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* Week 13 Games
1st Game Deadline
6:20 PM

Ole Miss @
Mississippi State
(Mississippi State -16.5)

Missouri @
(Missouri -11.5)

Florida State @
(Florida State -5.5)

Ohio State @
( Ohio State -12.0)

Georgia @
Georgia Tech
(Georgia -11.0)

Louisville @
(Louisville -10.0)

Vanderbilt @
(Tennessee -1.0)

Texas A&M @
(LSU -10.5)

Clemson @
South Carolina
(Clemson -14.0)

Notre Dame @
(Notre Dame -2.5)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Auburn?

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Game notes: A&M vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 37
Posted under: The Quad
A&M vs Bama

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs A&M on Saturday.     It was a very good performance against a quality team. 

OFFFENSE:  The Bama offense had 481 yards of total offense.  This is broken down into 164 yards passing and 287 yards rushing.  They had 7 running plays of 10+ yards and 6 pass plays for 10+ yards.  As far as negatives, Bama only had 1 three and out.  They also had 3 sacks, 12 tackles for losses, 1 fumble which wasnít loss, and 2 interceptions.  They got into the red zone 5 times.  Here they scored 2 field goals and 2 touchdowns and had one missed field goal.  They could have put this game away early with by putting the ball in the end zone early.  Bama also scored one time from outside the red zone.  You could say Bama possibly left numerous points on the field because of not putting the ball in the end zone as well as the missed field goal.

QB:  Even though Hurts threw 2 interceptions I thought he played well.  Again, he made big plays with his legs.  The long touchdown run was a scramble and made people miss and set up his blocks with the run.   I thought he threw the ball better in this game.  His did miss some passes but they were not underthrown as much or off target as much.  Again, if this part of his game improves he will be even more of a weapon.

RB:  They ran hard and made tough yardage.  I also noticed they did a pretty good job pass blocking.  I honestly think Bama has 3 legitimate running backs.

Rec:  Howard had a pretty big day.  They did a good job blocking downfield and allowed the running backs to gain extra yards. 

OL:   Even with the negative plays I think they played well.  Some of the negative plays were outside the box where the OL wasnít involved.  The sacks were more coverage sacks as opposed to missed blocks.  I thought they sustained their blocks and got to the second level several times.  They opened holes for the running backs to get thru.

Defense:  The defense played well.  They gave up 278 total yard which included 164 passing and 114 rushing.  If the stat I saw was correct A&M had 150 yards at half time, much which came on their last drive before half time.  This means they were held to 128 yards the second half.  As for negative plays, they had 5 sacks, 11 tackles for losses, caused 2 fumble and had an interception.  Again, the defense scored as one of the fumbles was returned for a touchdown.   Bamaís defense had 2 three and outs.  As far as plays of 10+ yards there were 8 runs and 7 passes.  The Bama defense made Knightís day very uncomfortable in the pocket.  I didnít count, but he was hurried or flushed several times.  I have A&M getting into the red zone once and they scored a touchdown.  A major contribution to this was when the defense lost contain on a scramble and allowed Knight to run 27 yards right before half time.  The other touchdown came from outside the red zone.  I will say that A&M got away with a chop block on the Bama player who was blitzing. 

DL:    They played very well except for a few times they lost contain.  I say they played a good game because of all the pressure they put on Knight.

LB:  This is a solid group.  Every week they play well.  This was another game plan where they had to be ready for the run pass options. 

DB:  I thought they played well again.  There were very many throws that werenít contested.  Sometimes the QB puts the ball in the correct place.  I did see, I think it was Averett, going for the ball on a taller rec where he should have been going for the arm.  I also think the A&Mís players foot came down on the line and the catch should have been negated.  I thought Jones played pretty well as it looked like Bama played with 6 defensive backs a lot of the day.

Special Teams:    Another missed field goal.  This one was very makeable.  Most of the special teams were good.  There was good coverage on the kickoffs except for one but it wasnít a huge return. 

