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Tie Breaker:  How many total yards of offense will Alabama get against Auburn?

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Written by Jamos
Comments: 29413
Morning Chech and CRS. Coffee

Normally Mrs. J and our daughter would be shopping right now but for whatever reason they decided to not participate in the Black Friday craziness this year.  

We had a new experience this Thanksgiving, we invited an Asian family from church to celebrate thanksgiving with us and it was just great. They had never celebrated Thanksgiving as we do in America and it was very rewarding to watch them learn about why and how we celebrate this day. Mrs. J saddled up one of the horses after lunch and let them ride a horse for the first time ever and this was the icing on the cake for them. The dad had to even get a picture of him on the tractor. I guess we all forget sometimes how blessed we are to have the way of life that we have in our world, especially the freedom of worship and isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about.

Have a great day everyone. Pray Cheesy

A few late notes from the WCU/Bama game.
Written by hscoach
Comments: 3
Posted under: The Quad
I know it is time to talk AU but...

These are not going to be in great detail, and many are pretty obvious. 

First a few stats for offense.
Bama had 6 negative plays.  Two were self inflicted with the sack where Sims slipped and Henry slipped or got his feet tangle.  The int was a busted route by the recs.    Bama had only 1 drive that did not gain a first down.  It was when Henry fumbled so they had a 1 and out.  Against a under sized team they had 9 runs of 10+ yards and 14 passes of 10+ yards.  They got into the red zone 9 times.  They scored 5 touchdown and 2  field goals.  On the other two trips they missed a field goal and allowed the clock to run out.  One TD was scored from outside the red zone.

Vogler was limping in the first quarter and this may be why he didn't block very well.
Bama is loaded with young receivers which showed in this game, especially with some of the acrobatic catches they had to make.  I don't know if you remember, but a couple of years ago Chris Black was cleared to play in the SEC Championship game and Bama was willing to give up his red shirt year if Cooper couldn't go.  Sims was not sharp and the recs  made him look good.

Running backs seem to be in good shape as long as they stay out of the doghouse.  Jones, Tenpenny, Henry, Drake, and whoever else comes in. 

OL got a lot of people in which gave them valuable playing time as well as other positions.

Defense:  They had 7 negative plays which included 5 tackles for losses and 2 sacks.  There were at least 5 three and outs.  They had no runs of over 10 yards.  They had 7 pass plays of over 10+ yards.  Here is a strange stat.  They had 3 in the first half all of which happened only because of the inadvertent whistle.  They had 4 in the second half.  Also, the 2nd TD was not a real touch down, they may have scored anyway, but I hate them just giving it to them.

The game plan was to attack the perimeter of Bama outside. The D played pretty well after the flat start.  I thought the DB's could have played a little more physical. 

The main positive that came from this game was getting quality game experience for many players who will be in the mix next year.  This actually brought back memories, for us older guys, of the JV's playing.  Another positive I saw was Cooper's foot giving way when the hit was made which probably prevented a more severe injury.  The big negative was Bama had at least 9 penalties, way too many. 

Just had to get this off my chest and now on to AU and continue the path to number 16.

Re: Alabama vs Arizona State in Basketball
Written by pmull
Comments: 19
Posted under: The Quad
We finally got a win away from Tuscaloosa and our home court. We had not won an away game since the 2012-13 SEC Tournament against Tennessee. Our record improves to 4-1.

The offense started out slow and we struggled to score in the first half. We trailed 30-27 at the half. ASU built a 10 point lead early in the second half before Bama offense began to clink. We scored 48 points in the 2nd half. Randolph (28 pts) and Tarrant (21 pts) were great down the stretch. Both players hit several key shots that either kept us in the game or gave us the lead. We played 9 players and everyone scored except Jimmie Taylor. We were a smoking hot 26-29 from the free throw line which accounted for about 1/3 of our points.

We scored 75 points. Through 5 games we are averaging 79 pts. That is a big improvement over past CAG teams. We have 4 players averaging double figures. Randolph 20, Tarrant 13, Cooper 10 and Hale 10. We have scoring options this year. Every player we put on the floor can score and must be guarded which opens up room and keeps double teams off your better players. Reggie Witherspoon (former Buffalo HC)was hired this offseason and his specialty is offense. So far the offense is clinking.

Our defense needs work. We are giving up too many easy baskets. We are not getting any weak side help when opposing teams drive the lane. We are giving up 70 pts a game. That is the highest of any CAG team. Our press is not effective and leads to easy baskets. These problems are coachable and can be easily fixed. It just needs to happen sooner rather than later.

