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* Week 8 Games
1st Game Deadline
10:50 AM

Oklahoma @
(Oklahoma -7.5)

Auburn @
Ole Miss
(Auburn -4.5)

Michigan @
Michigan State
(Michigan -7.0)

Virginia @
(Duke -7.0)

NC State @
(Clemson -16.5)

Colorado @
(Washington -16.5)

Memphis @
(Missouri -9.5)

Mississippi State @
(LSU -6.5)

Vanderbilt @
(Kentucky -10.5)

Ohio State @
(Ohio State -14.0)

Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Tennessee?

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Goodbye, Alabama by Jonathan Allen
Written by bama57
Comments: 8
Posted under: The Quad
People on the outside probably imagined us getting chewed out after the Clemson game. Our coach, yelling at us, after we failed to execute. Our fan base, turning against us, after we came up short. But what actually happened that night couldn’t be further from those things. Here’s the truth: The night that I felt most loved, and most supported, by the supposed “win first, everything else second” Alabama football community….

Was after a loss.

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Bama Basketball, Can They Do It?
Written by Jamos
Comments: 17
Posted under: The Quad
With 4 games to go in their regular season, 2 at home and 2 on the road, and then the SEC tournament following, can this Bama team find a way to make it to the Big Dance. There are some saying it is possible and there are more saying it is very doubtful. The SEC is not as strong of a conference this year as it has been in past years but there are some saying that it is very possible for 5 teams from the conference to make it to the tournament. As we all know, the SEC will get no favors from the Tournament Committee as history will support that and Bama will have to almost win the last 4 games of their regular season to get any kind of possibility of getting in. I say that in realizing of the things that have happened in the selections of past years.

There is one difference in the team this year that might add some weight to the decision making of the committee, Avery Johnson. CAJ has gotten a lot of love from the game commentators all season and even yesterday, Dick Vital was praising CAJ and how he will bring the program back to the top again. That is high praises coming from the right places that might give the team a little slack when the selections begin.

CAJ has had his hands full this year in trying to get the team to perform to their capabilities. The team has looked awful for the most part this year with less than average shooting and turnovers. If the team had been just an average team in shooting their free throws, I think they would have won enough games, Kentucky in mind, that would have them solid in making the tournament. That is all hindsight though and something good needed to happen for the team to find some new energy and possibly win their way in and maybe that has happened.

Bama played LSU yesterday, a team that isn't that good and Bama was favored by 13 points. This year, point spreads hasn't meant much to the team especially if they were favored, because of their up and down performances. CAJ has addressed his decisions to change the practices to help at the free throw line but how do you correct the turnovers, that is basically mental issues. Well, he did something that most fans have been asking for for a long time, he indefinitely suspended Hale. There was one other thing that CAJ changed as well. Mama has seemed to be a better team on the road than they have been at home all year for what ever reason. I stated earlier that turnovers are usually mental mistakes and why is it that the team plays better on the road than they do at home. My opinion is they are in an indifferent environment when they are on the road prior to the game, a hotel. It sounds a little crazy but CAJ picked up on this and the team stayed in a hotel Friday night instead of at their own place of living. Did it make a difference yesterday, I think it did. The team played with an intensity, on both ends of the court, that the fans have not seen in Coleman this year. Granted that LSU is not a very good team but Bama has struggled at home all season regardless of who they were playing.

This being said, we can only wait for the next home games to come and see how the team responds to the changes on the team. Will the team stay in a hotel for the next home game, I think so because they won so convincingly and coaches  are a little superstitious when it comes to winning and losing. Bama has win both home games and winning one on the road would be great as well. I think it would then boil down to how many Bama can win in the SEC tournament, maybe one would do it.

Anyway, for a team that seemed to have no chance in making the Big Dance this year, there is now some hope it might just happen. The team, as a whole, got a glimpse of how well they are capable of playing yesterday and they need to ask themselves, did the changes that CAJ made make that difference in their level of play. They need to buy into anything at this point in time that seems to make a difference regardless of what it is. I also think that the removal of the cancer on the team, Hale, might have been a big factor as well. JMHO 

Game notes: Clemson vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 11
Posted under: The Quad
Clemson vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the great year.  I know this didnít end the way we all wanted, but you have to give some credit for Clemson and their game plan. 

OFFFENSE:   The offense put up 376 yards of total offense.  They had 83 in the first half and 193 in the second half.  The problem here is that of the 193 yards in the second half 122 came on 3 plays.  The bad thing here is Bama didnít really sustain any drives in the second half.  When they did score they scored quickly which didnít take much time off the clock as well a put the defense back on the field.  Bama had 221 yards rushing and 155 passing.  For negative plays Bama had no sacks and 7 tackles for losses.  They also had seven 3 and outs and 4 of those were in the second half.  As far as plays for 10 plus yards, Bama had Bama had 7 running plays and 3 passing plays.  One of those pass plays were the result of a throw by Stewart.  Every touchdown Bama scored came from outside the red zone. The only time they got in the red zone they had to settle for a field goal.