Penalties:   Bama had 7 penalties for 44 yards.  The biggest one was declined because the offense continued to play when they caught Bama offsides.   The D line stopped instead of continuing the play which allowed for a 33 yard completion.
Finally:  Bama continues to improve and played thru and extremely tough stretch.  However there season is not finished.  They still have two extremely tough opponents coming up with LSU and Auburn.  Both seemed to have turned their seasons around.  There is still work to be done on both sides of the ball.  Also, you now have to find a replacement for Jackson.

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SUPERCOACH's Quatrains
Comments: 12
Posted under: The Quad
Click here for link

This is the link where we discussed leadership during August.  Pretty funny to read now.

For instance:
Complacency doesn't worry me a bit.

I love SC's post:

Good stuff in here.

Chech makes a good point that didn't occur to me.  The boys are grinding right now, and many of them are in a dogfight just to earn playing time.  Leaders will emerge once some of those position battles have been settled, particularly the QB spot.

There is NO WAY we lose to Ole Miss again this year.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Nein.  We have a better chance of going 1-11 than we do of losing to Ole Miss

Nostradamus has nothing on SC.  Laughing

On the 8th day of the new sun
the script A will appear in a crimson sky
A herd of 98 elephants will trample a faceless enemy
until nothing remains but the golden lipstick

Game notes: Bama vs Tennessee
Written by hscoach
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Bama vs Tennessee

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs Tennessee on Saturday.     It was a dominating performance on both sides of the ball.

OFFFENSE:  The offense put 594 yards of offense on the board.  They had 438 yards rushing and 156 passing. They had 5 scoring drives of 91, 65, 51, 75, and 86 yards.  Now for negative plays, I have Bama for 0 sacks.  The official stats have them with giving up 2 sacks.  One was a QB running play that I guess they thought was a pass play, but if you watch the receivers they are blocking downfield.  I call that a tackle for loss.  The other sack was the fumble and I guess you should count that as a sack.    As far as other negative plays I have 9 tackles for losses, 2 fumbles (1 lost) and an interception. According to my stats, I have Bama for 2 three and out one of which was the fumble.   I have Bama getting into the red zone 5 times.  They hand and interception, missed field goal, scored 2 touchdowns, and turned the ball over on downs.  As far as play for 10+ yards, I have 17 runs and 5 passes.  Three of the touchdowns came from outside the red zone. 

QB:  Hurts ran the ball well.  The fumble was not his fault because Robinson was beat from the beginning give the Tennessee player a clean shot at the QB.  On the interception the play was messed up from the beginning when the center stepped on the QBís foot.  With that being said he should have taken the sack since they were in scoring position.  The big knock is throwing the ball downfield.  At times it looks like he is grasping the ball too tight.  He doesnít always throw a pretty ball it has a lot of wobble.  If he ever cleans this up he will be a heck of a QB.  Overall he made good decisions most of the day.
RB:  They ran well.  They had a lot of big holes to run thru.  This is obvious since there were 17 runs of 10+ yards.  The times they were ask to block on pass plays they did fine.   The good thing is there are 4 quality backs.  I see a totally different player in Harris this year.  Scarbrough shows the power and speed.  I didnít like him putting his hand in the face of the Tennessee fan.  Jacobs shows a burst and toughness every week and Emmons is a tough runner with some quickness.

Rec:  They did well especially blocking.  Ridley had a block and the announcer gave him credit for another drop on a ball that bounced before it got to him.  The bad part is they were open several times but the ball wasnít delivered where they had a chance to catch the ball.  Diggs, is lost at times.  On the one pass thrown toward him Diggs missed the hot read with the corner coming off of him and Hurts read it and threw it.  Also, I think he was responsible for not lining up properly that may have led to a timeout.  Finally, on one of the best throws Hurts made, Diggs was in the area and probably ran his route a little too deep putting another defender in the area.   

OL:   Overall, I think they played well.  There were a few busted assignments but that is going to happen when you run so many plays, 76.  The big one was the missed block by Robinson that led to the fumble and the only touchdown Tennessee scored.  I also think they were slow getting out on a screen pass once. 

