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* Week 13 Games
1st Game Deadline
5:50 PM

Kansas State @
West Virginia
(West Virginia -2.5)

Minnesota @
(Nebraska -11.0)

Ole Miss @
(Ole Miss -3.0)

Louisville @
Notre Dame
(Notre Dame -3.5)

Arizona @
(Utah -3.5)

Boston College @
Florida State
(Florida State -20.0)

Oklahoma State @
(Baylor -26.0)

Missouri @
(Tennessee -3.5)

Vanderbilt @
Mississippi State
(Mississippi State -29.0)

(UCLA -3.0)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Western Carolina?

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Game notes Bama vs LSU
Written by hscoach
Comments: 51
Posted under: The Quad
First:   First congrats to the Bama team for the victory.  This was a tough battle on both side of the ball.  This was big boy football.   

Offense:  The offense struggled most of the night.  They only had one long drive during the game which ended with a missed field goal.  They had seven 3 and outs.    Bama only ran 16 plays in the 2nd half until the 9 play drive to tie up the game.  They put together only 315 yards of offense.   The offense only had 4 running plays for 10+ yards.  They did have 10 pass plays of over 10 yards, but most of those were throw under 10 yard and the yardage was made after the catch.  Bamaís offense only got into the red zone three times and one of those was in overtime. The positive beside the win, is Bama only had 4 negative plays last night; two were tackles for losses, one was a sack where Cooper was blocking instead of running a route, and the big fumble which allowed LSU to take the lead.   It looked like they didnít communicate well on offense.

QB:  Blake did not make some throws in this game, but did make the plays in the last 50 seconds and in overtime for Bama to tie and ultimately win the game. Sims missed some big balls which were underthrown and a few passes were behind his rec but some still made the catch.   He was not helped by 4 drops which I will address later.  It looked at times he wasnít keeping his eyes downfield. 

RB:  They ran hard in very little space.  The LSU players hit them hard and often.  If you watched when they were pass blocking, which they did a pretty good job, they were getting jacked.  One big play not made was the pass to TJY who had a lot of open field to work with.

REC:  There were some opportunities here but plays werenít made.  I do think LSU got away with a couple of pass interference calls that were not made.  I had Cooper for 3 drops.  I also didnít think White ran some routes well or didnít think he was getting the ball.  The good thing here is more rec got involved in the game.

OL:  They did a good job pass blocking but never really established dominance in the running game.  The line did get a push a couple of time,

Defense:  They only gave up 259 yards.   They had 6 tackles for losses, 2 sacks, and 1 interception.   They had 4 three and outs, but one of those was because of the interception.   They did lose contain a couple of time but overall played well.  The biggest plays the LSU had were when the QB scrambled.  The QB ran for 40 yards and most of that was on 3 scrambling plays.  They did have some substitution problems early, but seem to get them worked out.  In the game, LSU had 6 runs for 10+ yards and 4 passes for 10+ yards. 

DL:  Against the big physical offense the DL held their own.  The only problem was they lost contain a couple of times, and when they rushed the QB they got too far up the field allowing a lane for the QB to escape.

LB:   RR again a very good game.  He had at least 8 tackles in the first half alone.   TD also played pretty well, but RR is the one that seems to stand out each week. 
DB:  They played a solid game.  One of the best plays of the night was on the 3rd play of the game when LSU ran the option.  Collins got cut and still got up to make the play. 

Penalties: Bama had 3 penalties in the game.  They overcame every one of them which is a plus. 

Special teams:   Scott did a good job in the clutch flipping the field. 

Finally:  This game was a battle.  It is what we have come to expect in these games.  I do think Bama needs to be more balanced on offense.  They threw the ball 46 times and ran 29.   

Please feel free to comment.

Good Luck and Roll Tide Roll 
15 and counting

Comments: 414
Posted under: The Quad
Thanks to Mrs. McCarron, we now have an awesome new BBC code:


Hater Block Activated

Blake Sims bails out Alabama in so many ways against LSU
Written by bama57
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
Sims got the ball with less than a minute left and guided Alabama to the game-tying field goal by hitting 4-of-6 passes for 44 yards. He started overtime with a 24-yard pass to Brandon Greene, a tight end lined up in the tackle spot, and finished with a six-yard pass to DeAndrew White.

