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Louisville @
Florida State
(Florida State -6.5)

Oklahoma State @
(Oklahoma State -7.5)

Syracuse @
(Miami -14.5)

(UCF -8.0)

Kentucky @
Mississippi State
(Mississippi State -10.5)

Oklahoma @
Kansas State
(Oklahoma -12.0)

Ole Miss
(LSU -6.5)

Auburn @
(Auburn -14.5)

Michigan @
Penn State
(Penn State -9.5)

Notre Dame
(Notre Dame -3.5)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Tennessee?

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Re: Alabama vs Georgia in Basketball
Written by pmull
Comments: 11
Posted under: The Quad
I did not like our odds of beating Georgia on their home floor on Senior Night. What I did not expect was us to play so poorly. Georgia out rebounded us 48-26. We have Taylor, Hall, Kessens and Hale who are all over 6-8 and none of them can rebound. Riley Norris is under sized to play forward in the SEC and he is our leading rebounder. Not just for this game but the year. Taylor and Hall are constantly out of position and not blocking out. Kessens and Hale are lazy and not aggressive. We need big guys that play like Norris.

Free throw shooting gets us again. 10-18 on the game for 55%. Church league junior high players shoot free throws better than we do. It has been a problem all year.

The first half we looked slow. We were not moving and our spacing was bad. We live by the 3 point shot. Even on a night when you hit 11 three's you still need points in the paint and points off turnovers.

Frustrating why to end the regular season and our draw in the SEC Tournament does not look favorable.

Re: "North Dakota State ends Alabama's lengthy winning streak"
Written by Jamos
Comments: 6
Posted under: The Quad
It's always fun when the team is winning but there comes a time when it's not so much fun, they lose. In yesterdays first game, you could use the old adage of "the hand writing on the wall" to describe of what was to happen in the second game of the day. Bama lost that game 2-1 but the score wasn't indicative of how bad the team played.

Bama won their first game yesterday in the fashion of another blowout which had been the pattern for them in all of their games played so far this weekend. They beat La Monroe 12-4 in the first game but the score doesn't indicate the type of game Bama played. They had 5 errors for the game with 4 coming in one inning. They also had a double play in two innings that bailed out pitcher Maddi Moore from giving up a big inning in each. On each of the double plays that they had, a runner was tagged out at home plate for the final out of the inning.

North Dakota State is not an SEC caliber team but they are a well coached team with lots of spirit even when they are losing big. Their spirit seemed to be the difference yesterday in their win over Bama, as Bama was flat and NDS was as loose as a goose and having some fun. Maybe it was the warm weather that had them so at ease because it's still very cold in North Dakota.

Anyway, Bama loses a game that they should have lost and now we will see how the team responds to today with another game against Louisiana Monroe, a team that they should beat easily. Bama has a lot of potential with their team this year but they are also very young with a lot to be learned to make it back to Oklahoma City again this year. Yesterday was a quick reminder to the team that you play at 100% percent regardless of your opponent because the underdog has one big advantage, they have nothing to lose and everything to win.

The College Football War of Player Recruiting
Written by Jamos
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
The recruiting game/war has really reached a peak with the flip-flopping of players that seems to have most fans irritated and wondering where and how does it all end. I would include coaches into that equation but I'm not sure as to how coaches really feel about all of this.

For the fans, it seems to be a game of promises/commitments by the players that really have no merit and would remind you of a soap opera as to who's bed are they sleeping in tonight. For the coaches, I'm not sure as to how they really feel about the flip-flopping game as they will gain some and will lose some during the process. Many of us fans were raised in an era when you were judged by being a man of your word but not so much so in this era of young adults playing sports it seems. I think we can all blame the sports media and sports agents for most of what is happening now. Many of these young men are put on a pedestal and are being taught how to market themselves to the highest bidder and I'm not saying it is cash money but could be in some cases. News networks such as ESPN has skyrocketed in the past few years with all the player ratings, glamorous all star games, and most of all the National Signing Day festivities. It has become a circus for the media outlets and the players are loving it and should we really blame them for the recruiting tactics that so many of us have learned to despise. You can't leave out the so called agents that work with the high school coaches in marketing of some of their players. I think this is more prevalent in basketball than football but it is still a major tool in deciding where some of the better players end up going to school and that includes high school as well.