Defense:  The defense played outstanding.  They gave up a total of 163 yards.  Tennessee had 131 passing and 32 rushing.  I will say after the first few plays where Tennessee gained a few yards on the edge I thought it was going to be a tougher game because of the run.  However, the defense tightened up and clamped down on the running game.  As far as negative plays I have Bama with 3 sacks, 10 tackles for losses and 1 interception which went for a touchdown.  For 3 and outs, I have the defense with 6 three and outs one of which was the interception.  Tennessee had 2 runs of 10+ yards and 6 passes of 10+ yards.  They only got into the red zone twice.  Once was because of the fumble and they scored a touchdown while the other drive ended just inside the red zone, on the 19 yard line, which led to their field goal. 

DL:    They had a very good game. They kept the running game in check and they applied pressure on the QB.  As the announcers said during the game, they got in the QBís head with pressure as he was looking to get the ball out of his hands in a hurry.  It is obvious with the stats that they dominated the OL of Tennessee.

LB:  Again they played well.  It is hard to imagine how difficult these games are on LBís.  As a LB you have run responsibility especially with a running QB.  You have coverage responsibility and you have to make the calls and get people lined up. 

DB:  This was one of their better games.  Most completions were thrown underneath and the corners were not challenged very often.  I donít think Humphreys gave up a reception over 10 yards and came up and made the plays on the short passes.  I also think the only 10+ yard reception Averett gave up was when he dropped too deep on the bunch formation Tennessee shifted into and there was probably a bust in the coverage.  Most of the 10+ yard passes were against Fitzpatrick.  One of them I thought the receiver got away with a push off.  However, Bama got away with using the hands a couple of times themselves.  I thought Harrison did a better job in coverage and played better.

Special Teams:    The main concern here was the missed tackles and big returns both punt and kickoff.  It looked at times they were going too early for the strip instead of the tackle therefore missing tackles.  The other concern was the missed field goal. 

Penalties:   Bama had 5 penalties for 38 yards.  Most of the time they overcame them.  I guess the worse was the false start by Robinson which put Bama in a 3rd and 15 and just allows the DL to tee off.  This is the series where the fumble was caused by the sack. 

Finally:  Bama has improved the last two games especially with the offensive line in my opinion.  It looked like Tennessee was playing their safeties close to help with the run and daring Bama to throw the ball. I mean there are throws where they were not even close to the receiver.  Bama needs to be able to throw the ball downfield.  If this happened and they keep improving, then they will be very difficult to beat.  This next week will be tough.  The other concern is getting a team up 3 straight weeks in a row and not allowing them to think they are where they need to be.

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Re: "Watch the electric "Rammer Jammer" after Alabama crushed the Vols"
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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Game notes: Bama vs Arkansas
Written by hscoach
Comments: 20
Posted under: The Quad
Arkansas vs Bama
First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs Arkansas Saturday.  This was a huge win going into the toughest stretch of Bamaís schedule.  
OFFFENSE:  Bama had 517 yards of total offense.  This included 253 yards passing and 264 rushing.   Bama had 3 three and out, one of which ended because of an interception.  Also, these were all in the second half.  As far a negative plays Bama had 6 tackles for losses, 3 fumbles (two were lost), and 1 interception.  For plays of over 10 yards, Bama had 6 runs and 8 passes.  Bamaís offense put 35 points on the board and fumbled 3 times in the red zone and lost 2 of them.  The offense did get into the red zone 5 times where they scored 3 touchdowns and lost the two fumbles.  Two touchdowns came from outside the red zone.  The other 14 points came from the defense.  Bama opened the game with one of the best drives of the year for them.  However, they did come up empty because of the fumble.  Even with the turnovers it was one of the better performances by the offense.  

QB: Hurts had a good game.  The interception was something I think he could have avoided.  I know he was hit, but I thought he had a chance to step up in the pocket and either run or get rid of the ball.  It also looked to me that he was getting ready to throw deep to a player who was double covered.  Now it has been said that if they offensive and defensive players are even then the defender is beat.  Hurts really didnít have a lot of running room in this game, but I think it opened up the runs for the other players.  The big knock again is the balls that are thrown behind the receivers.  