CAG started the same 5 players again but 9 players are getting quality minutes. Taylor, Hale, Coleman, Cooper and Randolph are starting. Tarrant, Norris, Kessens and Obasohan are coming off the bench. We got 40 pts from starters and 35 from the bench. That is good balance and shows we do not have a drop off when the starters are not in the game. Norris continues to impress me. He played 30 minutes last night. Only Randolph (37 min) played more.

Our RPI is 23 after last night's win. Our wins over Southern Miss and ASU look good at this point and the Iowa State loss is not a bad loss. We still have a lot of tough high profile non conference games to play. Next Tuesday we play South Florida at home. We lost a heartbreaker to them in Tampa last year. They are a good team. They are 3-1 with their only loss on the road at NC State by 3 pts. We still have road games against Xavier and Wichita State. Home games against USF, UCLA, North Florida plus a few easy games before conference play starts.

The season is off to a good start. This team is fun to watch and I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

Re: Alabama vs. Iowa State in Basketball Tonight
Written by pmull
Comments: 20
Posted under: The Quad
Alabama played hard and had a chance to win this game against a very good Iowa State team. We were down by 3 with 1:30 to go. The 10 point margin is misleading. The game was much closer than that.

Iowa State shot the ball much better than us and that was the difference in the game. ISU shot 58% for the game compared to 38% for Bama. We put up 100 total shots to their 71. We did well on the boards. ISU had 34 rebs but only 2 off rebs. We had 31 rebs with 9 off rebs.

Our defense did not play well. We gave up too many drives to the basket results in easy lay ups. I give ISU a lot of credit. They shoot the ball well from all over the floor. Regardless of how good they are giving up 84 points is too much. Our defense needs to improve.

We scored 74 points. This is the lowest score we have had in our four games. That is encouraging since we have struggled to score the last few years. Cooper had a good night with 27 pts. Randolph had 18 and Hale 9. We played 9 players and 8 scored.

It appears CAG is settling into an 8 man rotation. Randolph, Cooper, Hale, Taylor, Coleman, Tarrant, Kessens and Norris. Obasohan only played 5 minutes. I like freshman Riley Norris. He plays hard. In 18 minutes he had 5 pts, 6 rebs, 2 off rebs  and 3 steals.

ISU is a good team playing basically a home game in Kansas City. Several articles I read yesterday said they may be our toughest non conference game. Tonight's game becomes very important. We do not need to go 0-2 on this trip. Arizona State will be another challenge.

Re: Why did you choose your screen name?
Catch Prothro
Written by Catch Prothro
Comments: 24
My name is pretty obvious, based on Tyrone Prothro's famous catch.  I switched the order of words as a tip to his speed, and because he was one to watch.  I decided to keep it after his injury, and have had it ever since.  Mostly I've only used it on Tide sports forum.
The photo I've started using is a photo of my dad when he first arrived in the U.S.  His father was an American soldier stationed in China, who was shipped out of China with his unit, the 15th Infantry Regiment, in 1938 to serve under Dwight Eisenhower.  His mother worked as a translator for the Regiment but was not an American citizen, so they stayed behind and ended up in a Japanese concentration camp during the war, where his mother died, probably of starvation.  My dad came to the US in 1943 as part of a POW exchange with the Japanese, travelling by himself across the world on a Swiss ship, the Gripsholm.  He was 8 years old.  There were news stories and even a news reel (video interview) of my dad at the time, which we've been able to locate.  My dad eventually was reunited with his father, who was in a hospital recovering from injuries when my dad arrived.

I thought it might be cool to change my online name to something to go along with the photo, but I haven't gotten that far.

Re: USM vs Bama basketball
Written by pmull
Comments: 29
Posted under: The Quad
I thought we played well last night. We scored 80 points for the third time in three games. After struggling to score the last few years that is good to see. We have more scorers on this team than any CAG team. The new players Norris, Kessens, Tarrant and Coleman have all showed they can score. We already knew Randolph, Hale and Cooper are scorers. Taylor is a good defensive post player and his offense is starting to improve. We need 10 points out of him against quality opponents.

Rebounding looked much better. We out rebounded the smaller SM team 36-22.

All in all this was a good win for Bama before we head into the heavy part of of non-conference schedule. Before you get too carried away over this win keep in mind SM lost 5 starters from last years team and has a new coach.

