he first arrived on the scene at Bama, he announced that he wanted to labeled as a leader on the team and serve on the team's leadership committee of players. It was evident during his three years that he has played for Bama that Derrick was raised in a good home. His good mannerisms just jump out at you but no one really knew much about Derrick and his family life. Recently Derrick's early life was exposed on an SEC special report and really shocked me as well as many others. Having been born to a fifteen year old mother and a sixteen year old father isn't exactly the easy way to start your life. The best than can be hoped for in a situation as that is that there would be someone special to be there for the three of them and this was exactly what happened, his grandmother. In listening to her speak of her surprise of his unexpected birth and the role that she knew she had to play in his upbringing fully explains why Derrick Henry is such a good young man. She told of the many things that she advised him when he was growing up and it is no wonder to me of why he was standing there last night accepting the highest award possible in college football. Derrick knows how to be humble and appreciate all the good things he is now enjoying in his football career because he understands where all of the good teaching that he got came from. To hear him thank all the folks in his life that has made all of this possible was humbling to me. There are so many people that do well in life but never take the time to appreciate the reasons for their success.

Barring any unforeseen reason, I think Derrick has a bright future even after his college days are over and his professional football career. Grandma taught him well and it's good to see his love for her and he'll never forget how he got to where he is today. Good luck Derrick Henry, you have earned everything that you are now enjoying.

There is one more goal for him this year and that is to win another National Championship for his football team and I'm sure that when he left the stage last night, that was weighing heavily on his mind. It's time to take care of some more business, Michigan State.

CRS Coach's Corner: SEC Championship
Written by Jamos
Comments: 13
Posted under: The Quad
The game was pretty much labeled as a David versus Goliath battle due to the lack of offense that Florida had shown this season but for a long time the Florida defense made the game look like two Goliaths were battling each other as neither team got to the end zone very often. I'm not sure though if the Florida defense was that good or Alabama was just missing their blocking assignments again, which has been somewhat of a common occurrence this year. We can all thank God that we have a running back named Derrick Henry who has bailed us out of those not so good game days so far.

Derrick Henry has got to be the best running back in Alabama history. There have been some very good running backs play for Bama but none with the energy and physicality that Henry possesses. This young man is none tiring as he pounds the line of scrimmage play after play, when there aren't any holes to run through, but refuses to come out. Players like Derrick are very rare, especially to have been in the game for so many plays and have very few injuries. If there is a player that will missed on the team next year, it is Derrick Henry.

There were some big plays yesterday that bailed Bama out of a big jam. Two of the plays were long passes to the goal line which really kept the game from being a nail biter at the end. Steward and Ridley came through when it was most needed with their superb catches and I do mean much needed. Anytime you play a team and you are a prolific favorite, it's best not to let the opponent hang around because bad things seem to happen and before you know it, you are beat. I had started to get that queasy feeling until Henry began to make his now expected second half rushing performances to allow Bama to do more things offensively and we got the two passes that accounted for fourteen points. I didn't think Florida could overcome Bama at that point and time in the game even though they did get some points late in the game to make the game seem closer than it was.

It was a big win yesterday because it was for a conference championship which puts Bama back in the National Championship playoffs again. The SEC Championship was their first team goal for the season and now the real test is here, their second goal which is another National Championship. We all remember last year as Alabama laid an egg against Ohio State in a game that everyone thought would be a cake walk for Bama. I wonder how many folks and players think that Michigan State will be a cake walk in the upcoming game? I hope the team hasn't forgotten last year and can remember that feeling after the Ohio State blowout and how it felt after the game when everyone wanted to know what had happened to them. How could they have lost to Ohio State? It was plain and simple, Ohio State wanted it more. They didn't have a resume declaring themselves unbeatable and should have have been playing in the NFL on Sundays. This is what Bama has got to remember and let this prepare them for another big battle, they have got to play as the underdog, with lots of energy and desire and not as the favorite as I think the team played like yesterday.

I am somewhat concerned with the latest incidents with the team, the talk of coaching changes. Distractions are something that CNS fights against every day but sometimes he has no control of the matter(s). This is the case now as Kirby Smart is rumored to be the next head coach at Georgia and the possibility of Kiffen and Cristobal leaving as well. It's bad timing for the team preparations for the playoffs but again, it's part of the game as coaches come and go and you never know when it might happen. It will take some very good coaching in the days ahead to keep the players minds where they need to be but Bama has the best at doing that in CNS.

The table has been set for the Crimson Tide and they should know how to handle it but only time will tell. Roll Tide!!!

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