QB:  As good as Hurts is he didnít stretch the field and Clemson didnít honor the passing game.  I will say there were about 3 balls that should have been caught.  He is going to have to improve his throwing because Clemson just gave other teams a hell of an offensive and defensive game plan on how to beat Bama. 

RB:  Scarbrough had a great game up until his injury.  He not only ran well but did a good job picking up a couple of blitzes.  Harris and Jacobs both ran hard when they got the chance.

Rec:  They were basically a nonfactor except for a few plays.  These guys have to be involved in order for Bama to be successful.  Three drops didnít help the team.  These are catches that Clemson made. 

OL:   Many times they were outmanned because of Clemson loading the box.  They were also hurt because Clemson did a great job of measuring the snap count.

Defense:  The defense played well since they had to 99 snaps.  Clemson only averaged 5.1 yards per play where Bama averaged 5.6.  They gave up 511 total yards which included 91 rushing and 420 passing.  Clemson came in with a great game plan and executed it.  They were content to throw the 5 yard passes which got rid of the ball quickly and would settle for a yard or two run.  Every once in a while, they would take a little deeper shot.  For negative plays Bama had 4 sacks, 6 tackles for losses and 2 fumble recoveries.  Clemson only had 3 three and outs.  For plays over 10 plus yards, Clemson had 3 runs and 13 pass plays, 9 of these came in the second half.  Every one of their touchdowns came from in the red zone.  Some of the bad parts about the defense was they were going for the kill shot and not wrapping up all the time.  Also, they had a chance for a huge sack and went for the ball strip which allowed Watson to escape and get rid of the ball without the loss of yardage.  They did lose the edge a couple of times.

DL:  They did a good job on the run game and made some plays in the passing game.  They also forced the 2 fumbles which Bama recovered.  Clemson only averaged 2.6 yards a rush. 

LB:  I thought Foster and Evans both played well.  When they got to the point of attack they came hard.
DB:  It is hard to judge this position.  They had a tough assignment with the short passing game.  I guess Bama was worried about them getting beat deep since they didnít press all the time.  I also thought they were the victim of some no calls.   

Special Teams:  They had a punt partially block on a low snap and slow get off.  It also looked like the guy had a free run.  The kickoff coverage team also had a couple of letdowns, fortunately a penalty help take one back.  For some reason, no kickoffs got into the end zone.  Scott did have some nice punts pinning Clemson deep.
Penalties:   Bama had some costly penalties.  After the turnover, they start on the 16 and before the first play they have a false start.  Bama had 9 penalties for 82 yards and had one declined.  Again, Bama hurt themselves.   Clemson had three.  I am not blaming the loss on the officials, however, I saw where there were plays where penalties could have been called.  Clemson didnít have a penalty after the 2nd quarter.  You canít tell me a team that throws the ball 57 times, plus the times Watson scrambled, there were no holding calls.  The last 2 games Bama has been flagged 19 times to the opponents 5.   

Finally:  Bama didnít do enough to win the game especially offensively.  They have got to be able to throw the ball at least 20 yards down field.  If Bama canít stretch the field then Clemson gave the game plan for the start of next year.  They hurt themselves in the game with penalties but also drops and other mistakes.  Bama had a screen set up to Harris and Howard caught the ball.  Harris had open field and may have scored.  However, if he didnít he would have at least gotten a first down and kept the drive alive and kept the clock running.  I also donít know why Bama didnít utilized the pop pass like they have in the past. 

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Game notes: Washington vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 14
Posted under: The Quad
Washington vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory versus Washington.  This was a game where Bama had every opportunity in the world to put the game away early.  The starting field position in the first half was their own 46 and only scored 10 offensive points.  They kept killing themselves with penalties and offensive mistakes.

OFFFENSE:   The offense put up 326 yards of total offense.  However, if they hadnít had so many penalties they probably would have had more as well as scored more points.  Bama only had 57 yards passing and 269 rushing.  For negative plays, Bama gave up 3 sacks and had 7 tackles for losses.  They also had one fumble.  The importance of the fumble was it lost about 4 yards and the next run ended up about 4 yards short for what would have been a first down.  The good thing is they didnít lose the fumble.  For three and outs, I have them for 4 during the game.   One the positive side, Bama had 9 runs of 10 plus yards and only 3 passes for 10 plus yards.  There was another pass, however, it was negated by a horrible call by the officials.  Bama only got into the red zone twice.  On the first one they scored a touchdown, while on the second they lost yardage and ended up kicking a field goal outside the red zone.  The other offensive touchdown came from outside the red zone on the long run by Scarbrough.  The biggest enemy to Bama in this game offensively was themselves. 
QB:  Hurts didnít play as bad as some might believe.  He made some big runs on scramble but he also missed a few throws.  Many of the problems in the passing game were caused by the pressure when the OL didnít do their job.  He also wasnít helped when he had to scramble by his receivers moving to help get in the passing lane.  Again, he fumbled but it was recovered by the right tackle.