RB:  I thought they all ran well.  There were very few times they were hit behind the line of scrimmage.  A couple of the tackles for losses were when the players slipped.  They also did a good job on the screens.  

Rec:  I thought they caught the ball well especially since some ball were thrown behind them.  Also, Stewart went up and took the ball from the defenders when the ball was thrown into coverage.  I also thought they did a pretty good job blocking especially on the edge on the TD runs by Hurts.

OL:   I thought this was one of their better games.  They gave up no sacks and very little pressure.  The OL stayed on their block longer and had some good combo blocks and got to the second level.  I really think the threat of the QB run helps give the OL better angles on the running plays.  There was only 1 penalty on offense and it was a false start.

Defense:  Despite the statistics the defense played well.  They gave up 73 rushing and 400 passing.  Because of the two defensive scores they had to defend a couple of extra possessions without a break.  Aa far as negative plays, I have Bama for 7 sacks, 5 tackles for losses, 3 fumbles two of which were recovered and one returned for a touchdown as well as one created by special teams, and 3 interceptions one of which was returned a 100 yards for the touchdown.  For three and outs, the defense had 2 in the first half and 3 in the second half one of which ended in an interception.  One of the three and outs in the first half was really a two and out because of the fumble return for the touchdown.  For positive plays of 10+ yard, I have Arkansas for 4 runs and 15 passes.  I have Arkansas reaching the red zone 5 times.  Here they kicked one field goal and scored 3 touchdowns, they also threw an interception that went for a Bama touchdown.  The other score came from outside the red zone when they ask Anderson to cover the TE in open space.  They did give up a few less yards in the second half and they did get some valuable playing time for the backup DL in the 4th quarter.

DL:    The did a heck of a job stopping the run.  As you know Arkansasís coach prides themselves on a big physical OL.  They were out manned by the Bama defense.  They did lose the edge a few times and it hurt in completions.  I really thought Payne had a very good game and had a pancake block on the fumble return for the touchdown.

LB:  I thought they played very well.  This is a team that utilizes play action and puts a lot of pressure on the LBís.  The coverage situation Anderson was put in to cover the TE was very difficult.

DB:  It is hard to assess these guys sometimes.  First they seem to be in position but havenít made some plays.  Now part of this is the quarterback puts the ball in the perfect spot and the receiver makes the play.  There just arenít a whole lot of times where they are completely beat by the receivers.  I thought Harrison had a better game and actually got away with a penalty.  On Humphreyís penalty I thought he was in positon but just got there a bit early.   I also have 4 pass breakups and 2 of them were by Fitzpatrick.  

Special Teams:    The special teams created a turnover that led to a Bama touchdown.  Jones forced the fumble with a good strip.  The only concern on special teams was the decision making by Marks who may need to make better choices on kick-off returns.  There were a couple of kick-off that could have been better but were covered by the team pretty well.  Jackson handled the punts and didnít lose any field positon here.

Penalties:   Bama had 6 penalties and 4 of them were in the first half.  The offense had only one when there was a false start.  Special teams had one when they called holding on the kick-off return.  The one roughing the quarterback was a bad call in my opinion.  What is the guy supposed to do when he is on the ground get up to make the sack.  Plus, the OL help put him on the ground.   It was a great hustle play on his part.

Finally:  I thought the offense looked good, but still has room for improvement.  If they continue to improve the way I feel they did from the last game to this game, it could be a very good season.  Bama still has a tough stretch coming up.  

Feel free to comment:

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Season Assessment So Far
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Posted under: The Quad
We are one week away from our mid term exam against Arkansas.  That game will tell us a lot about our team.  To me, as of right now, we still have a lot of work to do if we are going to win #17 this year.  The potential is there, we just haven't put all of the pieces together yet.

The defense is pretty solid, but we do have some weaknesses on the backend.  Maybe now that Tony Brown is back he can help.

I think we are OK on special teams when Jackson is the return man.  I think we will go back to him for the tougher games coming up.  Kicking and punting is somewhat inconsistent.

