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Game notes: MSU vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 9
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                            MSU vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory.  I really thought this would be a tough game for a few reasons.  First, I saw MSU play earlier this year and saw that they had a physical defense.  Second, also after watching I saw their QB throwing the ball better than he did earlier in the year.  Probably my biggest reason for thinking this would be a close game was it was the next game after an always physical game vs LSU.  

OFFFENSE:   Bama had their lowest output on offense for the year.  They had 305 total yards with 142 rushing and 163 passing.  156 of these yards came on the first 2 drives of the game.  As for negative plays, I have Bama with 5 tackles for losses, 4 sacks, 2 fumbles one which was lost, and an interception.  The none call on one fumble was huge as Bama scored on that drive.  Bama had 3 three and outs with 1 coming in the first half and 2 in the second half.  The offense had 9 pass plays that covered 10+ yards and 7 running plays that covered 10+ yards.  The longest run of the day was 17 yards and the longest pass completion for the day was 25 yards.  Bama got into the red zone 4 times scoring 3 touchdowns and turning the ball over on downs on the last trip.  Many people wonder why not kick the field goal at that point, but there are reasons to go for it.  First, a field goal can be blocked and turned into a quick score and that benefits the other team getting the quick score.  Two they are down by 24 and you are making the team drive the length of the field if you donít score with little time on the clock.  Bamaís field goal came from outside the red zone as it was a 49-yard field goal.  

QB:   Tua was under pressure a lot of the day. As you saw above, he was sacked 4 times.  He had to complete throws under pressure.  Tua did miss a couple of throws that he usually makes.  I also think there were a couple of balls that are usually caught that were not this game.   I do think the MSU player made an asserted effort to go low on the tackle that took Tua out of the game.  If you watch it looks like he intentionally went low and launched his lowered head toward the injured leg.  Jones came in and did well enough with the lead Bama had.  He did miss an open receiver and the receiver had some open ground if he had caught it.  

RB:   Jacobs had a big game.  He showed both is power and vision while running the ball.  It is hard to believe he was a 3-star athlete coming out of high school.  Harris ran well and did a very good job picking up the blitz.  The problem is MSU were sending more than they could block all the time.  N Harris ran well, but I think they kept him out later because of the injury from last week.

Rec:  I Smith had 5 catches and Jeudy had 6.  I Smith had the most yards of any rec.  Three of Smith's catches were on the first 2 drives.  I have read complaints about the receivers being held, but it is hard to see on the view on TV.  I do know on the replay on TV it showed Jeudy had a case for being held on a play. 

OL:  This was a great game to test the OL.  MSU had a very good defensive front.  They did get a good push early in the game.  I do think they were a little confused on a couple of blitzes as well as MSU just bringing more than Bama could block.  I did wonder why Bama didnít max protect at times.  I did notice that MSU would have some read blitzes where if the back released and they came off the blitz.  There was one play were Leatherwood blocked inside and Willis blocked out leaving the inside guy free to the QB.  Many times this depend on how many people are outside the tackle and the assignment of the running back.

Def:  The defense played a good game.  MSU had 169 yards of total offense which included 44 rushing and 125 passing.  I do think Bama was aided by some drops by the MSU receivers.  Bama gave up a total of 65 yards in the first half and 38 of that came on the run where Bama missed some tackles as well as a 23-yard completion.  Fitzgerald was averaging 104 yards rushing a game and was held to negative 23.  As far as negative plays I have Bama credited with 8 tackles for losses, 5 sacks, and 1 fumble recovery which actually happened on special teams.  I have Bama credited with 6 three and outs, 3 in each half.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, MSU had 4 pass plays and 2 running plays that covered that distance.  MSU got into the red zone once and turned the ball over on downs.  They should have had a touchdown as MSU was called for a phantom block in the back that negated the touchdown.  Bama busted coverage twice in a row and it didnít hurt them because of the penalty for delay of game.  

DL:  They played well. Their may not have been as much pressure with a 4-man front as there was last week, but they did have numerous tackles for losses.  They again kept the OL off of the linebackers so they were free to make tackles.  The early games this year where Bama was allowed to play numerous players is playing off as many more plays are being made by the depth of the DL.

LB:  I thought they had a good game.  MSU has a mobile QB who can run and throw which puts bind on the LBís.  They read the game well and made some big plays in both the running and passing game.  Wilson blew up the RB on a sack which helped keep MSU off the board when they got into the red zone.

DB:  They busted coverage a couple of times and it should have cost Bama a touchdown.  However, I mentioned the phantom block in the back and the delay of game that kept MSU off the board.  Overall, they played well most of the game as MSU only had 125 total yards passing.

Special Teams:  One of the best games for the special teams.  A 49-yard field goal should help the confidence of the kicker.  I still think his plant foot needs adjusting at time as well as his alignment.  Kick-off coverage was good, and Jacobs opens the game with a good kickoff return.  Surtain made good play on the punt which may have been touched by Waddle and could have been a turnover.  They also did a good job covering the punt down on the 1-yard line, something they missed last game.

Penalties:  Officially Bama had no penalties, however the kick out of bounds allowed MSU to have better field position.  MSU had several penalties, many in crucial situations.