RB:  Scarbrough had a great game and showed the talent he possesses.  Harris also ran hard, but didnít get the opportunities Scarbrough did.  Jacobs wasnít really utilized in the game.

Rec:  There were only 7 completions in the game and Howard had 4 of them.  I am going to put this note here.  It seemed to me the passing game was either deep or short, especially in the first half.  Bama also didnít utilize the pop pass or the wide receiver screens in this game.

OL:   To me the interior of the offensive line, LG, C, and RG had problem a lot during the night.  They were blown up and pushed back more than once.  On the 4th down play the RG got beat and pushed back and stopped the play.  At times, they looked great but there were just too many mistakes here.  Bama had 10 penalties and most of them were on the offense. 

Defense:  The defense played well.  As people, have said this was a well-rounded offense.   They gave up 194 yards of total offense, which included 150 yards passing and 44 rushing.  What is even more impressive is Bama only gave up 49 yards in the second half.  Also, they 18 yards in the rushing stats the second half.  The defense had 6 sacks, 4 tackles for losses, caused 1 fumble which they recovered and 2 interceptions, one which was returned for a touchdown.  Six of their 13 possessions were 3 and outs.  The had 3 runs of 10 plus yards and 6 passes of 10 plus yards.  They got into the red zone once and scored a touchdown.  One bad thing is they did miss a few tackles. 

DL:  They pretty much controlled the LOS.  They also got enough pressure on the QB which help the DBís with their coverage.   One mistake they made was rushing too far up the field and allowing the QB to scramble for a nice gain.  The Clemson QB would have gained a lot more yards.

LB:  They played well.  I saw them fit very well in the running game and they also had to be ready to put themselves in coverage with play action and the different formations and movement used by Washington.  I noticed Evans play the run very well a few times. 

DB:  Overall, they played well.  The only hic-cup was the double move where Humphrey got beat on the double move for the touchdown.  I did think a couple of times they were a little slow to line up or had to move someone before the snap.  Again, the front four aided them.  I donít know if you noticed but Brown did a great job on his sack lowering his shoulder to take on, and get thru the block. 

Special Teams:  They were solid all night.  The punts kept Washington backed up most of the night.  Also, when they decided to bring the kickoff out, the Bama defenders were there to stop any return to really develop. 

Penalties:   Bama had way too many penalties.  Many of them hurt or help stop drives.  The sack/intentional grounding knocked Bama out of scoring positon.  A bad call on 87 being downfield illegally was a horrible call.  He never went downfield and was used to secure blocking.  The pass was complete to about the 20-yard line again in scoring position.  Most of the penalties were on the offense. 

Finally:  Bama did not play their best game.  They must drastically improve to beat Clemson.  I donít know if OSU was that bad or Clemson was that good, but Bama will have to play better to win the game.  They canít afford to waste outstanding field position and not put points on the board.

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Game notes: Florida vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 17
Posted under: The Quad
Florida vs Bama:

First, congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory versus Florida.  They started out slow offensively, but the defense and special teams put them ahead in the game.   

OFFFENSE:   After a shaky start Bama put together 372 yards of total offense.  They had 133 passing yards and 234 rushing yards.  As far as negative plays, Bama gave up 2 sacks, 7 tackles for losses and had a fumble they didnít lose.  They had only three 3 and outs and one of them came in the red zone after a turnover where they settled for a field goal.  For positive plays, Bama had 11 runs of 10+ yards and 4 pass plays for 10+ yards.  Bama got into the red zone 7 times where they scored 2 field goals and 5 touchdowns.   They also missed a field goal from right outside the red zone.  Some of the most impressive offensive stats were the two drives in the second half.  Bama had one drive that covered 98 yards and another that covered 91 yards.  On the 98-yard drive, they had to overcome a 10-yard sack which mean they really covered 108 yards on that drive. This was a hell of an answer after a great goal line stand.   They also two offensive possessions when the defense and special teams scored.  The offense did leave 4 points on the field with the missed field goal and the blocked extra point.

QB:  Hurts had his ups and downs in this game.  He made some good decisions and made some poor decisions.  Again, it seems that he locked on his number one rec and didnít seem to try to look off the defenders.  For instance, on the pass broken up in the end zone, he looked at Dieter the whole way.  Howard was wide open on the backside.   A couple of other things is he didnít always set his feet and didnít throw the ball away when he had a chance and took the sack.  Even with all this he did make plays when he needed too.  On the 3rd and 19, Stewart made a good catch to keep the drive alive.  Honestly, if the ball is throw out in front Stewart may have scored.   On the touchdown throw to Dieter, Hurts did a good job keeping the play alive and finding him. 