On offense, I think we need to let Hurts run the ball more and it will open things up considerably.  I also think we have intentionally avoided having him run the ball so far so that he can work on his passing game.  Again, now that we are to the meat of the schedule I look for us to end some of the practice/experiments that we have been doing.  Unless we get a big lead of course, which actually is pretty much how things went for the UK game.

The key to the season will come down to this:

1.  Will we get better each week so that we are ready for the playoffs by the end of the year?
2.  Will we be able to stay at least one step ahead of the opponent for that week?

Fortunately for us, our remaining opponents have all shown weaknesses as well.

We have Arkansas up next.  It will probably come as a surprise to a lot of you guys to hear that they are throwing the ball all over the field this year.  From what I have seen, their passing game is much better than their running game.  On defense, I think they are not as good at stopping the run as they have been in the past.  That goes in our favor because I don't know if we are ready to beat a team by relying solely on our passing game right now.

After that we have UT.  Tennessee is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you are going to get.  If the good UT shows up for both halves, then our front 4 will have to get after the QB and stay in his face all day.  Since UT is in the East though, we could lose this game and still control our own destiny.

Next up is Texas A&M.  aTm is much better on defense this year now that they have Chavis managing that phase of the game.  This may be our toughest remaining game and will probably be a playoff game with the winner advancing to Atlanta.

If we can get through those 3 games with at least 2 victories over the West teams then we should be in a good position to win out and make it to the playoffs.  We still have a down LSU team but the rest are cupcakes.  We will be heavily favored in all of our November games.

Game notes: Kentucky vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 11
Posted under: The Quad
Kentucky vs Bama

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs Kentucky Saturday.  This was a game where the Bama offense showed it has a long way to go.

OFFFENSE:  Bama had 488 yards of total offense which includes 173 rushing and 315 passing.  The passing yards are a little deceiving because most of the yardage was made after short passes.  As far as negatives Bama had 1 sack, 2 tackles for losses and a fumble that was lost.  With the negative plays Bama caused their own fumble and the sack was when Hurts ran out of bounds when he could have thrown the ball away.  Bama also had 1 three and out for the game.  For positives, Bama had 7 runs of 10+ yards and 12 passes of 10+ yards.  Again these were mostly thrown short and the yardage was made after the catch.  Bama reached the red zone 4 times and scored 3 touchdowns and kicked one field goal.  They also had a field goal from outside the red zone.  They left points on the field when they missed the one field goal. 

QB:  Hurts had an ok game.  He still hasnít thrown the deep ball well or consistently.  He was 20 for 32 for 63 percent but you have to realize those jet sweeps where he flips the ball forward is considered a completion.  I think he is looking at the rush too much instead of the progression of the receivers, however this is just my opinion.  I also think his footwork is lacking at times.  If you notice how many balls are right on target where the rec is hit in stride? He also threw into double coverage at least once.  I also think he needs to work on his play action.  Bateman came in and went 5 for 5, again they were mostly short throws.

RB:  Jacobs runs hard.  He is also a strong runner for his size.  Many times when he is tackled he is going forward.  Harris was limited for his ankle I would imagine.  Scarbrough ran hard as well. 

Rec:  It is hard to get a gauge on these players as route runners since the TV angle doesnít show it very well.  I do know there are a couple ball, not thrown perfectly, that could have been caught.  One specifically was the 4th down throw that would have kept a drive alive.   These guys are too talented not to be utilized more. 

OL:   I will still use the word inconsistent here.  That one drive where they ran the ball all the way they looked good.  Other times they donít sustain their blocks and I think there was some miss communication on a couple of combo blocks.  Penalties by these guys hurt drives.  They are not a dominant unit at this point.
Defense:  Bama gave up 161 yards of total offense.  This included 89 passing yard and 72 rushing yards.  As far as negative plays, I have 5 sacks, 6 tackles for loss, and 3 fumble 2 of which were recovered by Bama.  One of those fumbles was returned for a touchdown.  Bama had 3 three and outs and all of them were in the first half.  For plays of 10+ yards Kentucky had 6 runs and 3 passes.  They only got into the red zone once and got a field goal for it.  The other field goal came outside the red zone.  I donít know why but the last two games the opposition has started with a run of 10+ yards.  It was obvious Kentucky was planning on getting rid of the ball quickly and utilize the short passing game.
DL:    They played their usual good game.  I think you could see Williams was hungry after being set out for the first half.  They did lose the edge a couple of times.  Probably their biggest play was the pass that was batted down on the pop pass.  The receiver was wide open with only Jackson back there to stop him. 