Finally, this would be a good week to get healthy.  This was back to back physical games, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  It would be great to get a big lead early and allow others to play and finish the game.  Also, if my memory serves me correctly, Bama defense has allowed only 3 trips in the red zone in the last 2 games.

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Game notes: LSU vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 26
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                            LSU vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory.  This was an outstanding game plan by both the offense and defense in a tough environment.   

OFFFENSE:   Bama put together 576 yards of total offense, which included 295 yards passing and 281 rushing.  This was a well-balanced attack and possibly the best offensive effort considering the defensive team LSU has.  As far as negative plays, Bama had 5 tackles for losses, 1 sack which was a coverage sack, and an interception which Tua threw into double coverage.  Bama had no three and outs the whole night even though they had a couple of 3rd and longs at the start of their drives.  Bama was also balanced on their plays covering 10+ yards as they had 13 pass plays covering that distance and 10 running plays that covered that distance.  Bama got into the red zone 4 times.  They scored 2 touchdown and kicked a field goal while they punted the other times because of penalties and tackles for losses.  There were also points left on the field that would have made the score worse than it was.

QB:   Tua played a good game.  He did force the ball on the interception but threw some good balls into tight coverage.  He also scrambled well which is obvious since he scored on a 44-yard run.  The good thing is he missed in the right place most of the day.  It looked like the game plan early was to get the ball out of his hands quickly and allow the receivers to use their athletic ability to make yards after the catch.

RB:  The running backs had a great day.  They had a combined 234 yards rushing and averaged over 7 yards a carry against what is supposed to be an elite run defense.  The backs also did a good job picking up the blitzes by LSU.

Rec:  Four different receivers had catches, not counting running back.  Jeudy led the way with 8 catches and the others all had 4 each.  Each of the receivers averaged over 10 yards per catch.  They also did a good job blocking downfield on the big runs by the backs.

OL:  I thought this was their best game of the year, especially in the area of run blocking.  The yards gained mentioned above where the results of the OL blocking.  I also include Hentges here as his did a very good job when leading on some of the plays called.  They got to the second level several times and they got a push against the LSU D line. 

Def:  The defense played very well.  LSU had a total of 196 yards which included 184 passing and 12 rushing.  For negative plays, I have Bama for 8 tackles for losses, 5 sacks, and 1 interception.  I credit Bamaís defense with 5 three and outs, 3 in the first half and 2 in the second half.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, LSU had 6 pass plays and 1 running play.  LSU had only one of those passing plays in the first half and no running plays in the first half that covered that distance.  The run for 10+ yards came on a scramble by the Qb in the 2nd half.  LSU tried to start the game with the quick passing game and continued this throughout the game.  LSU got into the red zone twice and missed one field goal and threw an interception.  One of the amazing stats I watched this game, was how many times Bama rushed more than 4.  In the first half it was 3 times and one of those was a run blitz on a 3rd and short.  In the second half I have them sending more than 4 only 4 times.  Most of the pressure and sacks came when Bama was rushing 4 or less because they only rushed 3 at times.  The only knock was the loss of contain by the end rushers.

DL:  The DL played and outstanding game because of the pressure they were able to apply by rushing only 4 most of the game.  Q Williams played a great game and was held more than once and still made plays or allowed others to make the play since he was double teamed.  They also kept the LSU OL off of the linebackers which allowed them to make plays.

LB:  They played well especially having to get to the short passes and dropping into coverage.  As I said this job was made easy for them because of the work of the DL.

DB: The DBís played well.  Again, to sound like a broken record (many of you will understand this reference) the play of the DL aided the DBís because of their pressure on the QB.  I will say they had a chance for a couple of interceptions which if one was made could have possibly been returned for a touchdown.  They came up and filled well and didnít allow receivers, except on one play, to make many yards after the catch.

Special Teams:  There were a few of problems on special teams.  First, a bad hold by the holder on the first PAT.  The second was a low kick on a PAT which was blocked.  They allowed a big kick off return where they didnít get off of blocks.  Finally, they didnít cover a punt very well that could have pinned LSU down inside the 5.

Penalties:  I have Bama for 9 penalties but two of them were declined.  They were both offsides.  There were 2 false start penalties on the first drive which combined with a couple of tackles for losses which took Bama out of the red zone and forced them to punt.  The pass interference call, I donít think the ball was catchable.  The unsportsmanlike conduct was uncalled for and could have been huge in a tight game because the kickoff is moved back.  The face mask was called, but they could have called holding on that play also.  As a matter of fact, there were a few times, even commented by the announcers, that holding could have been called.

Finally, as well as they played, they could have scored more.  They got into the red zone on the first drive and didnít even get a chance to kick a field goal.  The missed two extra points and they ended up kicking a field goal when getting into the red zone.  These are points left on the field.  If added up this is 5 plus points that could have been scored.

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Bama Basketball and Softball 2019
Written by Jamos
Comments: 19
Posted under: The Quad
I had a chance to watch both basketball and softball this past week and thought I would share an early opinion with everyone.

I left the basketball practice feeling like there might be a good chance of some success this season. The first thing I noticed was the conditioning and enthusiasm of the players. It was very noticeable of the weight loss for some of the big boys especially as they were working on their fast breaks, more speed and agility. Reese is one that I think we need to keep our eye on this year, he's leaner, seems to be more aggressive and still has his outside shot. Riley Norris looked like Riley Norris of the past, scrambling for rebounds and put backs and seemed not to fear pulling up and taking his shot. There was one part of their game that is still lacking some, free throws.