Is all of the marketing ploys fair to the schools and the coaches? I'm not happy with it but I'm not so sure the coaches really dislike it that much. The flip-flopping of players has really become popular in the past few years and the coaches are losing some and they are gaining some so to me it's hard to say how they might really feel about it all. Alabama, who has been so successful in the recruiting wars, has lost and gained quite a few players in the flip-flopping game over the years but yet has continued to win national championships so I don't look for Bama to complain too much about what has become the trend of the players in changing their minds.

All of this is just another chapter in the life of college football which I think is the most popular sport being played today. Alabama has been atop the college football world since the hiring of Nick Saban and there are a lot of folks that want something to change to get Alabama off the top. Bama is in the top five of recruiting every year and number one in the past few years so it is understandable where most coaches would like to level up the playing field, recruiting.

So do I think there will be some changes in the recruiting wars by the NCAA to stop the flip-flopping of players, no and if anything it may become even more chaotic. Recruiting is where it all starts in building championship teams and to get teams on a level field with Alabama, recruiting is the key to that so sit back and see where all of this goes. 


Burrows Sets Career Saves Mark as Baseball Takes Down Troy, 2-1
Written by pmull
Comments: 4
Posted under: The Quad
Alabama hit the road for the first time this year and beat a good Troy team 2-1. Bama improves to 7-1 while Troy (7-2) picks up only their 2nd loss of the season. Six pitchers took the mound only allowing 1 earned run. Thomas Burrows set the all time saves mark for a career and he is not done yet. He is among the best relievers in the nation if not the best. MLB scouts are very aware of this big lefty.

Off to Cary, NC for tournament play against Notre Dame, Niagara, NC State and Brown.

Another strong pitching performance from the Alabama arms led the Crimson Tide to a 2-1 win over Troy on Tuesday evening at Riddle-Pace Field. Junior closer Thomas Burrows earned his 22nd career stop to set the Alabama all-time mark for career saves as the Tide claimed its first ever win at Troy and improved to 7-1 overall on the season.
Holding a 2-1 advantage heading into the bottom of the eighth, Alabama called on its combination of Matt Foster and Burrows to seal the victory. Foster worked 0.2 of an inning before Burrows entered for the final 1.1 innings to earn the 22nd of his career, setting the Alabama all-time mark for career saves. Burrows retired all four batters he faced and has yet to give up a hit this season in his five appearances (four saves). The left-hander also added three strikeouts to his season total, including the final two outs of the game.

The Crimson Tide arms leading to Foster and Burrows excelled as well in Tuesday's contest. Starter Jon Keller tossed 4.0 innings of one-run baseball, allowing four hits and issuing one walk while striking out two Trojans. Mike Oczypok and Tyler Adams followed Keller, combining for 2.0 innings of scoreless baseball and allowing only one hit and one walk while striking out one.

Click here for link

Donta Hall, is he the next Bama Mr. Basketball?
Written by Jamos
Comments: 2
Posted under: The Quad
As you watch the big man lumber around the court in his usual slow paced walk during the shoot arounds before their games, you have to wonder just how good of a player can he really become. He looks a little awkward as he walks around with his head looking downward and cutting his eyes from side to side to those around him with an occasional smile to some, but you have to wonder just what he is thinking and then with a burst of speed and agility he slam dunks another basketball.

This is Donta Hall, a 6'9" player from a small town in southern Alabama called Luverne. Some folks have heard of Luverne but most folks can't tell you where it is and it is the same with Donta, most fans know his name now but not many knew of him before coming to Alabama. I attended the first practice in the fall of last year and he immediately caught my eye with his enthusiasm on the court. He didn't act like a freshman as far as being bashful and waiting for coaches to tell him what to do. I told my wife then that this young man has the potential to be something special for the team but let's see how he handles it in the days ahead.