RB:  They combined for 234 rushing.  Every running back averaged over 5 yards per carry.  They made very good cuts and ran hard.  There were very few times when they were hit that they went backwards.  Scarbrough looks better and better each game.  Jacobs is a person who looks like he can break it at any time.  Harris may not have the breakaway speed, but his vision to make cuts is outstanding.

Rec:  The 4 main receivers made catches.  Stewart, as I said, made a big catch on a ball behind him on a 3rd and 19.  We called this the bad ball drill in coaching and he did it to perfection.  Howard did have one drop and again this ball was behind him.  I hate the TV angle because I canít see what the receivers are doing on pass routes.  This limits my analysis.

OL:   I thought they played well.  There were times they blew the defenders off the LOS.  The OL sustained their blocks and did a good job getting to the second level.    I thought the TE blocked well when they were lined up in a tight alignment.  On the touchdowns, especially to the left side of the OL Robinson and Hentges did a great job on the double team.  There was a bad snap that did cause a 10-yard loss. 

Defense:  The defense played very well.  They gave up no yards rushing but 261 yards passing.  Most of these yards were accumulated on two drives.  As far as negative plays, I have 5 sacks, 7 tackles for losses and 3 interceptions on of which was returned for a touchdown.  For three and outs these were a little different.  I have them for 7 three and outs or less.  The reason I say this is because 1 was a 1 and out because of the interception.  Also, UF got a first down but then threw an interception which led to a three and out.  Also because of a failed punt fake there was a 4 and out.  For plays that covered 10+ yards, there were no runs and they did have 10 passes.    Florida tried to put Bama in bad situations by using the back out in the flat area and tried to work that area along with getting the ball out quickly.  They did have some success there.  Probably the best thing about the defense is they put Bama ahead before the offense had a chance.  I give them credit, along with the special teams for the first 16 points of the game. 

DL:  They pretty much controlled the LOS.  I think the longest run they had all day was 7 yards.  They didnít get their sacks until late, but pressured the QB enough to force throwaways as well as the passes that were intercepted. 

LB:  They played well, especially Foster.  They again had to play both the pass and the rush.  When writing, this I havenít seen the diagnosis on Hamilton, but I expect bad new because of the reaction of the trainer coming off the field.  Evans came in and busted a coverage, but made a huge play in the goal line situation.

DB:  They played pretty well overall.  They did give up a couple of plays, but also made some big plays.  Two of the big plays were on a throwback screen and another where the LB busted the coverage.  Also on one of the big plays, UF caught them in transition from disguising a coverage. 

Special Teams:   This was a huge game for special teams. There were good and bad plays on this side.  Fortunately, the good outweighed the bad.  The blocked punt resulted in a touchdown.  The punt returns by Diggs gave Bama great field position.   As far as the bad you have a blocked PAT that resulted into 2 points.  There was a horrible job allowing the FL player to come right up the middle.  The missed field goal was also a negative here.    Those are points that could be needed in a close game.

Penalties:   Bama had two penalties for pass interference and a block in the back on a kick return.
Finally:  Bama did not play their best game and still put 54 points on the scoreboard.  They came out the second half and ran the ball.  Bama only threw the ball 4 times in the second half.  The good thing is there are still things where they can improve.   
Just wanted to say a word about Verne here.  He may not always get things right, but he has been a proponent of the SEC for years.  He has done a job, which is more difficult than people think, for many years.  Good luck in your retirement.

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Game notes: Auburn vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 7
Posted under: The Quad
Auburn vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory versus Auburn.  I really thought the offensive and defensive game plan was outstanding.  This is a game where Bama dominated on both sides of the ball.  However, their mistakes kept Auburn in the game in the 1st half.  

OFFFENSE:  The offense put up 501 yards of total offense.  They had 298 yards passing and 203 rushing.  The crazy part about this is that Bama had more yards in the first half, 263, than they did in the 2nd half, 232.  I say this because they scored more points in the second half, 17, than they did in the first half, 13.  The fact is they killed themselves on drives instead of AU stopping them.  For negative plays, Bama had no sacks, 11 tackles for losses, 4 fumbles (none lost), and 2 interceptions.  Another strange fact here is that 7 tackles for losses were outside the tackle box.  Only 4 were within the tackle box and one was a result of a fumble.  Bama also had only 1 three and out in the game.  For plays of over 10+ yards, Bama had 7 running plays and 9 pass plays that met that criteria.  Bama got into the red zone 5 times and scored 2touchdowns and 3 field goals.  The other touchdown came from outside the red zone.  In the second half, Bama had 4 possessions.  These possessions led to 2 touchdowns and 1 field goal.  The last possession was a 9-minute drive to run out the clock.  

QB:  Hurts played a pretty good game.  However, there were mistakes.  First, I think he overlooked some open receivers looking for Stewart.   With the first interception, he had Dieter open.  It was more of an intermediate route which I think Bama utilized better this game.  Dieter was also open on the second interception as well as the deeper route.  I really canít explain why these balls were thrown so poorly.  He did make some good throws and did a good job checking down on the TD pass to Harris.  Hurts is also going to have to do a better job with ball security.  I do think hat times Hurts gets comfortable with a rec and doesnít see the field.