It is early in the year and they should look like there is work to be done but I left thinking this team has more energy and player skills than they had last year. We lost Mr Basketball from last year but that may be a big plus for this team, more team effort and not a one man show.
I also had a chance to see the softball team and they did look different. Alexis Osorio is not here any more and there are more new players on the team than I have ever seen. The first thing I noticed was there is 5 pitchers now on the team but none looked like Osorio did. I also did not see a player that stood out as the leader of the team as no one was returning from last years team to fill that role and no one seems to have stepped up to be that.

Defensively I wasn't impressed as graduation took out some of the key players and no one was that impressive but again, it is early for the players and there is a good time frame ahead for them to work on their mechanics. I did seem some good at bats from some so maybe our run production will be better this year to make up for their lack of experience. I've got my fingers crossed.

Game notes: UT vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 45
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                            Tenn vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory.  This was a game where UT came off a big victory and had high expectations. The defense set the tone early and help the Bama offense put points on the board.

OFFFENSE:   Bama put together 545 yards of total offense, which included 327 yards passing and 218 rushing.  Most passing yards, 256, came in the first half while most rushing yards, 123 came in the 2nd half.  This is to be expected with the big lead and Bama wanting the clock to run.  Bama could have put more points on the board if they had wanted too.  As far as negative plays, Bama had 4 tackles for losses and 1 interception off a tipped ball which was returned for a touchdown.  The first negative play didnít come until 1:50 left in the 3rd quarter.  Bama was credited with 2 three and outs which were back to back and happened in the first half.  This was the first time, according to the announcers, that Tua had consecutive 3 and outs in a game.  Looking at the positives, Bama had 14 pass plays that covered 10+ yards and they had 9 running plays that covered 10+ yards.  Only one of these was a scramble by Hurts which covered 21 yards where he scored.  Bama reached the red zone 7 times and scored 6 touchdowns.  The other trip the ball was turned over on downs as Bama was trying not to run up the score.  Bama also scored 2 times from outside the red zone.

QB:   Tua played well and made some nice throws.  He did a very good job of finding receivers when he had to escape pressure.  There were a few balls that were thrown high and I wonder if this has something to do with the knee or if the wind effected a couple of throws.  He did throw one up for grabs which fortunately wasnít intercepted.  He also threw what I call a hospital ball where Waddle took a big hit but held on to the ball.  There was also a drop on a catchable ball.  Tua also missed Juedy in the endzone for what would have been a touchdown, but they scored anyway.   Jalen played well in the short time he was in.  I thought he would have gotten in a little sooner.  He did have a pick that was returned for a TD, however, it was tipped and just happened to fall right into the hands of the DL that scored.  His other passes were on target and he checked down to find one receiver.

RB:  The running back divided the carries up and gained 190 yards on 27 carries which breaks down to over 7 yards a carry.  I do wonder if D Harris isnít a little banged up since he only carried the ball 3 times.  N Harris had a big highlight moment when he hurdled a defensive player on a 14-yard gain.  They did a good job pass blocking and picked up the blitz on more than 1 occasion. 

Rec:  Not counting RBís, 5 different receivers had catches. They were divided up pretty well among 4 of them as 2 had 5 catches, Smith and Jeudy, while Waddle had 4 and Ruggs had 3.  Each one of these guys had a touchdown reception.  I going to say right here the routes this year looked better than in the past.  Anyone on the route has a chance to be thrown the ball.

OL:  I thought they played one of their better games.  As, I state above the first tackle for loss wasnít until there was 1:50 left in the 3rd quarter.  They gave up no sacks even though there was a little pressure, I think it came more from coverage.  This is a game where the OL got a push on the goal line and Bama scored 3 touchdowns, 4 if you count the rushing touchdown by Jalen.  This is a game where the OL got to the 2nd level more than once.  The worse I saw from them was on 1 running play, Pierschbacherís man ran under the block.  Instead of continuing on he looked back and stopped.  He should have continued looking for the next UT player.  The other was on the screen where the UT player beat the block.  I thought if the OL had continued instead of lunging he could have made a block and it would have been a big gain on the screen.

Def:  The defense played well especially in the beginning of the game.  They started out with 3 straight 3 and outs and would have been 4 if not for an offsides penalty.  The defense gave up a total of 258 total yards which included 227 yards passing and 31 rushing.   Bama only gave up a total of 87 yards in the second half.  They only gave up 6 yards in the 1st quarter.  I have Bama credited for four 3 and outs one which was because of a fumble.  They also had a 1 and out as there was a safety in the begging of the 2nd half.  As far as negative plays, I have Bama credited with 10 tackles for losses, 3 sacks (all in the first half), and they caused 3 fumbles one that was recovered and set the offense up in the red zone which led to a touchdown.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, UT had 7 passing plays and 1 running play.  The running play didnít happen until the 2nd half.  UT got into the red zone twice and scored 2 touchdowns, they did have a chance for a field goal from outside the red-zone but they missed the field goal.    One thing that stands out to me, is that it seems Bama is playing better assignment football.