I was in B'ham today on business and met my daughter for lunch. At the restaurant I noticed Asst. Coach Antony Pettway. He was by himself and looking at his smart phone. To make 100% it was him I simply said "Coach". He looked up and I said that was a good win last night. He smiled and said thanks. I introduced myself and we talked for a minute or so. He is a very nice young man. I said Levi is  off to a good start and he said Levi is taking the role of Captain of the team very serious. He said he has always been a hard worker but he is in the best shape and working harder than ever. I mention all the new talent and he said the team chemistry is very good and the deep bench gives them options they have not had in the past. I asked about Tarrant and he said they watched him practice all last year and knew he would be a good player. My favorite comment was when I asked about Coleman the small framed PG many are comparing To Pettway. I asked if Coleman was going to be as good as he was. He laughed and said Coleman was a lot better than he was. It was short but I enjoyed my conversation with him very much.

Re: Alabama men's basketball looks to continue strong offensive output tonight 8 p.m
Written by pmull
Comments: 40
Posted under: The Quad
It is hard to evaluate our team when we don't know how good the opponent is. WC played Miss State last Friday and lost 66-56 in Starkville. Some of these mid majors are pretty good.

I am very concerned about our rebounding. We have not dominated the boards in any of three games. The teams we have played are all undersized by SEC standards. We will see much bigger and more physical teams and that could be a problem.

I like the balance in scoring. We have players that know how to score. Randolph, Hale and Tarrant were all in double figures. Jimmie Taylor had his first career double/double with 15 points and 10 rebs (5 off reb).

We showed some fight late in the game. Last year we would have folded. Two plays that stood out were Hale making a big steal for an easy basket and Coleman hitting a three pointer. We also hit our free throws down the stretch.

Southern Miss will be a tough game on Thursday. They are 2-0 with wins over William Carey and South Alabama. They have a new coach this year. The previous coaching staff did very well. They are not very tall with their tallest players being 6-7 but they have some big bodies.

Re: Alabama men's basketball looks to continue strong offensive output tonight 8 p.m
Written by Jamos
Comments: 40
Posted under: The Quad
It was a 180 degree turnaround from the game plan that Bama used in their first game. Last night the players were driving to the basket in a very fast paced game compared to game one. I don't know if this was the game plan or Western Carolina forced the issue. They were a very quick team and had an outstanding outside shooting threat that no one could seem to guard with any affect on him.

Kudos to Jimmie Taylor, where has he been with the style of play that he showed last night? It was good to see Kessens play last night, he seemed a little over anxious in the first half and a little gassed in the second half but he will help the team down the road as he gets more playing time.

Bama was their worst enemy last night by playing out of control so many times that caused turnovers and silly fouls. I'm not complaining too much about this though, I know those things will get better as the season goes along. The defense that WC showed last night really took the rhythm out of the outside side shots that Bama was taking, most of the shots looked like forced shots rather than them squaring up the shoulders as they should on their shots. Again, this should improve as well as the season moves along.

They play Southern Miss Thursday and this game should bring a bigger challenge to the team. I'm not sure how good Southern Miss is this year but they usually bring a pretty good team to T-town. I feel that last year's team would have lost the game last night and that is a positive but there is a lot of room for improvement for the team but at least they look more like a basketball team than they have for the past 2-3 years. There were way too many mental mistakes last night which made the game much closer than it should have been but the season is young and so are some of the players.

Funny story:
Written by hscoach
Comments: 9
Posted under: The Quad
I was out the other night with a friend I use to coach with and the 2016 top TE goes to his school.  He said he has narrowed the schools down to Bama and Stanford.  He said Stanford told him they use 3 and four TE's every play.  The funny part is Tennessee came in the other day and has his computer laid out for his presentation and in walked Kaden with an Alabama t-shirt on.  Said the Tennessee coach just closed his laptop and left.  This kid is 6'5" tall and weighs 230.

Re: Game notes: MSU vs Bama
Peewee from Grand Bay
Comments: 25
Posted under: The Quad

First:   First congrats to the Bama team for the victory.  This was a great game for Bama considering what they had to come back from, the physical play from the game last week.