RB:  I thought all of them played well.  Harris fumbled and was fortunate it came right back to him.  I really thought Scarbrough ran tough.  Jacobs also came in and ran well.

Rec:  Stewart had a big game and could have scored again if Hurts had seen him.  However, his drop on the first drive stalled the drive. I also think Stewart got upset on a ball he didn't get but could have done a better job working to the ball.   Ridley made some big catches and Dieter had a chance for more but wasnít thrown too.  Again, these guys were open especially on the intermediate routes.  

OL:   Too me they had one of their better games.  I thought they did a very good job on what is considered to be a very good defensive line.  If you really noticed, the AU defensive line rarely made contact with the running back on the offensive side of the LOS.  Their defensive line made some plays, but if you noticed the tackles for losses, a few were inside the tackle box which means the OL is making contact on the positive side of the LOS.

Defense:  The defense played an outstanding job.  They gave up a total of 182 yards which included 116 passing and 66 rushing.  They held one of the SECís leading rushers to 17 yards on 12 carries.  Bama defensive came up huge in the first half.  Considering the turnovers and the punt return, AU had great field position but could only manage field goals.  Here is an amazing stat for the game.  AU had 10 possessions during the game and 6 of those possessions were 3 and outs.  They only had one first down in the first half and if they hadnít broken contain on a busted play they may not have had that.  AU had a total of 31 yards in the first half.  As far as negative plays, Bama had 1 sack, 7 tackles for losses, and 1 interception.  I know it is hard, but Bama would have been better off if the ball had been knocked down.  This would have improved the field position.  However, it didnít hurt since the offensive went on a 9-minute drive to end the game.  For plays over 10+ yards, AU had 2 running plays and 3 pass plays.  AU got into the red zone once and got a field goal out of it.  The other field goals came from outside the red zone.  Something else worth mentioning was the fact that Brown was ejected for targeting and Bamaís defense didnít lose a step with the changes that had to be made.  Another good sign for the defense was they pressure that was applied with the use of 4 and a few times 5 throughout the game.  I also thought this was one of the better tackling games as there were few misses and the way they went to the ball.

DL:  The DL dominated what was supposed to be the strength of the AU offense.  Their OL was supposed to be one of the tops in the SEC.  Everyone one on the DL made plays and seem to dominate their opponent.  They made the secondary and LBís life pretty easy.

LB:  They made plays when called upon.  They did a good job no losing site of the ball on all the eye candy Gus likes to use.  

DB:  They really were not challenged much.  The best thing they did was come up and make sure tackles in the running game.  Humphrey was beat one time and looked like he pulled a hamstring. He was replaced by a Jr Wallace who got in on some plays.  Also, Thompson, a freshman came in a played some safety when they went to the dime package.  When Brown went out it moved Fitzpatrick back up and you had Jones and Harrison playing the safety positons.
Special Teams:   The only bad part about the special teams was the first low punt that AU returned and set themselves up for a field goal.  Scott made a big play by taking a good angle and pushing the return man out of bounds.  Kick-off coverage was good as well as the punting after the first.  Of course, they only punted once more.  I did think Stewart, if he is going to bring the return out he should not hesitate.  

Penalties:   Bama had 4 penalties for 28 yards.  The bad part of this is that one of the drives in the first half was stalled because they were not able to overcome the penalties on that drive.

Finally:  I thought Bama played well and with emotion.  They must keep this intensity up for the championship drive.  

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Game notes: Chattanooga vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 12
Posted under: The Quad
Chattanooga vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory versus Chattanooga.  This is a game that should have been no contest, especially with some of the field good position Bama had.   A few things I noticed, the crowd wasnít into the game.  Also, the players didnít seem to be playing with the usual emotion.  I also think they gave other teams with similar talent a bit of a blueprint on what hurt Bama.  Also, tonight, Chattanooga was just as physical as Bama was.

OFFFENSE:  The offense was sporadic tonight. Offensively they didnít put any significant drives together.   They seem to be playing at half speed.  I donít understand why you run Hurts so much in this game.  I know some were scrambles, but that was because of the route combinations as well as poor blocking.  The offense put together 332 yards of total offense.  They had 136 passing and 196 rushing.  This is one of the lowest totals of the year.  I have Bama for 3 three and outs.  For negative plays, I have Bama with 4 sacks, 5 tackles for losses, and 2 fumbles, one that was lost.  As far as plays of over 10+ yards, Bama had 6 runs and 2 pass plays that covered that distance.  Bama only got into the red zone 3 times.  Two of those were the results of fumbles that were recovered.  When getting in the red zone they scored 2 touchdowns and kicked one field goal.  Two of the touchdowns came from outside the red zone. 

