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5:50 PM

Western Kentucky @
(Western Kentucky -1.0)

Oregon @
(Utah -3.0)

Baylor @
Oklahoma State
(Oklahoma State -5.0)

Kent State @
Northern Illinois
(Kent State -2.5)

Utah State @
San Diego State
(San Diego State -5.5)

Appalachian State @
(Appalachian State -3.0)

Houston @
(Cincinnati -10.5)

Michigan @
(Michigan -10.5)

Pittsburgh @
Wake Forest
(Pittsburgh -3.0)

(California -4.0)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Georgia?

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Four former Auburn football players admitted involvement in robbery last week
ssmith general
Written by ssmith general
Comments: 86
Posted under: The Quad
Four former Auburn football players admitted involvement in robbery last week

AUBURN - Four former Auburn players admitted their involvement in a robbery last week that quickly saw them dismissed from the football team by coach Gene Chizik.

Witnesses say "multiple handguns" were used, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Court papers show Mike McNeil, Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens and Dakota Mosley admitted shortly after their arrest they were involved in a robbery last Thursday. The court documents say victims and witnesses reported McNeil, Goodwin and Kitchens "forcibly entered" and used handguns at a residence on Lee Road in Auburn. Auburn police said it recovered a handgun in a car driven by Mosley. McNeil, Goodwin and Kitchens were also in the car.

More -

Alabama clocks Coastal Carolina in NIT opener
Comments: 29
Posted under: The Quad

Associated Press

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Tony Mitchell, Charvez Davis and Trevor Releford all scored 12 points to lead Alabama to a 68-44 victory over Coastal Carolina on Tuesday night in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament.

The top-seeded Crimson Tide (22-11), which felt jilted at being left out of the NCAA field after winning the SEC West, built a 20-point lead late in the first half and never let the short-handed Chanticleers (28-6) get anything going.

Now 17-0 at Coleman Coliseum, Alabama will host either New Mexico or UTEP.

Click here for full article on ESPN

Ten running backs to watch this college season
Written by Terrie1959
Comments: 4
Posted under: The Quad
It doesnít take a math major to understand that a good running back can make all the difference to a football team. This seasonís crop of running backs have several difference-makers and several who could make a run at the Heisman Trophy.

I'm thinking they aren't in any order - because TR would be number 1 in my opinion Smiley
(and I acknowledge that I do indeed have bias)

Kelsi Dunne Named SEC Softball Pitcher of the Week
Written by Terrie1959
Comments: 1
Posted under: The Quad
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama senior pitcher Kelsi Dunne (Port Orange, Fla.) was named the Southeastern Conference Softball Pitcher of the Week, as announced by the league office Monday. The award is the first of the season for the All-American and the seventh conference weekly honor of her career.

Mad Tide has something to prove in NIT, starting tonight
ssmith general
Written by ssmith general
Comments: 29
Posted under: The Quad
Mad Tide has something to prove in NIT, starting tonight

TUSCALOOSA -- One by one, 68 college basketball teams celebrated Sunday night when NCAA tournament pairings were announced on national television.

In Coleman Coliseum, a 69th team sat and simmered.

"Very quiet," Alabama senior forward Chris Hines said Monday when asked to describe the team's reaction. "Disheartening."

The Crimson Tide couldn't believe it didn't receive an at-large berth.

"It was tough on us. We were shocked, disappointed, mad," junior forward JaMychal Green said. "Our seniors are taking it hard. Everybody is."

Roughly 22 hours later, reality was only starting to sink in.

"I guess we just have to move on," Green said.

More Here - Kausler

Dareus the #1 pick in the draft?
che boludo
Written by che boludo
Comments: 20
Posted under: The Quad
Dareus is a lock to go in the top 3.  All 3 need DL help in a big way, especially the Broncos and Bills who were the worst two rushing Ds in the league last year. 

The panthers have lots of needs but getting help on the DL and finding a big, time WR to take pressure off of an aging Steve Smith are at the top.

I think Bowers may be there #1 choice as they still need a long-term replacement for losing Peppers, but his injury concerns may make him less attractive.

If so, they go the DT route and Dareus beats out Fairley simply due to attitude, intelligence, consistent performance in 3 years of SEC football, better size and technique. Also, I bet the Panthers staff will still put some emphasis on a Sal Sunseri coached and recommended player.

If they opt for the WR to help out their QB play, I think Jones or AJ may wind up the #1 pick (advantage Jones due to physical advantage and team first attitude; Carolina is a run to set-up the throw style of offense and with a ? at QB it could frustrate a guy like AJ who is used to being the star).

I'd love for MD to get the pick as I think he is a great player and individual who has truly worked hard to get to where he is at.  Plus, producing a #1 overall pick is just one more tool our staff can use during their recruiting pitches.

Coastal Carolina visits for NIT opener
ssmith general
Written by ssmith general
Comments: 29
Posted under: The Quad
Coastal Carolina visits for NIT opener

The Crimson Tide basketball team will host the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers in the opening round of the 2011 NIT tonight in Coleman Coliseum. Tip-off is set for 6:00 CST, with the game being televised nationally on ESPNU.

For the first time all season, Bama doesn't want to be playing in Coleman Coliseum, where the Tide is a perfect 16-0 on the season. Alabama would rather be playing in far-off Dayton tonight in the opening games of the NCAA Tournament, but the selection committee, in all its wisdom, decided that was not to be. Instead, Bama's players will have to quickly re-focus on the consolation prize of college basketball: a place in the NIT.