DL:  I thought the DL played a very good game.  It seemed that Williams or Buggs were making plays all day.  I also thought Ray played well replacing Davis.

LB:  They played well, but the front line really made plays before they got to their level many times.

DB: The DBís played better than it looked.  There were a couple of balls that were contested but caught by the offense.  The UT QB made a couple of good throws where their receiver was the only one who had a chance for the ball. 

Special Teams:  Kick-off returns were good when they returned except for one which could have been a disaster.  Bama returners let the ball hit the ground and made a good play to get to it and make 3 yards.   The first big return help give Bama good field position for their touchdown drive.  It seemed like the wind had an effect on the balls that were kicked.  Bama was surprised by the onside kick, but fortunately the UT player touched it before it went 10 yards.  Another positive was Bama averaged about 41 yards on 2 punts.

Penalties:  Bama had 5 penalties for 36 yards.  Of the ones that were enforced, Bama had 2 on special teams, offsides and block in the back.  There were 2 holding calls, one of offense and one on defense.  There was 1 more false start on offense, which Bama overcame.  Most of the penalties were overcome or didnít really hurt Bama.

Finally, the bye week came at a very good time.  It will be good for Bama to get their legs under them and allow some of the injuries to heal.  This also gives Bama time to improve even more on their assignments.  Also, just like LSU they have 2 weeks to prepare. 

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Game notes: Missouri vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 17
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                            Missouri vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory.  Bamaís defense looked like a defense of old, however I didnít think Lockley had his best called game.  I question after a 1st down play in the red zone with a 7-yard competition to Hurts why throw 2 on the next two play?  You have 2 plays to run for 3 yards and get a 1st down inside the 10.  The other calls I question is the jump ball pass in the middle of the end zone. 

OFFFENSE:   Even though the offense put 564 yards of total offense together, it wasnít one of their best efforts.  Bama had 380 yards passing and 184 rushing.  However, again they failed to convert on 4th and short.  After watching the 2nd time I will put this on D Harris.  If he stayed behind Irv Smith instead of cutting it back where the safeties filled, he probably would have made the first down and maybe scored.  As far as negative plays, I have Bama with 6 tackles for losses, 1 sack, and a lost fumble which occurred on that sack.  Good news is the only three and out was in the red zone that ended with a field goal.  For pass plays of 10 plus yards, I have Bama with 12, 9 of which were in the first half. I also have Bama for 7 running plays that went for 10 plus yards.  Bama struggled in the red zone.  They got into the red zone 7 times.  Out of all these trips, they had 3 field goal and 3 touchdowns while also turning the ball over on downs when they didnít convert on the 4th and one.  I mentioned this above talking about Harris cutting back to where the safeties filled the hole.  The did have one touchdown from outside the red zone which occurred on the 2nd play of the game.  The bad news for the offense was points that were left on the field.  Two holding call negated touchdowns while trips into the red zone where Bama had to take field goals instead of touchdowns. 

QB:   Tua didnít have one of his better games with a 55% competition rate.  Iím not saying he played bad, however, I thought he tried to force a couple of balls.  He did do a great job on the first touchdown as it looked like that receiver was his 3rd option.  Also, I donít know why but it looked like the receivers werenít on the same page on a couple of plays.  I thought he could have checked down to N Harris when he tried to throw deep and it looked like Harris had a lot of running room.  This is not a criticism, but just an observation.  Jalen came in and played well.  I actually thought he looked a little nervous when he first came in.  He threw 2 very good deep balls.  It was obvious that Bama wanted to run the ball more in the 2nd half and keep the clock moving.

RB:  The running backs combined for 174 of the rushing yards on 41 carries.  The equated to a 4.2-yard average.  I donít know why, but it just didnít seem like they ran the ball that much.  I would like to see Bama run the edge a little more where most yards seem to be made or at least have some more jet sweep action to help keep the safeties and DL from squeezing down so quickly on the runs up the middle.  I have noticed Bama seems to release their backs more than usual on passing plays. 

Rec:   Seven different receivers caught passes, 6 receivers and 1 back.  Smith and Ruggs both had 4 catches while Jeudy had 3.  This game was the least amount of catches and yards for TE Irv Smith.  However, he has already surpassed his totals from last year with several games to go. 

OL:  The OL played well most of the night. I still think they play to high in certain short yardage situations.  The biggest bust was when Tua was sacked and fumbled.  You can see the center and left guard standing there after getting beat on a stunt.  Another big mistake was the holding call on Williams which negated a touchdown.  The QBís had a clean pocket to throw the ball most of the day. 

Def:  The defense played a very good game, something Bama fans expect.  Bama gave up a total of 212 yards of offense, which include 70 rushing and 142 passing.  If my calculations are correct, Bama only gave up a total of 45 yards in the 2nd half.  As far as negative plays, I have Bama with 7 tackles for losses, 4 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, and 2 interceptions.  For 3 and outs, I have Bama credited for 4 three and outs, on was a result of a fumble.  There was also a 1 and out because of the safety and a 2 and out because of the interception.  For plays that covered over 10 yards, only gave up 5 pass plays and 2 running plays.  A couple of those pass plays took exceptional catches.  Missouri only got into the red zone twice and scored a touchdown and threw an interception.  Their field goal was from outside the red zone.  The defense was responsible for points Bama scored.  The first interception was returned to the red zone, but Bama settled for a field goal.  The drive after the fumble recovery resulted in a touchdown.  They also scored points when they recorded a safety.  I also think Bama only lost the edge for one big gain during this game.  On the touchdown, I counted 7 seconds to throw the ball as Bama only rushed three.  You canít expect the DBís to cover that long.  Also, Missouri was averaging 530 yard a game and were held to 318 yards under their average.  There also wasnít as many missed tackles this game.