QB:  I really donít know how to rate this performance.  It looked as though the passing game was either long or short.  I donít know if there were any real intermediate routes or if he wasnít reading seeing them.  He did make a nice throw on the long touchdown throw.  But he also missed an open receiver for a touchdown and the contact may have altered the throw.  I do think he didnít read the coverage very well as the ball was thrown and the receiver hit immediately by a sitting corner.  He didnít have a turnover, but did have another fumble. 

RB:  Harris ran hard as did Gore. Most of the yards gained by Harris was in the second half.  There just wasnít a lot of room early in the game.

Rec:  Again, this was hard to judge.  There was one drop that wasnít a great throw.  Only 4 players got catches tonight.
OL:   This was very disappointing.  They were beat at the point of attack in my opinion.  They didnít sustain their blocks especially in the first half.  Think about this.  Bama only had 14 points in the first half and 7 of those were because of a fumble that the special teams recovered on a punt in the red zone.  The positive was they had no penalties.

Defense:  The defense missed tackles tonight.  They were blocked on the edge especially in the first half.  The numbers looked good, but it looked like only a couple were playing with any emotion.  The defense only gave up 184 total yards, 70 rushing and 114 passing.  As far as negative plays, they had 1 sack, 6 tackles for losses and caused a fumble which they recovered.  The other fumble came from special teams.  Bama had 5 three and outs and 1 two and out because they recovered the fumble.  Chattanooga never got into the red zone and the only score came from outside the red zone.  Chattanooga put together a good first drive where the stop was aided by a penalty. 

DL:  The DL played ok, nothing spectacular that I noticed.  They missed some tackles but made some plays again in the second half.
backfield and they guy was all alone.  They werenít tested deep very often.   I thought Harrison played ok, but again no one stood out.

Special Teams:   They were solid most of the night.  I think Griffith must have been hurt since he wasnít putting kickoffs in the end zone.  Overall the coverages were good. 

Penalties:   They had one penalty and it was a block in the back which negated a decent return. 

Finally:  There was a lack of focus and effort.  I am sure Saban is not going to be happy.  They probably gave AU a little hope.  If Bama canít block Chattanoogaís DL, how do they expect to block AUís.  This was a great opportunity to get players rested, but it didnít happen.  As a matter of fact Bama may be in worse shape for the AU game than they need to be.

Feel free to comment:

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LB:  They made plays but no one stood out. 
DB:  There were a couple of busted coverages, especially when Chattanooga ran the rail out of the

Game notes: MSU vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 15
Posted under: The Quad
MSU vs Bama

First, congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the victory versus MSU.  This is a game that could have been a problem for a couple of reasons.  First, Bama was coming off a tough emotional win vs LSU.  Second, players are a creature of habit, the earlier start time is an excuse some teams use when they donít play well.  This was also a game where it was obvious that Bama was looking to improve the passing game.

OFFFENSE:  Bama put together 615 yards of total offense; 218 yards rushing and 397 passing.  As I said above it was obvious they were working on the passing game, but also they were protecting the beat up running backs since they had limited carries.  As far as negative plays, I have Bamaís offense with 1 sack, 5 tackles for losses, a lost fumble and an interception.  The Tide also had 2 three and outs.   For play of 10+ yards, the Tide had 5 runs and 15 pass receptions that covered that distance.  Bama spent a lot of the day in the red zone.  I have Bama in the red zone 7 times.  Out of these 7 times, I have them for 5 touchdowns and 2 field goals.  Two other scores came from outside the red zone with one touchdown and one field goal.  It seemed that the Bama coaches picked up something on film as they seem to attack the right defensive side of the MSU team.  I also noticed early that there was a new starting right guard. 

QB:  As far as percentage wise, Hurts has a day where he completed 76% of his passes.  However, there were a few of hiccups.  First on the interception it looked as though he was trying to drive the deep ball in there instead of putting some air under it.   Second he did miss a wide-open receiver a couple of times and was off the mark on a couple of throws. Third, out of all the negative plays Hurts was responsible for 3.   Now with all this being said I think he finished stronger than he started.  I thought his accuracy got better and saw the field better.   The TD pass he missed to Howard was in part because Howard slowed down on his route.  As far as Bateman, he came in a did a decent job.

RB:  There are two or three notes here.  First Bama could keep their top running backs from taking a lot of punishment by running the ball.  Second, Jacobs got a chance to shine.  Third, the pass blocking by the running backs got a lot of work today and I thought they did well.  I noticed a couple of times the backs sliding across the formation to pick up the proper rusher.

Rec:  Stewart had a big day and turned some short passes into big gains.  Others mad big catches and moved the chain, especially Howard.  Between the two quarterbacks, ten players had catches.

OL:   I thought they played well.  They had a lot of the day to improve their pass blocking.  There were some key blocks on the OLís left side as that is where some of the big gains came.  There was once instance where I saw Robinson work combo blocks and get to the next level.  There was also an instance where I saw him basically use a stiff-arm for a block.  I thought for a first start, Kirven played well.