Offense:  The offense only had 335 total yards in the game and missed some opportunities to score more.  They had 5 tackles for losses, and 1 sack for 6 total negative plays.  They had sic total 3 and outs and out which equated to 3 each half.   Two of the three and outs in the first half were on back to back series. The only put together a couple of long drive, but one was crucial in the second half to seal the game.   They had a total of 4 runs of 10+ yards and 8 passes for 10+ yards.  Bama got to the red zone 5 times and had 1 field goa l and 3 touchdowns.  There was a missed field goal again that could have been costly if not for the defense.  In my opinion this wasnít one of Bamaís better played games which I will address in the individual sections.  The most worrying part is Bamaís offense did not give the defense very good breaks by sustaining drive in the second half when they had the 13 point lead.  The biggest high point was the important drive that put the game back to a 2 score game.
QB :  Blake completed 61% of his passes.  I think he played a pretty good game.  The drops were not his fault, but he did miss a couple of open rec.  The biggest complaint was the underthrown balls that could have been a touchdown, especially the one to AS.  The biggest plus was his directing and making plays on the drive that put the game back to a two score game in the 4th quarter.  He made some huge plays on the scrambles and checking down to his recs.

RB:  They ran hard and pass blocked well when called upon.  The problem was there wasnít a lot of room at times which I will address in the OL.   They caught the ball and made big plays when it counted.

REC:  In my opinion this was not on of the better blocking games by the recs.  There was one  play AC doesnít block on an outside run to him.  Also it looked like he was running a route.  On the outside screen BV missed a block where he had the perfect angle on him..  On the plus side AC made some big catches by going up and getting the ball.  In other words he high pointed the ball.  I am not completely sure he didnít score on the long pass because it looked like he was laying on the defender when he went down.  There were drops by AC and OJH which were big.  If OJH makes the catch Bama does not have one of their three and outs in the second half.  I think it would have been a huge momentum builder and given the D a little more rest.  DW missed a big block on the wide rec screen to AC which looked like he had room to run.

OL:   This is where I think Bama didnít play well.  I know there were not many negative plays , but I saw too many mistakes.  On one play running to the right, AK goes left.  Would this have made a huge difference, probably not.   Many times the center was hit in the mouth and driven back.  There were opportunities for combo blocks that were not made.   The MSU LB ran thru when LB didnít come off the combo block to take the LB.  I donít think they took good angles to get to the second level.  One on play run to the right for a short gain there were 4 or 5 MSU players and only 2 crimson shirts, where the OL?  When they did make the blocks and sustained them Bama moved the ball well.

Defense:  As much as they were on the field they played well.  They had to defend 88 plays and gave up 428 yards.  You can look at this a couple of ways.  First they were on the field for 88 plays which breaks down to 4.9 yards per play.  You can also take the incomplete passes out and say they gained 428 yards on 67 plays which equates to 6.4 yards per play.  You also have to take in account the last drive where Bama was playing safe and not letting them score quickly and MSU moved the ball 70 yards.  Bamaís defense had 7 tackles for losses, on sack and 3 interceptions for negative plays.  They had 4 three and outs and one 2 and out when they got the safety early in the game.   MSU got into the red zone 6 times and came away with 2 field goals and 2 touchdowns.  They also had two of the 3 ints in the red zone.  These guys in my opinion deserve a hell of a lot of credit coming off last weekís physical game and playing 88 snaps in this game.  They were aided by the special teams which I will talk about later. 
DL:  I thought these guys played a very good game.  They help hold two powerful runners to a total of 119 yards on 32 carries.  I thought JR played well again along with AR.  They played their positioning well and allowed the LB to make plays if they got to them. 

LB:  You didnít hear their name much.  I thought TD played up and down.  It looked like he was spying on Dak and didnít come hard to make the hit a couple of times.  He also missed a big tackle that would have forced a three and out.   

DB:  I thought they played well here.   CJ always seems to be in position and so was EJ most of the time when he wasnít getting pushed.  They had three picks that stopped drives and two were in the red zone.  I had both CJ and EJ for two PBUís.   They were aided by a pass rush that may not have gotten to the QB, but put enough pressure on him to hurry some throws.

Penalties: Bama had 7 penalties in the game.  Most of them were overcome.  The ones that hurt were the false start by CR that didnít allow Bama to go for a 4th and 4.  They were forced to punt because of this.  The face mask penalty help move MSU in the drive before half time where they kicked a  field goal.  This was tough because TD was going to make the tackle and DP dove and his hand just went to the face mask.  The big one that didnít hurt because Bama got a three and out was the personal foul by DD where Bama had MSU pinned on the 5 and then the ball was moved to the 21.

Special teams:   Scott did a great job pinning MSU back on their side of the field and deep.  Also, the coverage team on both the kick offs and punts did well except for one.   After the 5 yard delay, Scott punted for 46 yards but MSU returned it to the Bama 38 and they later scored their first touchdown.  AG again missed a makeable field goal.  I canít see what the problem is, he hit one from practically the same distance earlier.  This was 3 important points left on the field.