DL:  I thought the DL played well, as Missouri only averaged 2 yards per rush.  They also have to be responsible for the pass rush against what many consider a passing team.  I think they only lost the edge once that turned into a decent gain.  Both Williams and Davis stood out to me even though Davis had the penalty where he should have been ejected.

LB:  Playing teams like Missouri are tough on LBís.  They have to worry about the pass as well as the run.  I thought Wilson had a good game especially since there didnít seem to be as many bust on defense and he is the main signal caller.

DB: The DBís played well.  Missouri receivers did make a couple of big catches, however almost every catch on balls more than 10 yards were contested.  Smith came up big in his start as he had 2 interceptions one which put Bama in the red zone and one was interception in the end zone.

Special Teams:  Here Bama missed a 52-yard field goal.  It looked like it had the distance, but again the alignment didnít seem right.  A 12-yard punt gave Missouri good field position, but the defense stepped up and got the 3 and out.  Waddle wanted to make a play on the punt when he fumbled because he tried to take off before he secured the ball. 

Penalties:  They had 5 penalties for 60 yards and one was offsetting.  Bama had some big penalties in the game.  Two holding calls negated touchdowns.  One
resulted in a field goal and the other was the drive where Tua fumbled so they got no points off of this.  Davis had a unsportsmanlike conduct and was lucky he wasnít thrown out of the game. 

Finally, this game was a big improvement for the defense.  Again, I think the offense could have played better.  I think there was at least 15 points left on the field.  One final thing does anyone else seem to think it strange seeing Butch Jones on the sideline.

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Game notes: Ark vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 18
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                            Ark vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory. Bama had this game under control early, but many mistakes allowed Ark to put points on the board as well as put many yards on the defense.

OFFFENSE:   The offense put together 639 yards of total offense.  They had 246 rushing and passed for 393.  Bama had 463 yards at the half which means they only had 176 in the 2nd half.  It looked like they may have been putting more emphasis on the run game.  They also lost one possession since the D returned an interception for a touchdown.  As far as negative plays, I had Bama for 4 tackles for losses, however in the official stats they registered 2 of those as no gain.  They had no sacks and no fumbles or interceptions.  They did not have any 3 and outs, however, they had one 4 and outs since they couldnít convert a 4th and 1.  They did convert one 4th and 1 later to score a touchdown.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, Bama had 14 pass plays and 9 running plays.  Bama got into the red zone5 times scoring 4 touchdowns and kicked one field goal.  They 4 touchdowns from outside the red zone and one touchdown was scored by the defense on the interception return. 

QB:   Tua again had a good game.  He was 10 for 13 for 334 yards.  The equates to a 77% completion rate.   There was at least one play where he did a great job checking down and finding the secondary receiver.  Jalen was 4 for 5 for 80%, but it seemed when he got in the game, the main focus was the running game. 

RB:  The running backs combined for 207 yards on 33 carries which equates to 6.3 yards per carry.  When called upon they caught the ball well.  The biggest disappointment was the missed block by Robinson missing a block on the 4th and 1 and Bama didnít convert. 

Rec:   Five different receivers had catches.  Jeudy and Waddle both had 4 catches.  Irv Smith had a 61.5-yard average on 2 catches.  The bad part was the fumble which was recovered and carried into the endzone for a touchdown by Ruggs.  This is important because it showed outstanding hustle by Ruggs instead of sitting back and watching the play.  Also, on the big runs you could see the receivers blocking downfield.

OL:  The OL did a pretty good job opening big holes at times.  There were a couple tackles for losses, but they gave up no sacks and there wasnít a lot of pressure when Bama passed.  I do think they can do a better job sustaining their blocks as well as getting to the second level.  I do think they did get to the second level better this game than they did in past games.  I also think they play to high at times.

Def:  Ark, had a good game plan.  They threw screens early to slow down the pass rush, or short passes/delay routes to take advantage of a big pass rush. They also moved the pocket to help the QB. The defense has some cleaning up to do.  Before I give you the stats, I am going to be specific on a few things.  First, I have Bama for 9 missed tackles.  They are not doing a great job getting off blocks.  On the 31-yard run, Mosley got hooked and the safety didnít fill and the corner didnít get off the block.  On the 32-yard run, the outside DL, I think it was Buggs, so there was no outside contain.  On the 17-yard run, Moses, took the block on with his outside shoulder which pins him inside allowing the runner to escape.  If he takes it on with his inside shoulder the block bounces him to the running lane.  Moses had a bad read trying to go inside instead of scrapping over the top which allowed for a 9-yard gain.  Buggs again lost contain as he went outside on a scramble which allowed an 11-yard gain.  All of these are correctable.  As far as the stats I have Bama getting 8 tackles for losses, 1 sack, 2 fumble recoveries, and an interception for a touchdown.  As far as 3 and outs, I have Bama credited with 3 which all occurred in the first half.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, I credit Ark with 10 pass plays and 4 running plays.  Ark got into the red zone 5 times.  The scored 4 touchdowns and fumbled once.  They also kicked a field goal from outside the red zone. 