At that point, you knew LSU wasnít going to answer.
Click here for link

Bama has the toughest road to championship.
Written by crimson13
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
Looking at the remaining schedules of the top 6 teams, plus GA, it appears Bama has the toughest road to the playoffs, and to the NC.  I assigned points for difficulty, in reverse order, for playing teams currently ranked by the new committee, giving 25 difficulty points for playing the #1 team and 1 point for playing the #25 team.  No points given for playing teams outside the top 25.  I had to do some assumptions on conference championship games, and pairings in the playoffs.

Bama...........72 points to get to the playoffs, 117 points to win it.
Ole Miss.......63 points to get to the playoffs, 108 points to win it.
AU..............68 points to get to the playoffs, 113 points to win it.
Miss St........58 points to get to the playoffs, 103 points to win it.
UGA...........43 points to get to the playoffs, 88 points to win it.
Oregon.......12 points to get to the playoffs, 56 points to win it.
FSU............2 points to get to the playoffs, 43 points to win it.

Bottom line, I just wasted 15 minutes of my life to come up with useless, highly non-scientific, information. Smiley

Some bye week notes:
Written by hscoach
Comments: 8
Posted under: The Quad
As many of us know Blake Sims has performed better than expected.  One thing I really like about this is, it hasn't gone to his head  Cooper is having a fantastic year and is a huge part of the success of the offense.  My disappointment, if you can call it that, is that more rec are not involved in the offense.  I am not saying don't throw the ball to Cooper if he is open, I just think there are options that haven't come thru yet.  After watching the spring game I wasn't sure Robinson was ready for a left starting position in the SEC.  He has proved me very wrong.  Another pleasing fact is the performance of the OL.  They have made some mistakes but they have had a lot more positives than negatives.  On defense, Cyrus Jones has become a very good cover guy.  It seems teams go away from him more than at him.  Bama has had the luxury of playing both Jackson and Brown at corner and they have performed satisfactory.  One of the biggest surprises is Ragland at linebacker.  In my opinion he has become one of the biggest hitters on the D.  As far as special team, Scott is a game changer because he can flip the field and cause teams to have to drive over 70 yards.  I don't know, but I would like to know the average starting field positions for teams this year after a punt.  Now, this year kind of reminds me of when Bama lost to LSU.  They made too many mistakes in that game against LSU to win the first time.  The same thing happened when they played Ole Miss.  I hope the same results come about. 
A few disappointment are the numerous penalties Bama has had this year.  These are some of the mistakes that hurt them in the Ole Miss game.
Finally, the new rankings came out and they don't mean anything at this point.  There are too many head to head games that need to be played.  If Bama plays the way they are capable they can get back to the NC game.

Hopefully, you will add your own assessment.

Softball Closes Out Fall Season with West Alabama Sweep
Written by Jamos
Comments: 5
Posted under: The Quad
After watching the team team play 4 games this weekend I am very impressed with the team's potential for next season. I'm going to stick my neck out a little but I think Bama's pitching will be better next season than it has been for the past two years. I say this because  Jackie Traina hurt her arm and we never really saw the real Traina the past two years. Yesterday the pitching was good for all three as the control of their pitches was very good. Today, I thought Alex Osorio was the star pitcher. I will stick my neck out once more and say do not be surprised if Osorio isn't the best pitcher on the staff when the season starts next Spring. Littlejohn is "Miss Steady" when she's on the rubber and a very good pitcher but Osorio has tremendous control of her pitches and has a wicked rise ball with deceivingly good speed on her pitches as well. I saw a lot of batters swing at nothing but air today.

Defensively I think Bama will be better at every position next year except in centerfield, it's pretty hard for Haley McCleney to get any better. Today Leona Lafaele was behind the plate and was very impressive. She has some work to do yet on her technique but has a shotgun for an arm, the best of the 4 that has been working behind the plate. The outfield was pretty good last year and will not weaken any but the infield should show great improvement. Peyton Cochran, third baseman, tweeked her knee today while fielding a popup at home plate and was wearing a heavy wrap on her knee after the injury.

