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Re: The Battle Plan - Feb. 4, 2014‏
Comments: 4
Posted under: The Quad
I got the e-mail too and was coming here to post this part in particular:


Our Mission is to recruit and develop student athletes to compete at the highest levels in their sport; to educate and prepare those student athletes to compete at the highest levels in life after graduation; and to do both with honor and integrity. I believe that mission is not only that of the Athletics Department, but matches what you as fans desire of our programs.

While we strive for excellence in everything we do, there are also times where thoughtful patience is required. I evaluate every sports team after the season and try to make the best decisions in my power as to what I believe is best for the University over the long run. There are many factors to consider in making that best decision. It is my hope that our fans and supporters will also take that same view. All of our teams need - and I believe deserve - OUR FANS to be there in support, regardless of their record.

I hope that your allegiance and your presence will continue through thick and thin.  I have seen firsthand where the passion of loyal fans can lead to negativity, which makes recruiting for the future much more difficult. Such negativity can make a bad situation worse, ironically coming from those who love the University the most.

All of us deal with high expectations - our own and those of others. High expectations are often perceived as pressure by most outside observers, but it is fuel for those of us in athletics as we work daily to achieve our mission. Many times we fail to meet someone’s expectations, particularly in the high profile world of college sports. It can become difficult to remember that the expectations that truly matter are personal, both to the individual and the organization or team they represent.

Having realistic expectations is also very important. Evaluating what realistic expectations are for any program in our midst is a relative proposition. Every team we have is at a different stage of development, so the realistic expectations for one may be higher or lower than another. Each of our teams at Alabama has high expectations. None of us would want it any other way. As an organization, we have high expectations for all facets of our programs.

The expectations of most outside observers are pretty simple and clear: they want our athletics program to compete for championships in every sport while graduating our student-athletes and producing productive people. That's a set of expectations we all embrace at the University of Alabama. Do we always meet those expectations? No. Just as important, do we always meet our own expectations? No. Nonetheless, that's the standard we try to live up to. That's the level of achievement we want - and, yes, expect - to reach in every sport.

Consistency and discipline in approach is crucial to meeting our goals. Self-control in thought and action creates consistency. The attitude we assume when faced with disappointment is truly up to us. That's as true for fans and supporters as it is for student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. The passion that our fans have for our University is what sets Alabama apart from the rest. It is my hope that we can harness that passion and direct it to positive outcomes.

"Former Alabama nose guard Jesse Williams becomes 1st native Australian to win Super Bowl ring"
Written by WALL-E
Comments: 7
Posted under: The Quad
Former Alabama nose guard Jesse Williams becomes 1st native Australian to win Super Bowl ring
He's one of two former Alabama players to win a ring, joining James Carpenter.


Former Florida State QB Jacob Coker commits to transfer to Alabama
ssmith general
Written by ssmith general
Comments: 4
Posted under: The Quad
Click here for link

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- The long-anticipated transfer of Jacob Coker took a big step toward finalization Sunday, as the former Florida State quarterback committed to transfer to Alabama, a source confirmed to

Coker, who played his high school ball at St. Paul's in Mobile, was an official visitor at Alabama this weekend. He spent the past three years at Florida State, serving as Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston's backup this past season. was first to report the news.

Coker is anticipated to graduate after the spring semester and be eligible to play in 2014.

Bama Softball 2014
Written by N.AL-Tider
Comments: 8
Posted under: The Quad
Had the opportunity to head to T-town for the softball Fan appreciation day today.  Met up with Jamos (always a good time) and with him and my daughter that plays softball we got to tour the incredible indoor practice facility.  Did I mention that it is incredible?  Coach Murphy was our tour guide and you could just hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke with us.  We then got to meet & greet the entire roster of players, take pics and get autographs.  Each and every one of them was as nice and professional as you might expect.  They seemed to be genuinely interested in us (mainly my daughter) and they were very thankful for everyone showing up on such a cold blustery day.  The team divided up into "Crimson" and "Gray" and had a 5 inning scrimmage game.  Littlejohn pitched the entire game for the gray team and she was outstanding.  She actually reminded me of Traina her first two years playing for Bama.  Jury was the starting pitcher for the Crimson team and did well for a couple of innings.  She walked one batter in the second.  J-Train came in to pitch in the 3rd.  Our hitting was really good too.  In the third inning J. Patterson beat the brakes off of J-Train.  Coach had her bat in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings (obvious to me that he wanted her to go to the plate to see how strong her bat was.  She got good hits in the 3rd and 4th but Jackie finally got the best of her in the 5th.  Jackie had a pretty rough 3rd giving up 6 runs.  I am still not sure if she is still a bit off her game or if our hitters are just that much better this year.  I'm betting on the latter.  Should be fun to watch them again this year.  I have no doubts that they won't make it back to the WCWS.  Wouldn't surprise me to see them win it again...  Yeah, I think they are that good.

Lacy, Dareus and Mathis in Pro Bowl
Written by pmull
Comments: 1
Posted under: The Quad
Coach Saban does not miss a chance to promote our program and the success of former players in the NFL.