Coastal Carolina qualified for the NIT by winning the Big South conference championship. All conference champions who fail to win their conference tournament and fail to get an at-large bid receive automatic bids to the NIT.

More Here - Roll Bama Roll

Re: BR - College Football 2011: Alabama's Secondary Is Not the Tide's Weakest Link
che boludo
Written by che boludo
Comments: 16
Posted under: The Quad
I don't think our secondary was the weak link last year.  They definitely were an area of concern coming into the season due to the lack of depth and experience that injury, early departures, and some injuries caused.  But, they played great throughout the season.  Yes, they were caught on some blown coverages at times that led to critical big plays or TDs against us, but even some of those could have been addressed had we gotten better contributions on a consistent basis from our front 7 to keep QBs from having all day to throw at times.  That was the real weak spot last year (IMO).

We couldn't get consistent pressure on the qb and were around 50th or worse nationally in both sacks and TFL. Bama fell from 14th in the nation to 59th in TFL and from 29th to 49th in sacks from 2009 to 2010.

Meanwhile, the secondary played lights out all things considered as they only fell 3 spots nationally (10th to 13th) in total pass defense. 

The Defensive problems (and true weak spots) last year were two-fold IMO: first, and most importantly was the lack of team leaders to step up and do their part to get the team motivated to play consistently for 60 minutes.  No one in the front 7 filled that team leader role to direct traffic and make guys take ownership of their roles and responsibilities.  Second, the front 7 lost its push and ability to implement many of the more complicated pressures because we lacked a true 3-4 NT around which everything else is based in CNS's defense. We did not have the guy to clog up the middle of the field and draw double teams all game long to allow for the rest of the D to make first contact behind the LOS with ball carriers and bring a multitude of pressures on the QB from all different angles.

Jesse Williams will fix part of the problem.  We definitely need him to live up to expectations and stay healthy. We still need the leaders to step-up in all phases of prep and execution (on and off the field).

I am very excited about the talent and EXPERIENCE that is returning in the secondary and think our front 7 will see a big improvement in spite of some key losses to individual personnel.  Very excited for the fall.

Re: BR - Alabama Spring Preview: Offensive Line
che boludo
Written by che boludo
Comments: 9
Posted under: The Quad
I completely agree with the lack of leadership on the OL comment from the article.  Mike Johnson was a huge loss for us who kept the OL in step.

Pendry's focus was always on developing a dominant run blocking team while at Bama, but he consistently had troubles getting the Ol to shift from run blocking to pass protection effectively (which is a common problem for all OLs).  There were times over the last couple of years that if we weren't in the shotgun or passing out of the bootleg, nothing good was happening. 

I think we will have a much improved line this year as experience, depth and talent are key to OL success.  We have all 3 this year.  With the great defense I expect Bama to have this year coupled with great potential at OL, we are in for a big year.

Vlachos and Jones will be very important for us on offense and are key personnel to keep healthy IMO to have consistent success this year from the OL. Jones and Vlachos need to come back strong and ready to be a leaders on the OL IOT to make all of that talent click. We could have an OL full of 5 stars, but if nobody takes control of them on the field to force them to operate as a single, dominant unit we'll never get back to where we were in terms of physical run blocking.

I disagree with the Vlachos comments that he is too small and close to being benched if he can't handle the speed rushers better this year.  First, how dumb would it be to bench a senior center with two years starting experience?  He is a very smart player and plenty capable of being a productive center as he has shown in the past.  Lots of our problems on the physicality of the OL are related to the issues I mentioned in another thread about our front 7.

In 2008-2009 our front 7 was dominant and pushed our OL to practice and prepare against the best in the country all spring, summer, and fall (during 1s on 1s).  I had read an article from Vlachos in 2009 when speaking of his rise to success in replacement of Caldwell, he said he owed it all to playing against the best D in the country in every practice and going head to head against Cody in particular.  The fact that we didn't have that dominant front 7 to push them last year was no doubt a huge impact to their overall performance (also Vlachos own offseason injury no doubt contributed to his S&C going into last season).  However, he is healthy this year and will no doubt come back ready to play.  Plus, there is a big Aussie who will give the OL all the help they need in preparing against a big physical front.

BR - College Football 2011: Alabama's Secondary Is Not the Tide's Weakest Link
ssmith general
Written by ssmith general
Comments: 16
Posted under: The Quad

The 2010 Crimson Tide secondary was the big question mark going into the season. 

Their 2009 predecessors were a force in their own right.  All three starting cornerbacks made it into the NFL;  Kareem Jackson went in the first round to the Texans, Javier Arenas went in the second round to the Chiefs and Marquis Johnson went in the seventh round to the Rams.

In addition, free safety Justin Woodall was a possible late-round NFL pick. After going undrafted, the phenomenal athlete was picked up by MLB's Tampa Bay Rays. 

Needless to say, the '09 secondary was stacked, leaving some very big shoes to fill.

The 2010 squad performed better than expected by finishing 13th in the nation in passing defense and allowing less than 180 yards per game, but not good enough to repeat as national champions. 

The 2011 season will see the return of all starters from last year's secondary, including Alabama's prodigal son Robby Green.  With a season of trial by fire in the SEC, will the Crimson Tide fare better this coming season?

Slide show Here

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