This team can be very good next year if they come back next Spring with the attitude they left with today, there is a lot of talent for CPM to work with next year.

Click here for link

Game Notes Bama vs UT
Written by hscoach
Comments: 18
Posted under: The Quad
First:   First congrats to the Bama team for the victory.  It was a game where Bama got control of the game early, but then allowed UT to get back into the game.

Offense:  The good news is Bama rolled up 469 yards of total offense.  The bad news is 253 of this was in the first quarter which means they only had 216 for the rest of the game.  While Bama raced to a 27-0 lead they only had 2 negative plays.  One was a tackle for a loss and the other was a fumble which TJY recovered and Bama went on to score the touchdown.  After this point Bama had 7 negative plays.  They were 4 tackles for losses, one sack and 2 lost fumbles, one of which took a TD off the board.  I donít have Bama for any 3 and outs, but they had 2 four and outs.   The offense was 11/15 on 3rd down conversions.  This is 73 percent which is a high average considering the distance needed for a first down.  The offense had 4 runs of 10+ yards and had 14 pass plays for 10+ yards.  They scored 4 of the touchdowns outside the red zone and would have had another had JF not fumbled.  Only one trip in the red zone resulted in a TD.   There was what I would call 2 key points for the offense.  The first was when UT pulled within 10 points 27-17 Bama went on a long TD drive to push the score to 34-17.   The second was after the FG by UT Bama kept the ball for about seven minutes not leaving UT time for a comeback.  If they hadnít fumbled going in it would not have mattered.   

QB:  I thought BS played pretty well.  He made some huge plays on scrambles one of which gained a 1st down by lowering his head instead of going out of bounds on the big touchdown drive mentioned above.  I thought he tried to force one throw to AC which almost resulted in a pick.  He showed some very good elusive moves to keep plays alive.  Also, on the fumble on the exchange it looked like the back side defensive player was waiting for him and probably should have left the ball with Henry.  It looked to me like he tried to pull the ball. 

RB:  They ran hard and but did have some mistakes. One was the dropped screen by TJY.  I know it was 3rd and 21, but it looked like he had room to run with a blocker in front.  Other mistakes I saw was JF not getting to the outside of the defensive player allowing them to make plays for short gains.  There were fumbles which took points off the board.   

REC:  AC had another good game.  One thing Bama did to help was when UT put a safety over the top they ran the inside rec on a fade type routes which occupied the safety.  What I noticed was they didnít expect to get the ball and basically stopped the route when they got to the safety level.  I know AC is a horse but just two wide recís that had catches yesterday.  I would love to see other players get involved. 

OL: As you notice the low number of negative plays mentioned above you could say the OL played pretty well.  I though LB came in and did a good job at left tackle.  There were a couple of missed assignments like AS missing the block on the UT player who had a direct line to Sims.  It looked like the defensive player had a wide set and AS didnít take a big enough drop step to account for the rush.  They didnít gain a lot at times when they ran the ball, but they did gain positive yards.  I thought UT did a good job stalemating the OL at times preventing big gains.   

Defense:  The defense gave up 383 yards of offense.  Almost all of it came in the last 3 quarters.  They had 7 tackles for losses, 3 sacks, a fumble recovery, and an int.  The defense gave up 4 runs of 10+ yards and 9 passes of 10+ yards.  The Bama defense had 2 three and outs and 1 4 and out.  UT made 4 trips inside of Bamaís red zone and scored 2 touchdowns and kicked 2 field goals.  It looked like UTís game plan was to stretch Bamaís defense since they kept going wide with the passes and runs.  They did try to run inside just enough to keep Bama honest.  There were way too many missed tackles.

DL:  They played OK.  They have played better.  It looked like they were catching blocks a lot of the time.  They allowed UT to get outside a couple of times one that went for a 44 yard run.  XD did a heck of a job chasing down the UT player from behind after a big gain.