DL:  They played pretty well considering the game plan by Ark.  As I stated the moved the pocket and used screens in the passing game.  The big problem is losing the edge.

LB:  As hard as I was on Moses above, he led the team with 10 tackles many which were in open field because of the game plan. 

DB: I thought they played ok. They were in position many times, but the receiver made the play.  The did bust a coverage on one of the touchdown throws.  One of the biggest plays was when Thompson covered a lot of ground to knock the ball away from the wide-open back who was lost in coverage.  Along with the screens and short passes I mention above, Ark used rub routes to free up receivers.  I will say Ark runs them correctly where you canít really call offensive pass interference.  One other thing worth mentioning was the use of misdirection to get the throwback to an open tight-end.

Special Teams:  The two big mistakes by special teams was the missed PAT and the huge kickoff return toward the end of the game.  I donít know if they relaxed because most of the time the returners fair caught many other kickoffs. 

Penalties:  Bama had 5 for 31-yards.  The big ones were the face mask, which could have been a stop but gave Ark a first down where they later scored and the pass interference which help Ark score late in the game. I do think the roughing the passes was a bit of a stretch. 

Finally, this game shows the D has some cleaning up to do with assignments and tackling.  Like I stated above all of these are correctable. 

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Written by Chechem
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Posted under: The Quad


Game notes: ULL vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                            ULL vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory. Bamaís practices are probably more difficult than this game was. 

OFFFENSE:   The offense put together 608 yards of total offense.  They had 340 passing and 268 rushing.  These stats could have been a lot worse for ULL if Bama hadnít substituted as much as they did.  The increased their rushing total as well as they should have playing an undersized/undermanned team. As far as negative plays, Bama had 2 sacks and 1 tackle for a loss and there were no 3 and outs for this game on the offensive side of the ball.  As far as plays for over 10 yards, Bama had 9 pass plays and 9 running plays.  Bama got into the red zone 8 times and scored 5 touchdowns, missed 2 field goals and ran out the clock to end the game.   Bama did score 2 touchdowns from outside the red zone, while one touchdown came on special teams on the punt return.  Basically, the offense did what they wanted most of the day.  The moved the ball with the backups but didnít come away with points as two field goals were missed inside the red zone.  This means Bama left at least 6 points on the field.

QB:   Tua was very good as he was 8 for 8 for 128 yards Jalen was 4 for 6 for 118 yards but should have been 5 for 6 as one of his passes was dropped.  Jalenís is throwing the ball so much better this year.  A huge part is the improvement in his decision making and confidence in throwing the ball.  He should have had a pick but fortunately the defender dropped the ball.  This throw was not a good decision.  Jones was 1 or 2 for 94 yards and a touchdown.  He could have been 2 for 2 because I thought the incomplete should have been caught.

RB:  The running backs combined for 247 yards on 40 carries for a 6.71 average.  All ran hard and when called upon to pass block did well.  The best part about the running game of Bama, is they have depth in this position which means they will be fresh later in the year when the games get tougher.

Rec:   Five different receivers had catches yesterday.  Yesterday, Ruggs was the leading receiver.  I would have to check, but I think Smith has surpassed his total catches and total yards from last year.  I also noticed them blocking well on some of the running plays that covered more than 10 yards.

OL:  The OL did good job yesterday as they should have.  This should be expected as they had the physical advantage against a lesser team.  What I will say, is they seem to have a better pad level coming off the ball.  They were able to get to the second level more than once.  The sack that was given up came on a delayed blitz where there was basically not drop by the QB.  It seemed to be an RPO and I couldnít see what happened to the receiver on the play.  I will have more faith in the OL when they make these kind of strides against a more physical team.

Def:  The defense had a huge first half and a drop off in the second half.  The big concern of the defense at this point for me is the missed tackles.  Bama gave up 288 total yards of offense.  ULL had 200 yards rushing and 88 passing.  As far as negative plays, Bama had 3 tackles for losses, 2 sacks, forced a fumble they didnít recover, and had 2 interceptions.  The defense is credited for 4 three and outs all which occurred in the first half.  Bama gave up 3 first downs in the first half and 12 in the second half.  I know many backups were playing in the second half, but the missed tackles help ULL keep drives alive.  As far as plays of 10+ yards, they had 4 pass plays and 6 running plays.  They got into the red zone twice and scored touchdowns both times.  The good news is they didnít get there until the 4th quarter when the game was out of hand. 

DL:  They played okay.  Bama did rotate players in so it was difficult for me to see who really just stood out. 

LB:  The LBís played pretty well.  Many of the passes were short and they had to make the plays along with the safety and nickle/dime backs.  One thing that really impressed me from the LBís was the hustle by McMillon on the long run where he stopped them right before they scored.  He could have easily given up.

DB:  I thought they played well.  The longest pass play was 23 yards.  It looked to me that ULL only threw the ball over 10 yards or attempted to throw the ball over 10 yards 10 times.  Out of these plays, there was a sack, 2 interceptions, a touchdown, and many incompletions.  The DBís seem to be in position most of the time.  Some of the plays that went for over 10 yards were passes that were completed underneath and there were yards after the catch.

