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1st Game Deadline
12:50 PM

New Mexico @
Texas San Antonio
(New Mexico -7.0)

Houston @
San Diego State
(Houston -3.5)

Appalachian State @
(Appalachian State -1.0)

Arkansas State
(UCF -6.0)

Southern Mississippi @
Louisiana Lafayette
(Southern Mississippi -3.5)

Central Michigan @
(Tulsa -12.0)

Memphis @
Western Kentucky
(Western Kentucky -4.5)

(BYU -8.5)

Idaho @
Colorado State
(Colorado State -13.5)

Eastern Michigan @
Old Dominion
(Old Dominion -3.5)

Louisiana Tech @
(Navy -1.0)

Ohio @
(Troy -3.5)

Hawai'i @
Middle Tennessee
(Middle Tennessee -0.0)

Miami (OH) @
Mississippi State
(Mississippi State -12.5)

Maryland @
Boston College
(Maryland -2.5)

NC State @
(NC State -4.0)

Army @
North Texas
(Army -9.5)

Temple @
Wake Forest
(Temple -13.0)

Minnesota @
Washington State
(Washington State -6.5)

Boise State @
(Boise State -8.0)

Pittsburgh @
(Pittsburgh -5.0)

West Virginia @
(Miami -3.0)

Indiana @
(Utah -8.0)

Texas A&M @
Kansas State
(Texas A&M -2.0)

South Florida @
South Carolina
(South Florida -10.5)

Arkansas @
Virginia Tech
(Virginia Tech -7.0)

Oklahoma State @
(Colorado -3.0)

Georgia @
(Georgia -1.0)

Stanford @
North Carolina
(Stanford -3.5)

Nebraska @
(Tennessee -3.0)

South Alabama @
Air Force
(Air Force -12.5)

Michigan @
Florida State
(Michigan -7.0)

(LSU -3.5)

Georgia Tech @
(Georgia Tech -3.5)

Ohio State @
(Ohio State -3.5)

Florida @
(Florida -2.5)

Western Michigan @
(Wisconsin -8.0)

Penn State
(USC -7.0)

Auburn @
( Oklahoma -5.0)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Washington?

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Red Elephant
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78-76 (897)

78-77 (998)

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 on: Today at 08:39:24 AM 
Started by Jamos - Last post by 2Stater
CAJ let them play yesterday. It wasn't all "half court, run the clock down" type of game. They were loose , having fun, and it showed. They did a great job of getting the ball to the big men for easy baskets. They also got into some rhythm and made some outside shots.

In the post game interview, CAJ hinted that we might see more of that. I hope so. I think that style of ball will give them a fighting chance to make it to the dance.

 on: Today at 08:36:09 AM 
Started by Jamos - Last post by pmull
It was announced yesterday that Senior Shannon Hale has been suspended from the team.    I think this is a positive move by CAJ. Hale did not play hard and made stupid mistakes when he got in the game. The technical he got in OT against USCe almost took away our best road win in years.

 on: Today at 08:26:52 AM 
Started by Jamos - Last post by pmull
I think we have a chance to make the NCAA Tournament but we must play more consistent than we have all year.

I have been saying for awhile I expect us to finish 11-7 in SEC play 18-12 overall. That means we go 2-2 to finish the regular season. Win two games in the SEC Tourney and we are on the NCAA bubble at 20-13. All four remaining games (UGA, @ A&M, Ole Miss, @ UT) are winnable. If we go 3-1 finishing the regular season 12-6 19-11 we are on the bubble with one SECT win and in with two SECT wins. If we win all four 13-5 20-10 I think we are in regardless of the SECT.

Which team shows up to play UGA at home on Thursday. The team that looked terrible but found a way to win at Mizzou or the team that played their best game of the year against LSU yesterday. A&M looked good against the barners yesterday. This will be a difficult road trip with a quick turn around after a Thursday game.

The TV announcers yesterday said 4 SEC teams would get in and maybe a 5th. They showed a chart with UK, FLA & USCe in. Arkansas and Alabama in the next block with work to do and Ole Miss in the third block as unlikely. No other teams mentioned. We need to finish ahead of Arkansas for several reasons. They hold the tie breaker on us beating us badly at their place. The top 4 teams get a bye until Friday in the SECT. We need to be in the top 4.

Just last week the discussion was will we make the NIT. What a diffience a week and two wins make.

 on: Today at 08:13:47 AM 
Started by Chechem - Last post by 2Stater
Thanks guys! It would be hard to give up on golf today after yesterday. I double bogeyed 3 of the first 4 holes and then went on to shoot an 82. I had a 37 on the back nine. May have to play through the fog today, though. It's thick as pea soup.

I heard from Chech. He is already here and fishing. Talk about being dedicated. 

 on: Today at 07:52:27 AM 
Started by pmull - Last post by pmull
Littlejohn started Game One and was pulled after 2.2 innings. She gave up 2 hits and 3 walks but no runs. Osorio came in and finished only giving up 1 hit for the win. Madi Moore pitched Game Two and struggled giving up 11 runs. Bama got run ruled in the 6th inning.

Game Three is today. I could not find any TV or live feed coverage of the game. You can get live stats and updates at

No. 4 Alabama split its two games in Saturday's doubleheader against No. 18 Louisiana-Lafayette, shutting out the Ragin' Cajuns 3-0 in the opener before falling 11-2 in six innings in game two.