LB:   They played well.  Most of their job was in the box.  They were put in coverage a couple of times and once there was a completion that was well defended. 

DB:  They really werenít tested very often.  Harrison was again beat on a short throw that turned into a first down and a 10+ completion.  I wonder if Jackson would be better in coverage since he used to be a corner.  This is just wondering not questioning the coachís decisions.
Special Teams:    Overall they were pretty solid, but there were a few of issues.  On the kickoff they lost contain and allowed a decent return.  On one of Bamaís kickoff returns they should have taken a knee instead or running it out after a bobble.  Another was when Bama had a chance to pin Kentucky deep on a punt and it took a weird hop and went thru Browns legs.  Finally, another makeable field goal that was missed.  These little things can cost you a game against a quality opponent.
Penalties:   Bama had 4 penalties for 20 yards.  Ten of those yards were on the right tackle.  One of his false starts that took Bama from a 4th and 2 to a 4th and 7.  If you watch the play begin to unfold Hurts had a huge running lane if the block had been made on the edge.  I also think they got away with a false start on one play when the left guard flinched.

Finally:   Bama has got to get this offense straightened out.  The first quarter slow starts are hurting the team.  The inconsistent OL play has got to improve.  Hurts has to do a better job with footwork and consistency.  Bama is getting ready to play probably the toughest stretch of any team in the nation. 

Feel free to comment:

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SEC Coaches since Saban came to Alabama
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I was thinking now that Les Miles is gone, Nick Saban has been at Alabama longer than any other coach in the SEC has been at their school.  So I did a little research and put together this list of coaches that have come or gone at current SEC schools since Saban's arrival in Tuscaloosa:

School                      Coaches
ArkansasHouston Nutt, Bobby Petrino, John L. Smith, and Bret Bielema
AuburnTommy Tuberville, Gene Chizik, and Gus Malzahn
FloridaUrban Meyer, Will Muschamp, D. J. Durkin, and Jim McElwain
GeorgiaMark Richt and Kirby Smart
KentuckyRich Brooks, Joker Phillips, and Mark Stoops
LSULes Miles and Ed Orgeron
Mississippi StateSylvester Croom and Dan Mullen
MissouriGary Pinkel and Barry Odom
Ole MissEd Orgeron, Houston Nutt, and Hugh Freeze
South CarolinaSteve Spurrier and Will Muschamp
TennesseePhillip Fulmer, Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and Butch Jones
Texas A&MDennis Franchione*, Mike Sherman*, and Kevin Sumlin
VanderbiltBobby Johnson, Robbie Caldwell, James Franklin, and Derek Mason

*Left Texas A&M before the school joined the SEC.

I count 38 different coaches!   Shocked

Game notes: Kent State vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 3
Posted under: The Quad
Kent State vs Bama

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs Kent State Saturday.  This was a game where the Bama team clearly outmanned the opponents.  This game shouldnít have been close and wasnít.  As stated by the announcers, Bamaís practices are probably tougher since they are going against better competition.

OFFFENSE:  Bama put together 502 yards of total offense which included 217 passing and 285 rushing.  I have Bama for 9 negative plays which included 2 sacks and 7 tackles for losses.  A couple of these were self-imposed when the right guard stepped on the QB and the Bama players ran into each other on a 4th and short.  Bama only had 1 three and out, but this should have been expected with the opponent they were playing.  As far as positive plays, Bama had 11 runs of 10+ yards and 6 pass plays that went for over 10 yards.  Bama got into the red zone 4 times and scored 4 touchdowns and kicked one field goal.  One of the negative plays hurt the drive in the red zone where the QB was stepped on.  They got 2 touchdowns from outside the red zone on offense and 1field goal.   The other score came on special teams outside the red zone. 