Special Teams:  The good part of the special teams were the blocked punt and the punt return for the kickoff.  They also had a good kickoff return.  It did look like Bama coaches made a change on the kickoff return team as Robinson moved up and got a good kickoff return as ULL was trying to pooch.  The negative was the 2 missed field goals that took points off the board.    Some of the kickoffs werenít pretty but they were effective.

Penalties:  Bama had 3 five yards penalties that they overcame each time.  Two were on offense and 1 was on special teams.

Finally, this was a game to work on fundamentals especially in the offensive line.  In my opinion, I saw better technique.  I also understand there may be some players who are healthy now that could push other players.  I will say it was evident Bama didnít take this game lightly which coaches always fear when playing a substandard opponent.

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Game notes: A&M vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 17
Posted under: The Quad
                                                                                                      A&M vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory.  This was a game where the defense came up big when they needed too.  I also want to say I thought Locksley called a heck of a game.

OFFFENSE:   The offense put together 524 yards of total offense, which included 415 passing and 190 rushing.  Most of the rushing yards came after the first half, as A&M did a very good job stopping the Bama rushing attack.  As for negative plays, I have Bama with 7 tackle for losses and 1 fumble which they recovered themselves.  They only had 2 three and outs.  For plays that covered over 10+ yards, Bama had 17 pass plays and 3 running plays.  Bama got into the red zone 3 times and scored 3 touchdowns and scored 3 touchdowns from outside the red zone as well as kicked 1 field goal.  It appeared to me that most of Bamaís running success was found on the edge.  Also, A&M wasnít loading up the box to stop the run.  As far as the passing game goes, the pocket was pretty clean most of the day and Bama gave up no sacks.  This was probably Bamaís worse day for 3rd down conversions as they were only 4 for 10.

QB:   Tua had a record day for his early career.  He completed 73% of his passes.  His completions averaged 17.59 yards per catch.  He made some big throws that were right on target.  I thought he did miss a couple of throws that could have been completed.  Jalen was 3 for 3 for 28 yards.  Jalen was involved with a play where there was a fumble.  It looked to be a mix up on the play between Harris and Hurts.

RB:  They had a tough day running the ball, especially in the first half.  The running backs combined for 21 carries for 106 yards.  This is over a 5-yard average, but 35 came on 1 run by D Harris.  Again, most of these yards came in the second half.  Overall, the RBís did a decent job pass blocking when called upon. One big play was the 57-yard pass that went for the touchdown and Jacobs had 2 blocks on the play.

Rec:   Six different receivers caught passes not counting running backs.  Jeudy led the way with 6 catches, while I smith and D Smits both had 4 catches.  I think Irv Smith is one catch away from his total from last year.  Three different receiver had touchdowns receptions.

OL:  The OL did good job pass blocking but there were many stalemates in the running game.  This is a question I have had so far.  Can the OL get the push for a running game when needed. 

Defense:  The defense played well in crucial situations.  There was a short 13-yard punt, giving A&M great field position in the 2nd half, and Bama got a 3 and out when A&M actually lost yardage.  As far as negative plays, I have the defense with 3 tackles for losses, 7 sacks, and 2 interceptions, one that set up the first touchdown.  For 3 and outs, Bama had 1 in the first half and 3 in the second half.  The first drive was a 2 and out because of the interception by Wilson.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, 15 passing plays and 6 running plays.  Many of the passing plays came in the 2nd half when Bama was probably playing a little safe defense.  Most of the running plays were when the QB ran QB draws where there were at least 3 missed tackles and the loss of contain either on the outside or rushing too far up the field and opening a gap to allow the QB to escape.  I also think the defense underestimated the QBís speed.  A&M got into the red zone 4 times where they kicked 2 field goals and scored 2 touchdowns.  They also kicked on field goal outside the red zone. 

DL:   I thought they played well, except when the edge lost contain or rushed too far up the field.  Each of them seemed to make a big play at some point, but Buggs and Davis stood out.  Williams didnít have the stats but looked to be a disrupter during the game.  He was especially good taking up 2 blockers and keeping them off the LBís.  I will say I have seen Anoma in back up duty and I like what I see.  Their pressure created the first turnover on the 2nd play of the game.

LB: The LBís played well in my opinion.  The were involved with stopping the running game as well as covering in the passing game.  They did make a couple of mistakes, but overall, they did a good job adjusting to the formations and plays of A&M.

DB:  I thought they played well.  They gave up 55 yards passing in the first half, and 208 in the 2nd half.  This being said, they were playing a little safer coverage to make A&M work the ball down the field as opposed to giving up the big play.  I noted earlier most of the plays that covered 10+ yards, most were in the 2nd half. 

Special Teams:  Field goal kicking was good.  Punting was a combination of good and not so good. I donít know why the punter was taking those steps to his right like a rugby style punt.   All kickoffs were good except 1.  One of the biggest things that worked for Bama on special teams was their punt coverage.  I also have to say, A&Mís punter helped Bama by kicking the ball in the endzone instead of pinning them back most of the day.  He is someone who can flip field position and never angled the ball to the sideline.   I guess they were just too scared of the Bama punt return.