The season started with him not getting much playing time and I expected that because playing for a small school in high school and playing in division one basketball is quite contrasting and he would have to work himself into a playing slot. If there was one thing that I thought he needed was a lot of work on his defensive skills. He likes to grab with his hands rather than using his feet to position himself to defend and he then gets some quick silly fouls that limits his playing time. He has improved some with that but he still has a ways to go. The one thing that he does really well is shot blocking. He has really come on strong with his shot blocking abilities which has made teams alter their game plans more than once. He and Taylor have really been a force the second half of the season. Another improvement in his game has been his offensive game. He has shown better hands than either Taylor and Kessens and has given team the inside weapon that has been needed for so long. Taylor has improved some and Kessens still plays really passive and neither has stepped up to become the big man that Bama needs. He doesn't dribble the ball well just yet but that should improve with good coaching and time.

Yesterday, I think Donta made a big statement as to who the big man will be for Alabama basketball in the future. He played with so much energy and had the crowd on their feet with more noise in Coleman than I have heard in years. This is what this basketball team has needed, players that can get the fans out of their seats. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from Obasohan, he has been a God send for this team with his play but he is a senior and and will be gone next year. Bama will need a fan motivator for next year's team and there are new high profile players coming on the team with great potential but I think Donta can be the player that everybody wants to see with his powerful brand of basketball. He needs to have a good off season to improve his footwork and defensive skills but he has promise of being a true team leader, something that all good teams must have.

Re: Softball: Alabama vs Tennessee
Written by Jamos
Comments: 8
Posted under: The Quad
The 7th inning had a lot of fireworks in it. The home plate started dancing around on the umpire with some of his calls and then the home plate umpire called a Bama runner out at third on a blooper that was dropped by the left fielder and then her throw to third for a force out. Bama had runners at first and second on the blooper with one out. The throw to third by the left fielder was late but the home plate umpire, who had to cover third, called the runner out. That is when it got real nasty. I haven't figured out yet why CPM wasn't tossed from the game. The best part was when Lafaele got her winning hit though, it was a shot to right center to the wall with a runner at third and two out. Lafaele had not reached first base yet and the home plate umpire was already to third base leaving the stadium in a big hurry and he didn't check up until he reached the gate leaving the stadium down the left field line. There was a big crowd at the game so the crowd noise was very big as well. I am sure glad we didn't have to listen to their team sing Rocky Top.

Bama Softball vs Arizona
Written by Leewillie
Comments: 10
Posted under: The Quad
Bama opened the Easton Bama Bash tonight hosting Nationally Ranked Arizona.

Bama came from behind in the bottom of 7th scoring 2 runs to win the game 4-3

Osorio went all the way for the win allowing only 3 hits.

Lafaele led the Tide with 3 hits

But it was their aggressive base running that secured the win.

Game 2 tomorrow at 1:30.

Roll Tide

Re: Baseball to Reopen Sewell-Thomas Stadium this Weekend against Maryland
Written by Jamos
Comments: 35
Posted under: The Quad
It was a big night at The New Joe last night with the stadium almost full and some good weather and Bama winning 3-1. It was only fitting that Bama's first hit and run in their new stadium would be a home run and by a freshman, Chandler Taylor who was 2 for 2 for the night.  

Both teams struggled at the plate the entire game but Bama prevailed in the end with some timely hits to get the win. I was impressed with their abilities to move their base runners via the bunt to get them into scoring position, something that Bama hasn't had much success with in the past years.

Keller, Foster, and Burroughs got the job of closing out the game for Bama on the mound with some very good relief pitching as Keller was the winning pitcher.

Bama played well in their first game and Maryland is a quality team so getting the win in their opening game was very big for Gaspard and his team. If they had lost last night, the critics would have been howling. They play again at 3:30 this afternoon following the Tide's basketball game with Miss State. I'm guessing there may be more fans in the stadium this afternoon due the basketball fans being next door.