QB:  Hurts had a decent game, not great.  Part of this could have been the game plan.  It looked like Bama was trying to work on the long pass plays.  He didnít make great throws on the long passes and didnít always check down when he had the opportunity.  He also threw into double coverage a couple of times.  He was late on the throw to Howard where he got the completion even though the ball was tipped.  Barnett had some of the better throws.  For instance, his touchdown to Howard was the same play Hurts ran and was late on the throw.  He also threw a deep ball in the end zone where only the rec had a chance to get the ball.  Other QBís did well with the backups in the game.  I expect one or two of these to transfer at the end of the season.

RB:  I thought they all ran hard.  I also thought pass blocking was not assertive enough at times and that may be why they are backups.  I really like Jacobs and Emmons.  Hopefully the injuries are not serious and this will benefit Bama down the road with the depth.

Rec:  Many receivers caught the ball.  There were also a couple of balls that were dropped.  Some may not have been perfect throws but they are balls that are expected to be caught by this quality of receivers.  I thought they blocked better this game, but again you have to consider the completion. 

OL:    I donít know if you would really say they progressed unless you consider the penalties.  This is a DL they should have dominated.  I donít know if you noticed but the right guard position was being shared by Taylor and Cotton.  I thought Cotton played better.  I donít know if anyone else noticed but a couple of times when I was watching Taylor, I noticed him shaking his head like he was trying to clear up the cob webs.  What really bothers me here is the pressure they were able to get on the QB.  I know there were only a couple of sacks, but if you canít block these guys how do you plan on blocking A&M, Tenn., or even Ark?

Defense: The defense gave up 166 yards of total offense.  Out of this total 123 came on 4 plays.  As far as negative plays, Bama had 3 sacks, and 1 tackle for loss.  They also forced and recovered 1 fumble which led to points.  They forced 6 official 3 and out however they did have a one and out with the forced fumble and one 4 and out because of a penalty that gave the a first down on the first play of a series.  For plays over 10+ yards, Bama held KS to 2 pass plays and 2 running plays.  They only reached the red zone once and didnít score.  They did miss a field goal from outside the red zone. 

DL:    The DL played ok.  The only problem was they allowed the other team to get outside the problem with this is what if it happens when you are playing a better quality team.  They did pressure the QB a couple of time but not real consistently.  I will say they did this with 4 most of the time.

LB:   Again they did a good job.  In my opinion no one really stood out. 

DB:  Not really challenged here very often.  The big reception came against the backups and was being covered by a strong safety I think.
Special Teams:   Kickoffs:  most of them were good.  The one that wasnít had good coverage.  The punts were good but the best was that they didnít have to punt often.  The punt return for the touchdown looked more like poor coverage too me rather than great blocking.  In my opinion I do think he carries the ball a little loose.  I am not saying the team didnít block it is just that they didnít have to make many big blocks.  All field goal and extra-point kicks were good especially from Griffith. 

Penalties:   Some of the best news from the game was Bama only had 2 penalties.  One was a false start by Taylor again.   The other was hands to the face by Allen.

Finally:  This was game that Bama was supposed to win and they did.  However, there are concerns.  One concern is forcing the ball on the deep balls.  This also worries me because I didnít see a lot of intermediate routes.  Another concern is the protection by the offensive line.  It seems they bust more than they should.  I know Robinson whiffed at least once.  Iím not sure if Taylor busted or Williams on one play.  Another concern was the intensity showed in this game.  It looked more like a practice to me.   Finally, injuries seem to be piling up.

Feel free to comment:

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Game notes: Bama vs Ole Miss
Written by hscoach
Comments: 22
Posted under: The Quad
Bama vs Ole Miss

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs Ole Miss yesterday.  This was a game where the Bama team could have easily folded the tents but instead fought back and took the win.  There is still improvement needed on both sides of the ball, especially offense.  In my opinion they wasted good field position a couple of times. 