Great pic of Jesse from Kuiyam
Written by 2Stater
Comments: 3
Posted under: The Quad

Jesse will be on the sidelines cheering them on in the Superbowl and surely will be playing in it this time next year! 

A night to remember with Eddie Conyers
Written by Jamos
Comments: 7
Posted under: The Quad
Humor is one thing but outrageous humor is another. Tonight Eddie Conyers, the longtime practice referee at Alabama spoke to the REC and what an evening it was. This man has more stories about his past years than you can imagine, and most of them are very very funny.

Eddie started officiating the practices for Bama in 1961 and is still there doing what he does best. He is 86 years old but you would never guess it, the energy he has is not the average for an 86 year old. I hope that a writer will get with Eddie before his time is up and write a book about all that he has to share about his life at Bama, it would be a book that I would love to give to my kids.

I have known Eddie for many years as he used to play in the Gene Stallings Golf Tournament for RISE each year and he and I shared many laughs together. Talk about some wild stories, many of the past coaches would attend the golf tournament and they would all gather with Eddie and it was a contest of which of them could tell the best story on that day. It was a time that I will never forget and even tonight, Eddie and I had a chance to sit and talk a bit and share some of those wonderful moments of the past once more. Hopefully I will get another chance to hear him speak again at some time because I never get tired of hearing those stories, they just get a little funnier each time I hear them.

Click here for link

A little softball news
Written by Jamos
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
I attended a meeting at the softball complex tonight and it was very entertaining. The compliance director at Bama filled us all in on the dos and don'ts that we all need to know about.

We got to chat with the players for a short period of time but CPM got them out of there in a hurry to do their studying. All of the players have 3.0 GPA or better and 5 of them have a 4.0., that's not too shabby.

CPM and Stephanie VanBrakle gave us a breakdown of where the team is right now and they seemed very excited. Bama's goal this year is to lead the nation in doubles. He has advised the batters to be selective in what they swing at and choose the pitch that can get them a double. I can see where he is going with this in trying to get the players to extend the inning. Some folks say a homerun is a rally killer.

VanBrakle sounded very excited about her pitching staff. She stated that JTrain is healthy and ready to go but Leslie Jury is a changed pitcher and has really looked sharp. She said that Littlejohn is a different pitcher than JTrain and Jury as she has a tremendous spin on the ball. CPM said that if Littlejohn can get 12-15 wins it will really set up the tandem of JTrain and Jury as their arms should stay pretty rested.

There is also some friendly competition going on in batting practice. The players are competing against each other in who hits the ball more solid during their times at bat. The winner gets a tee shirt and it has become very competitive.

There will be a fan appreciation day on January 25th. This will include some snacks and drinks and a intersquad game. This all begins at 11:00 am.

Check this link for more softball news and info.

Click here for link

Are there changes on the way for Bama football?
Written by Jamos
Comments: 11
Posted under: The Quad
It didn't take CNS long to initiate his plans for getting Bama football back to where he wants it, celebrating national championships. After blowing a game to Auburn, which Bama had victory in it's grasp and then the disaster in the Sugar Bowl, the coach started looking for answers as to why this team finshed the season on such a downhill slide.

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Lane Kiffen would come on campus as a consultant to help with the woes of the offense and that caught everyone's eye. How could Lane Kiffen ever be invited to this campus as a consultant for Bama football problems and some laughed it off as nothing to it. This invite turned out to be much more than an invite to do some consulting, it opened the door for some major changes in the Bama program.

Nick Saban is a genius as a manager of things, he knows when there are problems long before they expose themselves to anyone. This is what helps him so much in staying ahead of the competition as he senses a problem and reacts immediatly, not sometime later on. He didn't bring Kiffen on campus as a consultant, he had already made a plan for this team and now was looking for the right coaches to implement it.

With the changes in the coaches ranks that has begun, that only brings on the speculation of changes in how Bama plays football. The fast tempo offensive has certaintly caught everyone's eye as Auburn gave Bama a reason to notice when they ran up big chunks of yardage against a pretty good Bama defense and passed for big yardage as well. When I saw Mason just chew up Bama's defense, I could only think of how great Yeldon, Henry, and Drake would be running in an offense of that sort and don't forget about the passing game with our receivers.

How many more coaching changes will happen in the coming weeks or will there be any more changes to the staff? There are lots of questions now that the OC position is changing but I think the big question now is will the offense get a major overhaul and who will be the quarterback. There are lots of questions to be answered in the upcoming weeks and it should get to be very interesting.

kiffin hired per espn
Comments: 23
Posted under: The Quad
Alabama has hired Lane Kiffin as the Tide's new offensive coordinator, sources told

Kiffin was fired as USC's head coach in late September after a 62-41 loss at Arizona State. He registered a 28-15 record with the Trojans following a one-year stint at Tennessee, where he was 7-6.

The 38-year-old Kiffin visited with Alabama coach Nick Saban before the Allstate Sugar Bowl "to share ideas and exchange ideas ... [for] professional development," Saban said at the time.

"Lane is a really good offensive coach, and I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for him," Saban said then. "Just to come in and brainstorm a little bit to get some professional ideas with our guys is a really positive thing."

Click here for link

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