LB:  RR again played well. He made a good play when defending the pass on a good throw by the UT QB.   There was one time where TD had the QB stopped for a loss and missed the tackle.
DB:  Again, there was some confusion.  They were confused on the 2nd TD pass where there were actually 2 players open.  CJ didnít get the defensive call early enough and as flagged for a pass interference trying to play catchup.  They got cut on the edge at least once and allowed the UT players to get outside a couple of times.  They were in position to make plays and didnít a couple of times.  I also think they underestimated the speed of the UT players not taking good angles for tackles.

Penalties: Bama had 6 penalties.  They had two false starts and substitution infraction.  One of the false starts caused a change in play called, the change was the play that Bama fumbled on which led to a UT score.  The PI could be contributed to lack of communication.  The fumble by JF came after a delay of the game penalty which took Bama out of the red zone and gave them a 1st and 15.  This should not have been a factor. 

Special teams:   They gave up one return of 33 yards but kept them bottled up most of the day.  AG practically shanked the 1st PAT.  I didnít notice a bad hold/snap.  They did cause a fumble on a punt, but UT recovered. 

Finally:  This is just my opinion, but Bama looked like a tired football team.  I can only think of 2 big hits during the complete game.  They didnít play with the emotion they did while playing A&M.  There seem to be a lot of arm tackles or just not getting there at times.  They allowed UT to convert on 3rd and 13.   It may have been they just lost focus after racking up a 27-0 lead, but too me they looked tired.

Please feel free to comment.

Good Luck and Roll Tide Roll 
15 and counting

Bama Basketball Practice
Written by Jamos
Comments: 8
Posted under: The Quad
Today was our chance to watch the basketball team practice and I was surprised to see the number of fans there. I say this only because of the disappointing season last year. After last year's season, I was wondering if there would be any interest in the team this early in the year but this was the biggest crowd that I have seen for the annual early practice.

I missed some of the practice but I was impressed with what I did see. I came to the practice just to see if I could notice any differences in the way the team practiced today compared to how they played last year. Most of us complained last year mostly about the inability of the long range shooting, rebounding, and free throw shooting. The part of the scrimmage that I saw was strictly about long range shooting and they finished with a free throw shooting competition where if they don't make the free throws, they have to run. This was a first for us to see them actually practicing the long range shooting as well as the free throw shooting. By the way, the last shooter had to make both of his free throws or they would run, he made them both and the team erupted with a loud cheer.

There are some injuries on the team, Obasohan and Kessens being the main two. Both of these players are coming off some off season injuries and still have a little healing to do yet. Obasohan did practice today but Kessens did not, Coach Grant is pacing Kissen so he will be ready when the season opens. Ricky Tarrant is the other injured player that did not practice but should be back on the court in short time. Ricky Tarrant is expected to add a lot to the team this season especially some good needed leadership. CAG described him as being one of those players that the others have a lot of respect for and he can get vocal at times.

Coach Grant had a lot of good things to say about this year's team, one thing was that he had 12 scholarship players this year which allows them to have decent practices compared to last year he was down to 7 scholarship players that were able to practice at times. For the first time in Coach Grant's career the team will have a captain. Levi Randolph was a unanimous choice of the players. The other thing that CAG discussed about the team was the excellence the players have shown in the classroom. there are some that have already gotten a degree and are now working on another degree.

There were a few of players that caught my eye tonight, Shannon Hale, Levi Randolph,  and freshman Riley Norris. Their outside shooting was impressive, there was some consistency from these three. This isn't saying the others didn't do well they just weren't quite as consistent as those three. Jimmie Taylor seemed to have more energy under the basket, CAG says he has a 7' 6" wingspan and now weighs 240 lbs and seems to have adjusted some to the college level of basketball. He still has that left handed knuckleball for a shot though and he made his free throws. By the way, he just turned 19.

There were some changes on his staff during the off season that CAG feels has added some fresh blood to the team. He named each of the new personnel and what they brought with them that should have a good impact on the team and this season. I asked him what he thought was the strong point of this year's team and he said the chemistry of it. He feels that Levi and Rodney Cooper have really become a father image on the basketball court to the other players and the response from the other players has been very gratifying.