OFFFENSE:  Bama put together 492 yards of offense, which included 334 yards rushing and 158 passing.  I have Bama for 8 negative plays.  Five of these were tackles for losses which I think most came on passing plays.  They fumbled 3 times and lost one that went for the TD.   I will discuss that later.  If my stats are correct I have Bama for 1 three and out.  For plays over 10+ yards, Bama had 11 runs and 5 pass plays that meet that criteria.  Bama got into the red zone 5 times and scored 3 touchdowns and kicked 2 field goals.  They didnít score from outside the red zone since they missed the field goal of 47 yards.  In my opinion they left 7 points on the field, 3 by missing the field goal and also 4 when they missed the wide open rec on the first drive and had to settle for the field goal. 

QB:  Hurts ran the ball well, but still missed some open receivers.  The big one was the one I mentioned above.  He didnít allow his players to get set when trying to go fast once.  However, the receiver was misaligned and move late.  It was obvious the plan was to get the ball out of his hands quickly.  His average per completion was only 8 yards per catch.  I do like the way he doesnít let mistakes get to him.  Plus, he is one tough player especially after the shot he took, which should have been targeting, and continued to run the ball himself.  I also want to mention what I thought was a dirty play by an Ole Miss player when Hurts was tackled for a short gain it looked as though the Ole Miss player tried to put his elbow thru the facemask of Hurts.

RB:  I thought this was Harris best game.  He looked more decisive hitting the whole in my opinion.  I really thought they all ran hard.  To me the Jacobs kid sort of reminds me of K Drake.  A lot of their success was due to the better blocking by the OL.

Rec:  Five different receivers caught the ball not counting the backs.  It seems like each of them had at least one big catch.  Blocking could have been better by this group.

OL:    I saw a lot of improvement here, but they can still do better.  They had several combo block and sustained their blocks longer than last week.  The big mistake was the bust on the pass rusher, which I understood was Ole Missís best pass rusher, that caused the fumble on a free run to the QB.  One of the improvements had to be cutting down on penalties.  Many of their penalties are mental mistakes.

Defense: The defense gave up 527 yards of offense.  Ole Miss had 106 rushing and 421 passing.  As for negative plays I have the defense with 1 sack, 3 tackles for losses, 1 fumble recovery for a touchdown and 1 interception for a touchdown.  They put 12 points on the board.  For three and outs, I have 6 total for the defense.  As far as plays for 10+ yards, Ole Miss had 3 runs and 12 pass plays that covered that distance.  The two times Ole Miss got into the red zone they were forced to kick field goals.  This means the 4 touchdowns they scored came from outside the red zone. 

DL:    The defensive line played well except for the long run for the first touchdown.  It is extremely hard for the DL to get to the QB when he is getting it out of his hands so quickly.  I will say when they got a chance they put a good hit on Kelly. 

LB:   This type game is extremely difficult on the LBís.  They have to contend with a QB that can throw and run as well as the running back and all the different recs they have to cover.  Plus, Ingram, one they were expected to cover, is considered to be an elite player. 

DB:  This is hard to access because they were in position several times but didnít make the play.  The big receivers got the best of the DBS at times.  Now also, there were what appeared to be some bust by the defenders none more evident than the easy touchdown on the fake toss play that the safety bit on. 

Special Teams:   The kickoffs were good as well as all the coverage. There was one punt that covered 63 yards and the coverage got there which sometimes doesnít happen when the ball is punted that far.  There was a missed field goal after a good drive.  The special teams came up huge before halftime when Jackson returned the punt for the touchdown.  Scott did shank one punt.  Another huge mistake on special teams came on the misplayed ball on the onside kick which turned into a touchdown and closed the gap on the game late.

Penalties:   Again the penalties were led by the offensive team.  At least 4 false starts which put Bama in 1st and 15 or 2nd and 15.  A holding call took Bama out of the red zone and ended up taking a field goal.  A couple on the D were questionable on them.  Still this is an area that needs to be cleaned up.

Finally:  This was a huge win for a couple of reasons.  Bama made too many mistakes that led to losses the last couple of years.  This year there were mistakes but they overcame them.  The other huge reason is because they came from such a deep hole to get the win.   Also big was Bama scored on offense, defense and special teams.

Feel free to comment:

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