Penalties:  Bama had 9 penalties for 82 yards.  Offense, defense, and special teams all had 3.  There was actually one more, but they were offsetting.  I also, have to mention the one horse collar by Anoma which was a hustling penalty. 

Finally, again, players were able to get some players in the game late.  Great experience for these guys who may be needed down the road.  The running game need to improve.  This was the best run stopping front Bama has played, however, there were times against lesser opponents where Bama couldnít make a 3rd and 1.

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Game notes: OM vs Bama
Written by hscoach
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Posted under: The Quad
                                                                                   Ole Miss vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama coaches and players on a great victory.  This was a game that was put away in the first quarter.

OFFFENSE:   Bama put together 516 yards of total offense.  There could have been a lot more if Bama hadnít called off the dogs as they say.  They had 306 passing and 210 rushing.  As far as negative plays, Bama had 6 tackles for losses, 1 sack, 2 fumbles (one lost and one recovered, and an interception. All the negative plays took place in the 2nd half.  There was one in the first half, but it was negated by an Ole Miss penalty.   They had 3 three and outs, and one of those was because of a fumble.  All the 3 and outs took place in the 2nd half. As far as plays that covered 10+ yards, I credit Bama with 11 pass plays and 9 running plays.  Bama got into the red zone 7 times.  When Bama got into the red zone they scored 4 touchdowns and 2 field goals.  On their other trip they missed a field goal.  Bama also scored 3 touchdowns outside the red zone.   Bama longest drive in the game was 13 plays that ended in a field goal.  Seven different players scored touchdowns in the game and 6 of those were different players on the offense.  Three of the touchdown drives were only 3 play drives.  Bama also did a good job running the ball on the edge.

QB:   Tua and Jalen again played well.  Jalen did throw an interception which probably took points off the board.  Tua did miss a couple of throws he usually makes.   Tua completed 73% of his passes while Jalen completed 70%.  Jones was a little less effective.  He did miss an open receiver on his first pass but did make a nice throw for his solo completion.

RB:   The running backs combined averaged 4.57 yards per carry.  They ran well with the first O line but saw things get a little more difficult with the back-ups in the game. I thought they did a good job pass blocking. 

Rec:   Six different receivers had catches and half of them had touchdowns.  If my stats are correct Irv Smith had 14 catches last year.  He already has 9 after 3 games.  He is also a threat to run more than a flat route our hook route.  They did throw some key block on the big runs by the rbís.

OL:  The OL played well.  I thought they blocked pretty well on the edge where there was some of the better runs.  The starters gave up no real negative plays.  Most of the time the QBís had time to make the throws.  The back-ups were a different story.  They gave up the negative plays for the day.  However, they got some good experience and can learn from their mistakes.  This will be a great teaching film for the back-ups.

Defense:  The defense played well.  OM came into the game averaging 596 yards per game and 407.5 of that was passing.  Bama held them to 248 total yards.  OM had 133 passing and 115 rushing.  The most interesting stat is that at the half, OM had 127 yards passing.  This mean Bama held them to 6 yards passing in the second half.   Also, most of the game they rushed only 4.  I have Bama bringing more than 4 only 7 times in the game.  Bama had more return yardage on their interception than OM threw for in the 2nd half.   As fa as negative plays, I have Bama credited with 6 tackles for losses, 4 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, and 2 interceptions, one which was returned for a touchdown.  OM never got into Bamaís red zone.  Their only touchdown came on the first offensive play of the game on the 75-yard touchdown.  Take that away and their offensive totals look even worse.  As far as 3 and outs, I have Bama credited with 6 three and outs.  They also had a 1 and out because of an interception.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, OM had 4 passes and 3 runs.  Their only score came from outside the red zone.   

DL:   I thought they played well.  They were able to pressure the QB with only 4 rushers most of the day.  I thought Q. Williams stood out among the D line.  The only complaint was when a couple of times they lost the edge for the 3rd game in a row.  This is where a couple of the big runs came from.  I also have them for at least 3 tipped balls that ended in incompletions.

LB: The LBís played well had they had to drop deep in coverage at time and still play the run.
DB:  I thought they played well except for the first play.  On the first play the defensive back made a critical mistake as he focused on the backfield and QB instead of facing the runner to make up the separation when beat.  You just canít run as fast when you are looking back.  I have at least 2 PBU by Diggs.  Also, as stated above they came up with 2 interceptions and drop what should have been another.  This game they were tested downfield unlike the last couple of game where most of the throws were under 10 yards.

Special Teams:  They missed a field goal which too me looked like a plant foot issue.  I thought it may have been too far from the ball and too far forward.  The kick off coverage was good when the returns did take place, the only decent returns were made because of illegal blocks.  As far as Bamaís kickoff returns, Jacobs again did a good job.

Penalties:  There were some penalties, but they didnít hurt Bama in the long run.  The bad part is again many were on defense and one gave them a first down.  The worse on was Jacobís unsportsman like conduct after a touchdown which is assessed on the kickoff.  Fortunately, OM could not set up a return. 

Finally, again this game was one where many players got good game experience.  The defense was tested by a vertical passing game.  There was a few missed tackles that needs to be cleaned up as well as losing the edge on the defensive front.

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