Defense:  The defense played well again today.  They gave up a total of 274 yards which included 94 rushing and 180 passing yards.  As far as negative plays, I have the defense recording 3 sacks, 6 tackles for losses and 1 interception.  I donít have MSU getting into the red zone at all.  For three and outs I have only 2 three and outs and 1 four and out.  There only score came on a field goal from outside the red zone.  For the plays covering 10+ yards, they had 2 runs and 6 pass plays.  It also looked to me that Bama only attacked with 4 most of the day, especially in the first half.  I also want to mention that it looked like the MSU center was trying to get the Bama player to jump off sides by using his non=snapping hand with a little flinch before he snapped the ball.  I thought that should have been a penalty.

DL:  They played well.  I mean what can you say here.   They do a good job containing the QB and stopping the run.  I do think it looked tried to rip the football out instead of making the tackle. 

LB:  Again they played well.  What I will say is when they get to the ball carrier it looks like they come with bad intentions.

DB:  They were in phase most of the day.  They may not have made the play, but they affected the results of the play.  If the catch was made, most of the time, there wasnít a lot of yards afterward.  There was a busted coverage which MSU failed to capitalize on.  The other fact was MSU players dropped some catchable balls that would have helped them greatly. 

Special Teams:   For kickoff returns the coverage was good except for one.  The Bama players got out of their lanes a bit and allowed the returner to spits them.  All field goals were good.  The only concern was a low kick on one of them.  Punting was good as well as the coverage.

Penalties:   For penalties Bama had 2 pass interference calls and I think 1 or both were questionable.  It looked to me that they had established position and didnít interfere.  The false start was a penalty that aided the stopping of a drive. 

Finally:  This was a huge win for a few reasons.  One, a big win after an emotional physical game against a team that came in hot from an upset the week before.  Two, it allowed Bama to rest key running backs and work on the passing game which they needed to do.  Three, Bama got some quality playing time for some backups.  Four, and this is my opinion, Bama looked a little tired on defense at times.

Feel free to comment:

Game notes: Bama vs LSU
Written by hscoach
Comments: 31
Posted under: The Quad
LSU vs Bama

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs LSU on Saturday.     This was what is known as grown man football.  LSU is a quality team and they played a heck of a game.  In this game both teams had 5 first downs in the first half.  In the second half Bama had 11 first downs while LSU only had 1.

OFFFENSE:  The Bama offense put together 323 yards of total offense against a very good defensive team who also had a good game plan coming in.  Bama had 107 yards passing and 216 rushing.  As far as negative plays, there were 12 tackles for losses, 1 sack, 1 fumble and an interception.  I credited Bama with 5 three and outs as well as a two and out because of the lost fumble.  On the positive side, Bama had 7 runs of 10+ yards and 3 passes of 10+ yards.  Bama only got into the red zone a couple of times.  Here they turned the ball over on downs and kicked a field goal.  The touchdown came from outside the red zone.  They also missed a field goal outside the red zone.  One important fact that may have hindered Bama, especially in the first half, was the horrible field position they had to start with.  I do think Bama could have adjusted the game plan a little earlier with the way LSU was attacking from the edge.

QB:  Hurts, in my opinion, played a pretty good game.  He did have a couple of mistakes which were the fumble and the interception.  I think on the interception, he expected the receiver to keep running however it looked like the receiver may have settled to avoid running into coverage.  He threw some of his better balls today.  The deep ball he threw was right on the mark which is a pass he has been missing.

RB:  They ran hard against a tough defense.  They were hit hard and when call upon to block they did a very good job.  One key block by Scarbrough allowed Hurts to make a big run on the edge.  Scarbrough seems to be getting better by the game.

Rec:  There were a few bobbles here.  Iím not sure they would have been able to make much off some of these plays but it seemed they were in such a hurry to make the play they didnít make the catch. 

OL:   The was a hard fought game in the trenches.  They did enough to help win the game.  This is a game where there was going to be wins and losses for each side.  I did think Robinson did a pretty good job and each one had highlight plays during the night.

Defense:  The defense played outstanding.  Bamaís defense gave up a total of 125 yards, which included 92 passing yards as well as 33 rushing yards.  As far as negative plays, I have Bama with 5 sacks, 4 tackles for losses, an interception and a field goal block.  LSU had no runs over 10 yards and only 3 pass plays that went for 19+ yards.  Bama is credited with 7 three and outs and 1 two and out because of the fumble.  LSU never got into the red zone in the game and only attempted one field goal which was blocked.  As I said above LSU had only 1 first down in the second half and if I heard correctly LSU had a total of 25 yards in the second half.  This was aided by Bama controlling the football most of the 2nd half.  One thing very important was there were few missed tackles.

DL:    They all played well.  Because of the huddling of the offense they were able to rotate players in and out.  Whoever they put in did their job well.