It's early in the year but the players have been working hard for quite some time getting ready for the season to arrive. CAG feels the schedule is plenty good to get the team to it's goal of making the NCAA tournament but he was quick to say that they have got to win some games to reach their goal, something that they really failed on last year. I came away with a positive feeling about their chances but only time will tell. RTR!!

Re: Game notes: A&M vs Bama
Peewee from Grand Bay
Comments: 66
Posted under: The Quad
First:   First congrats to the Bama team for the victory.  This was the most dominant performance I can remember in a long time.  They dominated on both sides of the ball. 

Offense:  The offense did whatever they wanted to.   Bama rolled up 602 yards of offense.  They only had 3 negative plays, 2 tackles for losses and 1 sack, in the game and those did not come until the fourth quarter of the game.  Bama also had only 3 three and outs.  The offense score on 8 straight possessions and had scoring drives of 72, 84,64,80,24, 60, and 57 yards.  They had 30 first downs in this game.    They had 8 runs for over 10 yards, 6 of those were in the first half.  Bama had 11 pass completions for over 10 yards and 9 of those were in the first half.  They got into the red zone 5 times and had 4 touchdowns and 1 field goal.  The other 4 touchdowns were scored from outside the red zone.  Bama scored on 8 of their 13 drives.   The other factor to me was Bama running the ball with 7 to 8 in the box and many times they did this with what we use to call our Ace formation, 2 tight ends and 2 wide out with 1 back.

QB:  Sims had a very good game.  He did make one bad decision on the throw on the first drive that should have resulted in an int and probably 6 points for A&M.  On that play I think the outside rec was too wide as it looks as if Bama was trying to run a rub route to get the ball to AC.  Sims made good quick decisions the rest of the day.  He did underthrow OJH when he checked down and went to the backside.  I thought he checked down well and didnít force the ball.    As far as Coker he has the tools.  It looks like he tries to guide the ball on those short quick throws and it slows the play development down.  One of the best throws of the day was his TD pass to the TE for the last touchdown.  At times the looks to methodical when he is throwing the ball instead of letting it go.

RB:   TJY was a beast this game.  He totaled 159 yards of offense and averaged 9.9 yards every time he touched the ball.  He only touched the ball 16 times, but it seemed like more.  The only negative about TJY was he didnít work toward Sims when he was scrambling once.  DH also ran hard and totaled 111 yards on only 11 touches.  The biggest knock here was a missed block by DH.   I thought JF should have expected the run when he was knocked off his routes and looked to block for Sims on the scramble. 

REC:  AC had a good game an probably his best catch was on a 3rd and 10 when Sims found him on a scramble and he snagged it out of the air for a first down.    I know it has been effective, but I would love to see more recs involved in the game.    They blocked well downfield when the running back/QB broke the LOS. 

OL:  From the worse game to their best game of the year.  The sustained their blocks and moved to the 2nd level.  This is the best I have seen them come off the ball this year. They ran the ball effectively even when they had 7 to 8 in the box.  They did not miss a beat when Hill came in for the injured Shepard.  They got a push on running plays and pass protected well.  This is evident by the low number of negative plays all day.    They were able to run the ball to both the left and the ride sides of the LOS.   

Defense:  This was another very good game by the defense.   They dominated the spread team like no other.  A&M had 172 total yards on 55 plays and 98 of those came on 6 plays.  This means they gained   74 yards on the other 49 plays.  A&M had 14 drives.  Now take out two for right before half and the end of the game.  Of these 12 remaining drives, Bama had 7 three and outs and 4 four and outs.  As far a negative plays, Bamaís defense had 3 tackles for losses, a year high of 6 sacks in the game, they caused a fumble, and intercepted one pass.  Their longest drive was 9 plays and the ninth play was a fourth down play to get a first down.  They only had 8 first downs all day.  They did have 6 pass plays for over 10 yards.  This was the best tackling game for Bama this year.  There were very few yards after contact.  It seems that they were flying to the football and there were always numerous players around the ball. 