Alabama (7-1) was efficient in a game-one shutout over Louisiana-Lafayette (5-3) but failed to out-slug the Ragin' Cajun offense in an 11-2 loss in game two. Between the two games, Lafayette native Bailey Hemphill went 3-5 at the plate while Merris Schroder and Marisa Runyon each had multi-hit days, including a pair of doubles by Schroder and two RBIs by Runyon.

Click here for link

 on: Today at 07:51:09 AM 
Started by Jamos - Last post by Jamos
With 4 games to go in their regular season, 2 at home and 2 on the road, and then the SEC tournament following, can this Bama team find a way to make it to the Big Dance. There are some saying it is possible and there are more saying it is very doubtful. The SEC is not as strong of a conference this year as it has been in past years but there are some saying that it is very possible for 5 teams from the conference to make it to the tournament. As we all know, the SEC will get no favors from the Tournament Committee as history will support that and Bama will have to almost win the last 4 games of their regular season to get any kind of possibility of getting in. I say that in realizing of the things that have happened in the selections of past years.

There is one difference in the team this year that might add some weight to the decision making of the committee, Avery Johnson. CAJ has gotten a lot of love from the game commentators all season and even yesterday, Dick Vital was praising CAJ and how he will bring the program back to the top again. That is high praises coming from the right places that might give the team a little slack when the selections begin.

CAJ has had his hands full this year in trying to get the team to perform to their capabilities. The team has looked awful for the most part this year with less than average shooting and turnovers. If the team had been just an average team in shooting their free throws, I think they would have won enough games, Kentucky in mind, that would have them solid in making the tournament. That is all hindsight though and something good needed to happen for the team to find some new energy and possibly win their way in and maybe that has happened.

Bama played LSU yesterday, a team that isn't that good and Bama was favored by 13 points. This year, point spreads hasn't meant much to the team especially if they were favored, because of their up and down performances. CAJ has addressed his decisions to change the practices to help at the free throw line but how do you correct the turnovers, that is basically mental issues. Well, he did something that most fans have been asking for for a long time, he indefinitely suspended Hale. There was one other thing that CAJ changed as well. Mama has seemed to be a better team on the road than they have been at home all year for what ever reason. I stated earlier that turnovers are usually mental mistakes and why is it that the team plays better on the road than they do at home. My opinion is they are in an indifferent environment when they are on the road prior to the game, a hotel. It sounds a little crazy but CAJ picked up on this and the team stayed in a hotel Friday night instead of at their own place of living. Did it make a difference yesterday, I think it did. The team played with an intensity, on both ends of the court, that the fans have not seen in Coleman this year. Granted that LSU is not a very good team but Bama has struggled at home all season regardless of who they were playing.

This being said, we can only wait for the next home games to come and see how the team responds to the changes on the team. Will the team stay in a hotel for the next home game, I think so because they won so convincingly and coaches  are a little superstitious when it comes to winning and losing. Bama has win both home games and winning one on the road would be great as well. I think it would then boil down to how many Bama can win in the SEC tournament, maybe one would do it.

Anyway, for a team that seemed to have no chance in making the Big Dance this year, there is now some hope it might just happen. The team, as a whole, got a glimpse of how well they are capable of playing yesterday and they need to ask themselves, did the changes that CAJ made make that difference in their level of play. They need to buy into anything at this point in time that seems to make a difference regardless of what it is. I also think that the removal of the cancer on the team, Hale, might have been a big factor as well. JMHO 

 on: Today at 07:42:52 AM 
Started by pmull - Last post by pmull
Alabama gets a stress free 8-1 win in Game two. We scored 5 runs in the 4th and 2 more in the 5th to put the game away. Jake Walters looked good pitching 6 scoreless innings. He allowed 3 hits and 1 walk while striking out 7.

I watched until the 7th inning. We have some pop in our bats. We hit 4 hrs. At least two others were hit but just foul. More of our outs were sharply hit compared to lazy fly balls and weak ground outs in recent years. JUCO transfer Hunter Alexander looks good. He has gone 5 for 7 with a HR in his first two games.Chandler Taylor hit two HR last night and Conner Short hit one. Sophomore Colby Vance is off to a good start. He has started the season going 5 for 8. He hit the ball hard every time I see him bat. On an otherwise very positive outing we had 9 strikeouts and left 9 on base.

Game Three at 1:05 today. You can watch the game on the Watch ESPN or the ESPN APP.

 on: Today at 07:18:11 AM 
Started by Chechem - Last post by N.AL-Tider
Good morning folks.  Great to see you around again Jamos.  Safe travels Chech.  2, I know you are probably going to be out there on the golfball course today so I hope you enjoy that. I hope it is warm where Preacher is this morning too...

 on: Today at 06:46:54 AM 
Started by Chechem - Last post by Jamos
Morning 2, sounds like some fun is to be had for Chech and you, beware fish. Wink

It has been a big weekend on campus for Bama sports so far. The ladies unloaded on Auburn in gymnastics Friday night, the new baseball team has taken two from Presbyterian with a sweep being possible today in the final game and mens basketball handed it to LSU yesterday, how sweet it is. The  one bad thing to happen was the ladies lost to Louisiana University (Louisiana Lafayette) by mercy rule in softball yesterday. I'm guessing Murph had a heart to heart talk with them after that fiasco. Wink

Hope you and Chech enjoy the fishing and I wonder if they have put up a warning flag at the beach for the fish.

Have a good day everyone. Pray Cheesy

 on: Today at 06:32:10 AM 
Started by Chechem - Last post by 2Stater
redfish filets, that

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