Finally:  This game was also a battle.  My hat is off to MSU who played hard and never gave up even when Bama was up 19-0.  Bama made the big drive when needed. The areas that need to be cleaned up are the OL run blocking, the rec blocking, the dropped passes, and penalties.  I also hope Bama gets a good lead early and can get some backups in as rest for the starters.

Please feel free to comment.
Good Luck and Roll Tide Roll

15 and counting

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Great analysis by hs coach again, let me add some thoughts as well.

Offense: This was the first game at BDS that we did not score on our opening possession this year.
But at the same time in the first half I thought that they played pretty well. In the second half we kinda got bogged down again after MS St. came out strong and tried to shut us down. They did a decent job of it for the most part but again when we had to have that one drive to put the game out of reach they dug down and made the plays that were needed to do just that. is there room for improvement? Without a doubt there is but they are doing some good things it just has to be on a more consistent basis.

QB: Coach pretty much covered this and I agree with what he said. Again when it came down to the nitty gritty it was Blake making plays with his legs that kept the drive going.

RB: Overall I thought that both TJ & DH played very well. They did not always have a lot of room to run in but they took advantage of the openings they had and made good runs!!!

REC: For the most part this was a good game for them. Amari made some huge plays but also had a couple of drops as did OJH. On the blocking that coach referred to I agree with him but the one missed block that he did not mention was the missed block by DeAndrew white on the bubble screen to AC. If he makes that block AC has a huge amount of open space in front of him. Again not a great game for them as a group but it still was a good game!!

OL: Our boys had a very tough task with this group from MS St. Their front seven are very big and strong and gave us problems during the game. There were some missed assignments and maybe even some missed calls as well. But again I have to say that when it came down to the drive that we had to have they may not been great on that drive but they did what was needed to to put the ball in the end zone.

Defense: They had a tough task all day but they were up to the challenge for the most part. Still let them convert too many third downs and all of the fourth down attempts. State came out in the second half and proceeded to march down the field but they forced the field goal which was HUGE!!!
And then on MS St. final drive that ended up for the TD but the big thing was that they made the tackles to keep the clock running and again that was a huge factor!!! I still do not know why CDM did not use his TO's but I am sure glad that he did not!!!

DL: This group of guys were playing some of the best football they have played all year!!! They held MS St. to 85 yds rushing in between the tackles where they have been getting almost 200 yds a game if I am not mistaken!! They also put up a decent pass rush all day and were a factor all day long!!

LB: Here is where I differ on what coach said, I thought that both TD & RR had huge games. They combined for 11 solo tackles and 19 total tackles and it was TD that hit the Bowling Ball to keep him in the end zone until help arrived to get the safety which was a very pivotal play early in the game!! Their tackles were only bested by Nick Perry who had 9 solo and three assists for a total of 12 tackles. Yes there were a couple of missed tackles thrown in there but again I thought they played very well.

DB: This may have been the best game so far logged in for the group. Even though MS St. had almost 300 yds passing for the day the biggest portion of that was on the last couple of drives they made the plays that had to be made to win this game!! The three picks by DP was the major turning points in this game!! if we don't come up with those I am not sure we win this game!! They were strong on run support all day which was huge as well!!

Penalties: I agree with what coach said about them. on the Face mask one it was made by a diving attempt for the tackle and just did catch it. Denzell Duvall had the Bone Head Penalty of the day and was LIT UP by CNS out on the field when we had them pinned at the 5 yd line. If we can have clean games and not hurt ourselves then life would be so much less stressful!!!!

Special Teams: AG missed one that I think the reason was there was an St. player that came in untouched from the right hand side of the formation right in AG's field of view and I think he hurried that kick resulting in the miss. JK Scott had a good day even on the one punt he did not hit well he got the good roll that resulted in a 40 plus yard effort instead of somewhere around 30 yds. he ended up with 7 punts for 319 yds, averaging 45.6 yds with a long of 56 yds and placing 5 of those inside the 20 yd line!!! 

Final Thoughts: This was a very physical and hard fought game!! MS St. was ready to go to war and that is exactly what it was!! Our guys stood tall when the game was on the line and the crowd was a huge factor as well. I am not sure if you could tell on TV how loud it was in BDS but it was one of the best atmosphere's we have had in there.

Let me know what yall think and Roll Tide!! 


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