DL:  They played a great game.  The pressure put on the QB all day was done by 4 only most of the time.  It looks like Ragland is doing what Hightower use to do by putting his hand on the ground.  Maybe this is their new rabbit package.  Again, I can pick out Anderson who played a good game. Let me put it this way if the DL didnít do the job they did the LB would not have been able to make the plays they did.  I thought this was one of their best efforts on keeping the ball inside and not letting A&M get to the perimeter.   

LB:  Ragland and Depriest had good game.  They played the pass and run.  The longest run all day was 9 yards.  They covered down field and jumped the screen.  Ragland has been a huge surprised to me this year. 
DB:  They played well by coming up and supporting the run as well as playing pass coverage.  Ď
The best thing that helped them out was the pass rush, especially pressure with 4.  One of the best plays was when JW got up from a block and still made the play for a short gain.  They could have easily come up with 2 more picks during this game, Collins and Perry could have each had one.   

Penalties: How about this no Bama penalties.  A&M only had 2 which showís Bamaís dominance even more since they did not have to overcome their own mistakes. 

Special teams:   For the most part they were good on the kickoff coverage except for the last when a few backups were in.  I notice when Bama kicks off to their left they kick the ball higher and deeper.  Maybe this is because it is a more natural motion for a right footed kicker.  Foster made more big hits on special team.  I am glad Jones had a good day and his return help set up a Bama TD.

Finally:  This is the most complete game Bama has played.  I honestly feel they can play with anyone when they play like this.  They played with emotion and looked like they had fun.  The job now is to keep it going.   My congrats go out to the 7 Bama players who will graduate in December with their masterís degree.

Please feel free to comment.

Good Luck and Roll Tide Roll 
15 and counting

hscoach, as always another very insightful and detailed analysis of the game!! Let me add some thoughts of mine.

Agreed that this is one of the most dominating performances in Alabama Football history!! Reminds me of the Capitol One Bowl against Michigan St!! Just a complete and total Butt Whopping!!

Offense: Man what a performance from these guys!! They came out hungry and very aggressive!! They played with confidence in the scheme and in each other!! Made many many explosive plays in both the running and passing games and with the exception of the first drive they put every other scoring drive into the end zone!! They played the way we all knew that they were capable of playing,  but they had just not put it all together at the same time until this game and looked at the results!!

QB: As hscoach mentioned with the exception of the one pass at the goal line on the first drive Blake played his overall best game!! Even better than against Florida! imo, he made quick decisive decisions and they were the right ones to boot!! I was glad that Jake got some good reps in the game. His first pass was not a good throw but the TD pass was magnificent!! It was right in front of me and in the only spot where our guy could make the catch!!

RB: What I saw from TJ Yeldon was a runner with maybe a chip on his shoulder but the aggressiveness and desire that he ran with was a sight for sore eyes!! His passion was on full display and I can only hope he runs with that same intensity for the rest of the year!! Derrick Henry is just a wrecking ball when he squares his shoulders and starts running North & South!! But his TD on the screen also shows he can maneuver in the open field as well!! I was also glad to see Altee and Tyren get some quality playing time and both ran with the same passion and desire that the rest of the team played with all day!!

REC: Again Amari shows what happens to the defense if he is singled covered!! Just another outstanding performance by him, and as hscoach said the catch that he made for the first down on Blake's scramble was awesome!! I was also glad to see some of the other guys getting some love as well. We just have to many weapons to not utilize them as much as we can!!

OL: What a difference one week can make!! I can only wish I knew what was said in the meeting between the OL and CNS!! He had a " Come to Jesus Meeting " with them this week and he asked for them to bring up any and all concerns they had about what was going on and what needed to be done to fix it!! I am thinking that work out as planned!! Congrats to them for the best game that group has had in a very long time!!

Defense: Man what you say about this performance from this group except for it was stifling!!! If I am not mistaken A&M did not cross the 50 yd line in their first eight possessions!! And then they only had one scoring threat that snuffed out by an OUTSTANDING play by Reggie Ragland!! reminded me of the NC game against LSWho!! As the video shows before the game it is called DOMINATION!!