LB:  As usual they did a played a good game.  They may have missed coverage on the tight end delay but they were always in positon to make plays.

DB:  They were not challenged very often. The one big play they had the corner overran the play and allowed the receiver to pull up and catch an underthrown ball.  This one play was 41 yards of their total offense.  I also think Brown did a pretty good job for his start and Harrison is doing a better job in coverage.

Special Teams:    Another missed makeable field goal. This really needs to be cleaned up.   There was fumble on one punt that was recovered by Diggs.  Most of the special teams were okay and no huge problems.

Penalties:   Bama had 6 penalties for 29 yards.  The one that probably hurt the most was the false start by Pierschbacher.  However, I will say that I didnít see it even on the replay.  I also wonder about one false start from Robinson.  He seemed to act like the LSU player did something to cause this.

Finally:  Bama has some big games left.  MSU had a huge win which should give them some confidence.  Hopefully Bama wonít read their press clippings as they say and continue to improve. 

Feel free to comment:

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Game notes: A&M vs Bama
Written by hscoach
Comments: 37
Posted under: The Quad
A&M vs Bama

First congrats to the Bama players and coaches on the big win vs A&M on Saturday.     It was a very good performance against a quality team. 

OFFFENSE:  The Bama offense had 481 yards of total offense.  This is broken down into 164 yards passing and 287 yards rushing.  They had 7 running plays of 10+ yards and 6 pass plays for 10+ yards.  As far as negatives, Bama only had 1 three and out.  They also had 3 sacks, 12 tackles for losses, 1 fumble which wasnít loss, and 2 interceptions.  They got into the red zone 5 times.  Here they scored 2 field goals and 2 touchdowns and had one missed field goal.  They could have put this game away early with by putting the ball in the end zone early.  Bama also scored one time from outside the red zone.  You could say Bama possibly left numerous points on the field because of not putting the ball in the end zone as well as the missed field goal.

QB:  Even though Hurts threw 2 interceptions I thought he played well.  Again, he made big plays with his legs.  The long touchdown run was a scramble and made people miss and set up his blocks with the run.   I thought he threw the ball better in this game.  His did miss some passes but they were not underthrown as much or off target as much.  Again, if this part of his game improves he will be even more of a weapon.

RB:  They ran hard and made tough yardage.  I also noticed they did a pretty good job pass blocking.  I honestly think Bama has 3 legitimate running backs.

Rec:  Howard had a pretty big day.  They did a good job blocking downfield and allowed the running backs to gain extra yards. 

OL:   Even with the negative plays I think they played well.  Some of the negative plays were outside the box where the OL wasnít involved.  The sacks were more coverage sacks as opposed to missed blocks.  I thought they sustained their blocks and got to the second level several times.  They opened holes for the running backs to get thru.

Defense:  The defense played well.  They gave up 278 total yard which included 164 passing and 114 rushing.  If the stat I saw was correct A&M had 150 yards at half time, much which came on their last drive before half time.  This means they were held to 128 yards the second half.  As for negative plays, they had 5 sacks, 11 tackles for losses, caused 2 fumble and had an interception.  Again, the defense scored as one of the fumbles was returned for a touchdown.   Bamaís defense had 2 three and outs.  As far as plays of 10+ yards there were 8 runs and 7 passes.  The Bama defense made Knightís day very uncomfortable in the pocket.  I didnít count, but he was hurried or flushed several times.  I have A&M getting into the red zone once and they scored a touchdown.  A major contribution to this was when the defense lost contain on a scramble and allowed Knight to run 27 yards right before half time.  The other touchdown came from outside the red zone.  I will say that A&M got away with a chop block on the Bama player who was blitzing. 

DL:    They played very well except for a few times they lost contain.  I say they played a good game because of all the pressure they put on Knight.

LB:  This is a solid group.  Every week they play well.  This was another game plan where they had to be ready for the run pass options. 

DB:  I thought they played well again.  There were very many throws that werenít contested.  Sometimes the QB puts the ball in the correct place.  I did see, I think it was Averett, going for the ball on a taller rec where he should have been going for the arm.  I also think the A&Mís players foot came down on the line and the catch should have been negated.  I thought Jones played pretty well as it looked like Bama played with 6 defensive backs a lot of the day.

Special Teams:    Another missed field goal.  This one was very makeable.  Most of the special teams were good.  There was good coverage on the kickoffs except for one but it wasnít a huge return. 

Penalties:   Bama had 7 penalties for 44 yards.  The biggest one was declined because the offense continued to play when they caught Bama offsides.   The D line stopped instead of continuing the play which allowed for a 33 yard completion.
Finally:  Bama continues to improve and played thru and extremely tough stretch.  However there season is not finished.  They still have two extremely tough opponents coming up with LSU and Auburn.  Both seemed to have turned their seasons around.  There is still work to be done on both sides of the ball.  Also, you now have to find a replacement for Jackson.

Feel free to comment:

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