Bama Basketball, A Team of Hope and Determination
Written by Jamos
Comments: 13
Posted under: The Quad
Where do you start in trying to describe where Bama basketball is this morning? Just a short few months ago, Alabama was trying to hire a new coach that could somehow turn their shipwreck of a basketball program into a nice new shining yacht, something that most sports analysts thought was impossible because of their beliefs that Bama is a football school and no big time coach in his right mind would ever want to take on that task and have to play second fiddle to the football program. Alabama did make a hire though, they hired a coach that had a winning past record in his playing days and also his past coaching days. Those analyst and most fans still scoffed at the idea of him being able to turn the program around and even if he did it would be a long term task of getting in new players and  convincing everyone that  that he could actually make it happen.

How many of you watched the game yesterday and how many of you really thought Bama could actually do what they did? All of us had watched the team get better during the course of the season but still there was a lot doubt that they could actually play with the BIG BOYS and be successful when crunch time would come to put themselves in a position for the post season tournaments. I for one thought they had a slight chance but I think all of my hope was based on being an avid fan and Alabama would would make it happen because they are Alabama, my team.

Coach Avery Johnson, is he the real Superman that the University Of Alabama has hired for their new coach? This morning, there are some analysts and doubter fans with a new perception of this new coach of the Crimson Tide because of what the team has accomplished so far this season, it's been an incredible run for the team. I say incredible because of the team that CAJ inherited from Bama's previous coach Anthony Grant was in shambles and had no sense of direction of where they were headed. Coach Avery and staff have taken this team and used their knowledge of the game and their abilities  to coach individual players and made them both into being a winner. There are players on this team that I said just a short time ago that were lazy and could not play the game of basketball and CAJ would never win until he recruited some players that were more athletic and understood what was needed to be a winner. Well I can take my foot out of my mouth now because he has taken those very players and coached them into being competitive and making the plays that just a short time ago was impossible for them to do. I will use Jimmy Taylor as my example of one of those that I mentioned. Yesterday he wasn't the player of just a short few weeks ago but he was a beast, the player that me and some others had wanted him to be since he arrived at Alabama. What a coaching job that CAJ and staff have done on him and a couple of others with Riley Norris being one of them. If they can get Hale to get on board and be the player that he is capable of being, there will be brighter days ahead for the team

The "Bama Nation" is in a frenzy today because of the big win against Florida last night and they have every right to be. There is still a long way to go for this team to make it to the Big Dance but now there is a real hope that this can actually happen. There is now the hope that Bama basketball can be on the same level as their beloved Nick Saban and the football program is on, they can now have the chance to compete for championships.

Maybe we are counting our chickens before the eggs have hatched and who really cares but what a feeling it is to even think that the basketball program is back, something that we all have been dreaming of for a very long time. Maybe Bama doesn't make the Big Dance this year but at least the Bama fans have had a real chance to think that we might  would make  it, something that hasn't crossed our minds is quite some time. Alabama hasn't gotten their new yacht just yet but I think it is in construction and in the months and years ahead, CAJ and staff will do the things necessary to get it completed by recruiting the players that are necessary to finish the job. RTR!!!!

Bama Softball: Day 2 of UCF Tournament
Written by Jamos
Comments: 3
Posted under: The Quad
Bama defeated Rutgers 6-0 in their third game of the tournament. Maddi Moore again started for the Crimson Tide and went the distance giving up 5 hits and walking none.  Bama will play James Madison in their 4th game at 3:30 this afternoon. Moore's pitching performance so far has to enlighten CPM after Littlejohn got rung up last night against UCF. In all fairness to Littlejohn, she had an off season surgery on one of her feet and it make take her a little to get back in pitching form.  

Bama had 10 hits in the game, improving from their poor showing last night against UCF. Turner had 2 hits, Lafaele had 3, and Fain had 2 to lead the Tide.

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