DL: As with every other group this one had by far it's best day!! They were very active and put pressure on A&M in the backfield from the first snap that continued all day long!! They had very good lateral pursuit and did not let them get to corner all day!!

LB: They had a very solid game with Trey & Reggie holding down the fort in the middle. Reggie Ragland had a monster game topped off with the interception to snuff out A&M's only scoring threat!! They were both very good in coverage and plugging up the line on the running plays!! Reggie has only gotten better & better with every game he has played in!! I can only imagine where he can go from as far as his development is concerned. Can he be another RO on the field?!! it remains to be seen be at this point and time I love what he has been able to accomplish!!

DB: Again another very solid performance!! Nick Perry made several good plays and he and Landon were very strong in run support!! The CB's also stood tall and made no mistakes, yes there were some complete passes but it was not because of broken coverage!! Just a very solid day from them!!

Penalties: ZIP!!! NADA!! Enough said!!

Special teams: CR Jones had a great day!! No miscues except for one bobble that he turned into a 46 yd return that he almost took to the house!! Ruben Foster was a mad man on kick coverage!! Laying the wood to the runner on almost every return!! Outstanding job done by this group save the very last return after the last TD. But overall a great day!!

final thoughts: I cannot recall when I have seen a team play with as much emotion & intensity as they did on Saturday!! They were that way from the opening kick off to the end of the game and the crowd played off of that emotion and turned what was already a hostile environment into a living night mare!!! Now comes the bigger test!! Can they keep that intensity level up to where it was this weekend and play with the emotion on the road as well? We most definitely need this type of play against the Vols, LSU, on the road plus MS ST. & Auburn at home when that time comes. And i join hs coach on congratulating the seven players on receiving their Master's degree in December!! Roll Tide!!

Please let me know what yall think 

Fall Brawl #2 (SoftBall)
Written by Jamos
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
I know everybody isn't interested in softball right now with football being in mid season but I thought a few of you might be interested.

I missed last weeks fall brawl due to being out of state but I just had to go see the new pitcher, Alexis Osorio today and I'm glad I did.

Bama looks a little different this year due to graduation last year but I was very pleased with the new additions to the team. The new additions are Demi Turner (infield), Rachel Bobo (Outfield), Kayla Rettig (outfield), Carrigan Fain (catcher) and Alexis Osorio (pitcher). Bobo and Rettig are walkons and CPM was grinning from ear to ear about them. Both players parents graduated fro Alabama and one of them is majoring in electrical engineering and the other is majoring in chemical engineering. Their ability to walk on is that one of them scored a 31 on her ACT exam and the other scored a 32, scholarships took care of them. This is a big plus for CPM not having to provide any type of aid for them. All five of them were impressive in the games today.

Osorio, the new pitcher is very impressive, her pitching style is similar to Littlejohn's. Littlejohn seems to have been really working on her pitching, everything she throws is breaking balls and her willingness to throw in on the batters hasn't changed a bit. Osorio is very smooth with her delivery and has tremendous spin on the ball and very good control. Leslie Jury seems to be the same pitcher that we have seen for 4 years, still throws hard but her control is still iffy. I was hoping that after Jury had played with Littlejohn last year that she would work on slowing down her pitches and spinning the ball more but that didn't seem to be the case today.

The other players that joined the team this year swung the bat pretty good today and played very good in the field. All of you have seen Haylie McCleney play and know how good she is but Bama may have another star bound player this year. She is freshman Demi Turner, infielder from Huntsville, Texas. She is as athletic as Haylie and plays with very good skills. She played second base today and Bama has never had a second baseman like this young lady played today. She has good speed and swings a good bat as well, lefty. The catcher position is up for grabs as CPM is working 4 players at that position now, Chaunsey Bell, Leona Lafaele, Peyton Grantham and Carrigan Fain (freshman). Peyton played third base last year but she looked pretty good as she took her turn behind the plate today.

Bama will play Fall Brawl 3 and 4 next Saturday and Sunday with a double header each

Click here for link

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